Mach 2010 To Feature Heidenhain's ITNC/TNC Systems

Heidenhain has announced it will attend Mach 2010, where it will display its ITNC/TNC range of systems. The high-end (up to 13 axes) ITNC 530 CNC analogue/digital system is suitable for producing accurate contours at high velocity - block-processing time is 0.5 milliseconds - and provides, for example, 3D-tool compensation. The ITNC 530 hardware option with two processors features the Windows XP operating system as a user interface, enabling the use of standard Windows applications.

Also on show will be the TNC 620, a versatile contouring control for multi-axis work. With workshop-orientated programmability using Heidenhain's conversational programming routines - or off-line programming - the TNC 620 is ideal for a range of applications, including either one-off or volume-production routines. For milling machines, the control offers free contour programming, cycles for complex contours and fast pre-setting with Heidenhain touch probes. For drilling and boring machines the system incorporates cycles for drilling, boring and spindle alignment as well as for linear and circular-point patterns.

Also designed for milling, drilling and boring routines, the TNC 320 is an entry-level analogue system ideal for retrofit applications. It has a TFT 15in (381mm) colour monitor that presents a clear overview of all relevant information for programming and operating, including program blocks, comments and error messages. More information is provided through graphic support during program entry, test run and actual machining. The selectable split-screen display shows the part-program blocks in one half of the screen and graphics or the status display in the other half.

During the course of the program, status displays offer information on tool position, current program, active cycles and co-ordinate transformations, for example. Heidenhain's Manualplus 620 CNC features application-orientated cycle programming to allow operators to rapidly create and edit programs on-screen. The system incorporates Smartturn technology, which incorporates form- and graphics-supported programming for complicated workpieces.


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