Malvern Instruments To Host Two Rheology Webinars

Two rheology events are taking place in May 2010 as part of Malvern Instruments' webinar programme. 'Rheological assessment of the shelf life of carbonated PET bottles' is on 13 May 2010 and 'Using rheology as a product benchmarking tool' is on 27 May. Attendance at these events is free of charge and open to all. Presented by Malvern specialists, 'Rheological assessment of the shelf-life of carbonated beverage PET bottles' examines testing approaches and R and D efforts to increase shelf life.

'Using rheology as a product benchmarking tool' looks at the role of rheology in comparing the performance criteria of a product or material against an internal standard or another product. Rheology allows the determination and comparison of flow and deformation properties, as well as certain microstructural characteristics. The webinar details some simple rheological techniques for evaluating and comparing such performance criteria, with particular emphasis on the food and personal-care sectors.


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