Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lenze's Robust Three-Phase Asynchronous Motor with integrated motec frequency inverter can be conveniently matched to the required machine or process parameters. The compact motor, which features a high degree of protection, can be networked via a fieldbus and the digital and analog I/Os used for open-loop or closed-loop control.As a result, it offers a wider range of potential applications. Lenze takes care of the cabling for you by installing the inverter at the Lenze factory. The decentralised concept minimises the need for shielded cables and saves your money. Many applications of Lenze three-phase AC motors require extra terminals in addition to the power connections of the motor, e.g. for the separate fan, thermal contacts, brake, etc.

The universal terminal box of Lenze three-phase AC motors offers a very convenient solution without intricate lamp-wire connectors. The terminal box has been expanded to include a small mounting rail. Up to 18 terminals can be connected to this rail, and all applications are thus possible. In addition, it is possible to include the rectifier required by the brake. Lenze three-phase AC motors are robust and applicable to many industry sectors.

The compact design and universality make these motors suitable for most applications. Lenze three-phase AC motors are distinguished by their modular design, which includes a universal terminal box, the easy installation of incremental encoders and resolvers. It is also possible to attach BFK458 spring-operated brakes for various applications. This Lenze AC motor program is rounded off by matching frequency inverters and attachable gearboxes.

Lenze asynchronous motors of the series 13.710 are compact and space-saving. Available in a power range from 12 to 90 W, these Lenze three-phase AC motors are naturally ventilated. Since they do not have a fan they have low noise emissions and can be applied in production areas with fluff or dust. The motors are available with solid shaft and keyway, with flange mounting and can be fitted with a brake.