Parker Introduces Lever-Operated Control Valve

Parker Hannifin has enhanced its range of high-performance directional control valves with the introduction of a lever-operated model. With compact dimensions and a rugged construction, the manually operated Vikingxtreme valves are designed to improve productivity in particularly demanding environments, such as those typical of logging equipment, quarrying, commercial vehicles, saw mills and conveyor systems. The pneumatic valves have been designed to offer unparalleled flexibility and functionality.

They offer a variety of different circuit configurations, with both 5:2 and 5:3 functions, including self-centring 5:3 versions. Operation is quick and simple via the multi-position lever arm, which is sufficiently robust to protect it from damage in demanding applications and is designed to be used with gloved hands. The compact yet heavy-duty valves incorporate spool technology and have been designed for use in pneumatic systems that have to operate at extreme temperatures, between -40 and 60C, and at pressures of up to 16 bar.

In contrast with traditional valves, which typically use O-ring or lip seals between the valve spool and body, the Vikingxtreme valves feature a single-piece aluminium spool, over-moulded with a specially formulated rubber compound. This eliminates the problems of seals deforming or extruding under conditions of high pressure or flow, while also reducing the number of component parts and extending operating life. As a result, the pneumatic valves can be used in higher pressure, high-flow applications and are available in a range of port sizes.


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