ODVA Seminars Discuss Ethernet/IP Technology

ODVA has announced its 2010 series of introductory seminars and training courses on Ethernet/IP, the industrial Ethernet technology managed by ODVA. These events are aimed at end users, OEMs and product manufacturers and will provide technical details and business considerations. 'With this series of seminars, ODVA will provide potential users and vendors with the basic knowledge they need to critically evaluate Ethernet/IP,' said Katherine Voss, executive director of ODVA.

ODVA's free introductory seminar, 'Ethernet/IP: Proven and Complete', will be offered in the following locations: 17 May 2010, Kolding, Denmark; 19 May 2010, Copenhagen, Denmark; July 2010, Minneapolis, US; September 2010, Detroit, US; October 2010, Frankfurt, Germany; November 2010, Dallas, US. ODVA's 'Ethernet/IP Quick Start' training course helps developers accelerate their know-how to get started with Ethernet/IP product development.

The one-day training covers considerations of product functionality, implementation approaches, product design and testing, as well as an in-depth review of 'The Ethernet/IP Specification'. The next scheduled 'Ethernet/IP Quick Start' courses will be held in: June 2010, Paris, France; September 2010, Ann Arbor, US. Related events will be offered in China and Japan in 2010. Interested attendees should register early as space is limited.


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