Wago Connector System Reduces Front-Panel Space

At 16mm wide, Wago's 713 Series MCS Mini-HD Double Row Connector System is said to trim front-panel space by up to 40 per cent. The 713 Series is a low-voltage (150V/10 A (UL) and 160V/10 A (IEC)) wire-to-board connector for control circuits. A high-density design features rear-side Cage Clamp terminals, permitting factory or in-field wiring. For handling, the 713 Series offers exclusive locking, disconnection and marking features, with Select models carrying a dual-purpose lever that doubles as a lock and disconnection aid.

An optional centered, strain-relief plate anchors conductors while acting as a disconnection handle. Wago also provides a standard catalogue suffix for direct pole marking. Cage Clamp provides hands-free wiring for conductors 28-16 AWG. Mating halves are protected against mis-mating, with additional coding available. Separated pin slots prevent damage and make the headers touch proof when unplugged (IP20). The 713 Series accommodates six to 36 poles in three variants: standard connector, lever-equipped and screw-interlock for vibration-prone applications. A header with a 3.5mm pin spacing is moulded from THR-compatible material for wave or reflow (THR) solder.


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