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ABB Installation Contactors

ABB Low Voltage Installation Contactors are designed according to international standards (IEC), European standards (EN) and French standards (NF CUTE, DIN-VDE, BS). We consider 2 types of "Installation Contactors" for different applications : "Normal " Installation and "Day-Night" Installation. They are essentially used in automated building equipment, industry and offices for terminal circuit controlling less than 40 kW AC-1 (incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, convectors heating, batteries, regulation systems, ovens, drying systems), small motors controlling less than 15 kW AC-3 (ventilation, air conditioning, pumping, watering, automatic systems) and unbalasting systems in energy management (possibly enslavement from clocks, unballasting relays, telebreakers, thermostats). Mounting Mounting on rail DIN 35 mm (EN 50022) for switchboard. Mounting depth: 58 mm Width included from 1 to 3 modules (1 module = 17.5 mm) The magnetic circuit design