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SEW Eurodrive MOVIMOT Gearmotor with Integrated Frequency Inverter Options

MOVIMOT can be equipped with a BEM, BES or URM brake control system as an option in conjunction with a modular terminal box. The option is integrated in the MOVIMOT terminal box. BEM controls the standard brake, BES controls the DC 24 V brake. URM is a voltage relay for controlling brakes. The BW100***/BW200*** braking resistors in IP65 enclosure convert the MOVIMOT drive's regenerative energy of up to 100 W/200 W (0.134 hp / 0.268 hp) continuous power into heat. The BW150**/BW068** braking resistors in IP66 enclosure convert the MOVIMOT drive's regenerative energy of up to 600 W/1200 W (0.805 hp /1.609 hp) continuous power into heat. The optional DC 24 V power supply MLU11A is mounted in one of the MOVIMOT cable entry openings and allows for operation of one MOVIMOT® including an option with a current consumption of up to 70 mA (MBG11A, MWA21A) without an external 24 V auxiliary power supply. The optional integrated DC 24 V power supply MLU13A is mounted in the MOV

TURCK's New Vprox 773 for Valve Position Sensing

TURCK Inc. introduces the New Vprox 773 Valve Position Sensors. The Vprox 773 sensor is an exceptionally durable sensor designed for use in hazardous areas found in many processing and manufacturing applications. These sensors are available with a potted-in cable or quick disconnect which allows for faster, more reliable installations. The Vprox 773 sensor is a 2-wire AC/DC (20-250 VAC or 10-300 VDC) inductive proximity sensor with FM approval for use in Class 1, Division 2 hazardous location placement, and offers a NEMA 4, 4X and 6 environmental rating. The 316 stainless steel housing is ideal for the harsh chemical environments often found in these types of applications. The Vprox 773 has dual power (green) and switching (red) LEDs, which allow for easy sensor to target adjustment without the use of a meter. Since the Vprox 773 uses inductive technology, it has no moving parts that can wear, jam or break resulting in lower maintenance costs. This innovative sensor has a 5/8&quo

TURCK Super Cable (S529)

This TURCK developed cable construction is unique in the industry. PVC insulated inner conductors of high-flex stranding are sheathed in an oil-resistant PVC inner jacket, over which a braided copper shield is applied. An outer jacket of TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is then applied to the cable. This cable was developed for the machine tool and material handling industry as a solution to problems experienced with the high degree of abrasion, cut through and attack by cutting fluids found in those industries. Advantages gained from this design include: • High flexibility and strength in a relatively small cross section. • Highly resistant to abrasion, cutting and crushing. • Highly resistant to fluids that may otherwise cause failure due to embrittlement or softening in the presence of cutting fluids, oils, gasoline and other petroleum-based fluids. • Circular cross section of inner core and braid allows for easier stripping in the field.

Safety-M Compact Series Safety Modules

Kübler announced its Safety-M compact series safety module for speed monitoring where space is limited. The removable operating and diagnostic display stands for easy parameterizing. The safe inputs and outputs and the integrated signal splitter allow its integration in existing safety circuits. The Safety-M compact series safety module provides a cost-effective means for retrofitting older machines to they meet Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC requirements. The integrated signal splitter for the encoder signals saves expensive and complex external wiring. Moreover, the easy forwarding to a control system or frequency converter is ensured. The safety module firmware integrates comprehensive speed and position-related safety functions for drive monitoring according to EN 61800-5-2 (e.g. SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SDI, SSM). The extensive diagnostic function integrated in the firmware allows achieving, with a certified encoder, the safety level SIL3/PLe. The encoder interface supports