Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Azoteq, the world leader in proximity and touch solutions, today announced the release to market of the IQS128. The IQS128 features the unique Azoteq approach that offers both capacitive proximity and touch sensing in the same device using a single antenna. The IQS128 is a cost effective replacement for mechanical switches and optical proximity sensors, offering electrical isolation, unlimited operation and omnidirectional proximity sensing.

“The next advance in touch technology is the addition of proximity technology which requires a sensor 100 times more sensitive than existing solutions and Azoteq is first to introduce a single chip solution”, said Dr. Frederick Bruwer, CEO and President of Azoteq.

“The IQS128 is the first device to offer a solution to meet FCC SAR (specific absorption rate) requirements for cell phones and tablets to reduce RF power when the device is in close contact to a human” said Kobus Marneweck, VP of Marketing. “The ProxSenseTM family now has over 20 products”, he added.

Significant savings can be realized compared to electro-mechanical switches and the IQS128 offers the added advantages of electrical isolation and unlimited operation. A touch pad can be realized with a simple pad on a PCB and easily projected through a variety of dielectric materials. The IQS128 can be used to implement a triple action switch - an approaching finger wakes the device, a light touch selects a first function and press selects a second function.

The IQS128 is specifically aimed at proximity handheld detection in tablet PC’s, on-ear detection for mobile phones and other proximity applications. The capacitive technology holds advantages of very low power consumption, omnidirectional sensing and does not require an aperture lens.

Azoteq, the world leader in capacitive proximity sensing, announced that their latest generation of proximity and touch controllers can sense capacitive changes as small as 20 atto farads. This sensitivity allows reliable proximity detection of over 300 mm or 12 inches on practical electrodes. One atto farad (1e-18 farads) is one million times smaller than one pico farad (1e-12 farads). Typical competitive devices can detect changes of 0.1 to 1 pico farad.

Azoteq combined these breakthrough levels of sensitivity, industry-leading (~1000:1) SNR and RF immunity into cost-effective capacitive controllers. These benefits relax the common design constraints normally imposed on designers, and the automatic tuning algorithm ensures that no calibration is required in manufacturing. This allows designers to use thick overlay materials of up to 50 mm or more, unusual overlay materials such as wood, and touch buttons in extremely small spaces. With ProxSense® a touch key is easily realized with mere edge plating on a PCB. Proximity detection is natively offered on all touch key controllers, opening up possibilities for more intuitive user interfaces. This includes such as wake-up from standby, pre-emptive menu selection and automatic backlight illumination.

ProxSense® was developed and patented from the ground up using novel analog design techniques for ultra sensitive capacitive measurements. The result is a proximity and touch controller that can sense changes of 20 atto farads in projected capacitance mode and 200 atto farads in self capacitance mode. In contrast to common perception, Azoteq has proven that long range can reliably be achieved with projected capacitance. R&D in novel micro-electronic designs allows for this groundbreaking sensitivity whilst maintaining industry-leading ESD immunity and low current consumption.

“Azoteq’s industry-leading sensitivity and robustness open numerous applications, such as intelligent user guidance, even before physical contact is made in cost-sensitive capacitive sensing applications” said Frederick Bruwer, CEO of Azoteq. “ProxSense® is also ideal for battery applications, since consumption is less than 10 microamperes while sensing proximity,” he added.

Azoteq will be releasing a next generation family of controllers based on the ProxSense® technology during the first and second quarters of 2012.

Azoteq, the world leader in capacitive proximity sensing, today announced the IQS253, Azoteq’s latest addition to the ProxSense® family of capacitive proximity and touch controllers. The IQS253 sets new standards for proximity and touch sensing, with power consumption of 6 microampere, which is 20 to 50 times better than that of competitive devices.

Azoteq is the first to introduce a low pin-count capacitive controller that features projected (mutual) capacitance and self-capacitance in the same controller. The IQS253 uses advanced analog and digital circuitry to achieve unparalleled proximity and touch performance. The high sensitivity enables the IQS253 to work reliably through glass of up to 25 mm thick and achieves proximity detection of up to 250 mm with practical electrodes. The device can operate from 1.8 to 3.6V and achieves power consumption as low as 6 microampere while still sensing proximity and touch. The I2C compatible interface allows full control of the controller functions from a host microcontroller. The IQS253 features Azoteq’s patented DYCAL™ algorithm, which allows the sensor to track environmental changes during prolonged periods of activation.

“Azoteq controllers are widely used in tablets to meet FCC SAR requirements, and the IQS253 opens up new applications such as handheld detection, on-ear detection and proximity wake-up in cell phones and tablets,” said Jean Viljoen, Marketing Manager for Asia.

During the first and second quarters of 2012, Azoteq will release a full family of controllers based on the latest ProxSense® technology. The family will be expanded to include stand-alone controllers with up to 12 channels.

Azoteq, the world leader in capacitive proximity solutions, today announced the release to market of the IQS259. The IQS259 is Azoteq’s latest addition to the ProxSense® family of capacitive proximity and touch controllers. The IQS259 sets new standards for proximity and touch sensing with power consumption of 8 microampere, which is up to 100 times better than competitive devices.

The IQS259 uses advanced analog and digital circuitry to achieve unparalleled proximity and touch performance. The high sensitivity enables the IQS259 to work reliably through glass up to 25 mm thick and achieves proximity detection up to 250 mm. The device can operate from 1.8 to 3.6V and achieves power consumption as low as 8 microampere while still sensing proximity and touch. The I2C-compatible interface allows for full control of the sensor functions from a host controller.

“Azoteq provides the only proximity and touch solutions that enable designers to achieve first-time success with their design due to the auto-tuning and drift compensation features,” said Kobus Marneweck, VP of Marketing at Azoteq. “These features also dramatically increase the manufacturability of the product by compensating for any changes in the environment,” he added.

Azoteq is releasing a full family of controllers based on the IQS259 technology during Q1 and Q2 of 2012. The expanding feature sets include stand-alone devices, self- and mutual capacitive sensors and lower cost single-channel devices in small packages.

Staples®, Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLS), the world’s largest office products company, today debuted the Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ product line created by the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc. (NYSE:MSO) and the Office and Consumer Products Group of Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE:AVY).

Martha Stewart, right, founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Demos Parneros, center, president U.S. retail, Staples, and Tim Bond, left, group vice president Avery Dennison Office and Consumer Products, demonstrate the organizational solutions of the Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery product line sold exclusively at Staples, Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012, in New York. The new everyday line boasts more than 300 products across multiple categories that include desk organization, journals, portable filing and pantry organization. (Diane Bondareff/AP Images for Staples)

The line is sold exclusively at Staples and is now available at Staples stores across the U.S. and Canada and on, the world’s second largest e-commerce site. The unique offering combines Martha Stewart’s creative eye and thoughtful attention to detail, Avery Dennison’s expertise in innovation and quality, and Staples’ expertise in office solutions. The result makes it easy for consumers to organize their home, office and family.

Martha Stewart, founder of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, said: “I am very happy to launch this new collection with Avery Dennison and Staples. Developing this line has been a wonderful opportunity to focus on what busy, modern households and home-based entrepreneurs really want and need in a home office organization system. I’m pleased to offer a full range of well-designed products that are as beautiful as they are functional to inspire consumers and help them to organize their projects while also coordinating and enhancing their home office environment.”

“Only Staples has the expertise in office solutions and the retail leadership to bring this innovative and beautiful product line to customers across North America. For more than 25 years, we have provided innovative products, quality services and business solutions that make our customers’ lives easier,” said Demos Parneros, President U.S. Retail, Staples, Inc. “We are excited to partner with Martha Stewart and Avery Dennison as the exclusive destination for this line designed specifically for the home and home office space. With this innovative and beautiful line, Staples offers everything for home organization solutions in one destination.”

"The Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ brand brings an exciting line of solutions to the home, family and office that really delivers on our vision of bringing the quality and functionality of the Avery brand together with the style and fashion expertise of the Martha Stewart design team," said Tim Bond, Group Vice President, Avery Dennison Office and Consumer Products Group. "We are excited to partner with Martha Stewart and Staples to offer consumers products that are not only stylish, but that represent the innovation that is synonymous with the Avery name."

The compelling new array of everyday products boasts more than 300 products across multiple categories with retail prices ranging from $1.99-$16.99 and offering organizational solutions that include:
  • Stack+Fit™ Desk Organization: every piece in this beautiful, full line of modular trays, boxes, organizers and small item holders, is designed to fit with the rest, whether stacked or side by side, to create a custom desk organization system. Category retail prices range from $1.99-16.99.
  • Journals: a collection of beautiful journals and notebooks help organize all projects and interests and includes unique entertaining or journaling tips from Martha Stewart. Category retail prices range from $7.99 - $15.99.
  • Accordion Files: use durable, beautiful accordion files that expand and stand freely, great for organizing financial information throughout the year for easy filing at tax time. Category retail prices range from $6.99-$15.99.
  • Portable Filing: vertical file folders, designed for Stack+Fit™ magazine files, make for a stylish, efficient, and movable office. Category retail prices range from $2.99-$11.99.
  • Pantry Organization: store coupons, recipe cards, family schedules, and take-out menus in adhesive pantry pockets to help remove clutter from the kitchen countertops. Category retail prices range from $5.99-$6.99.
  • Meal Planning System: avoid dinnertime chaos with durable and versatile kitchen organization products, such as dry erase weekly planners, innovative removable kitchen labels and chalkboard labels. Category retail prices range from $3.99-$10.99.
  • Planning Binders: customize binders with versatile accessories such as calendar inserts, project planning filler paper, dividers, sheet protectors, and zipper pouches to plan home projects or to keep track of family schedules. Category retail prices range from $2.99-$12.99.
The home organization market is a $21 billion business in the U.S. according to an independent study conducted by Bain Capital in 2010. Moreover, nearly 24 million people work from home, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and there are nearly 20 million home-based businesses in the U.S. today, more than 17 million of which are operated by women. With Martha Stewart products already in more than 70 million households and 37 million women reached monthly through Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia’s online, magazine, television and radio properties, the Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ line is extremely well positioned to reach this target. In fact, according to recent proprietary research, 79 percent of consumers who follow Martha Stewart say her brand influences how they think about organizing and managing their households.

Avago Technologies (Nasdaq: AVGO), a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, today announced two series of compact LEDs that reduce space requirements for designing auto-focus auxiliary flash functionality into digital cameras. The new ASMT-FJ70 and ASMT-FG70 devices are available in one of the market’s thinnest, smallest-footprint packages for LEDs with the brightness needed for auto-focus functionality in dark settings.

The ASMT-Fx70 LEDs are available in a tiny, environmentally-friendly 3.6 (L) by 3.2 (W) by 3.4 (H) mm surface-mount package that helps meet market demand for thinner digital cameras. The LEDs use a clear, non-diffused lens to provide high luminous intensity within a narrow radiation pattern, providing smooth, consistent optical performance for precise auto-focus functionality. The ASMT-FJ70 devices are orange and the ASMT-FG70 devices are the industry’s first green auxiliary flash LEDs in this size range.

“Digital cameras continue to shrink in size while growing in functionality and capacity, and our new auxiliary flash LEDs address this challenge by allowing designers to pack in greater functionality per square inch of the camera,” said Francis Khor, director of marketing for the optoelectronics products at Avago. “The Avago ASMT-Fx70 LEDs provide the best of both worlds, as they offer a small design footprint without sacrificing auto-flash performance.”

The ASMT-FJ70 devices use Aluminum Indium Gallium Phosphate (AlInGaP) material technology and feature a 12 degree viewing angle, while the ASMT-FG70 devices use Indium Gallium Nitride (InGaN) material technology and provide a 14 degree viewing angle. Both technologies have very high luminous efficiency, producing high light output over a wide range of drive currents. The narrow viewing angles deliver the long distance illumination and narrow beam pattern required for auto-focus auxiliary flash functionality.

Avago Technologies (Nasdaq: AVGO), a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, today announced a highly efficient front-end module for WiFi access points. The new AFEM-S105 module integrates a power amplifier, directional coupler, and SPDT antenna switch in a small-footprint 3.2 by 3.2 by 0.6 mm package. The power amplifier is optimized for IEEE 802.11 a/n WiFi modulation, helping the module streamline design of mobile and fixed wireless data applications in the 5.15 to 5.85 GHz frequency range.

Avago front-end modules integrate multiple high-performance technologies to reduce PCB board footprint and simplify design. The AFEM-S105 module leverages the company’s proprietary 0.25 µm GaAs enhancement-mode pHEMT process technology to achieve robust RF performance across voltage and temperature levels, as well as low current consumption. The module exhibits flat gain and good match while providing linear power efficiency to meet stringent 802.11a/n mask conditions.

“Designers are under tremendous pressure to integrate WiFi connectivity to bring new products to market first,” said James Wilson, director of marketing for wireless products at Avago. “Our easy-to-use AFEM-S105 front-end module provides a highly-integrated, compact solution that can be quickly designed in to WiFi access points and portable WiFi applications.”

Changing how bandwidth-intensive applications can be designed and built, Altera Corporation (NASDAQ: ALTR) today announced the world’s first demonstration of the company’s Optical FPGA technology. Developed in conjunction with Avago Technologies, the demonstration shows how Altera’s optically interconnected programmable devices can significantly increase interconnect bandwidth while reducing overall system complexity, power, and price. The technology demonstration is one in a series of recent innovations delivered by Altera, including the industry’s first OpenCL program for FPGAs and 28-Gbps transceiver technology delivering the industry’s highest data rates with superior signal integrity. Altera has been showing select customers the demonstration over the last quarter and will showcase it at the Optical Fibre Communication Conference and Exposition (OFC) being held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from March 6 to 8, 2012, in booth 2825.

As data rates approach 100-Gbps and beyond, significantly more bandwidth is required for next-generation applications in the computer and storage, communication infrastructure, and broadcast markets. By integrating programmable devices and optical transceivers within a single package, Altera’s Optical FPGA technology can break through the reach, power, port density, cost, and circuit board complexity limitations of copper-based and conventional optical solutions.

"The Optical FPGA technology demonstration underscores Altera’s commitment to develop innovations that address major industry challenges and ultimately, enable new innovations," said Bradley Howe, vice president of IC Engineering at Altera. "As data rate demands continue to rapidly increase, engineers need to look beyond copper and traditional optical solutions in order to meet the performance, cost, and power demands of next-generation video, cloud computing, and 3D gaming applications."

The demonstration shows Altera’s Optical FPGA technology on a test board derived from the company’s Stratix® IV FPGA 100G development kit, integrated with Avago Technologies' 12-Channel MicroPOD optical modules. By integrating high-speed optical transceivers onto the package that holds the FPGA, the electrical signal path from the I/O pad of the chip to the input of the optical transceiver has been reduced to a fraction of an inch. This shorter path reduces signal degradation and jitter, improving signal integrity and reducing data errors caused by parasitic elements in the signal path. Such integration can also help engineers reduce their overall board development and engineering costs.

In a loopback configuration, the demonstration shows 100GbE traffic of assorted packet sizes sent and received using the chip’s internal traffic generator. The data path is sent back and forth through the FPGA transceivers and optical modules to achieve a bit error rate (BER) of 10^-12 or less. The short routing distance keeps signal integrity high and the emitted electromagnetic interference very low. Digital diagnostics monitoring (DDM), such as module case temperature and laser bias current, is also shown detecting potential issues and preventing link loss. This is especially critical for data center applications where link downtimes can equate to millions of dollars in lost revenue. Finally, the demonstration shows the optical FPGA’s unique heat-sinking capability, which ensures the optics stay within the standard 0°C to 70°C temperature range.

"As the world leader in Data Center optics, Avago worked with Altera to combine our proven MicroPOD optical modules with their Stratix FPGAs, taking the concept of embedded parallel optics to the next level of integration," said Philip Gadd, vice president and general manager of the Fiber Optics Product Division at Avago. "This will allow FPGA users to utilize the high bandwidth and compact size advantages of parallel optical interfaces that are currently used in data centers."

Avago Technologies (Nasdaq: AVAGO), a leading supplier of analog interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, today announced the ACPL-M21L/021L/024L/W21L/K24L optocoupler family. These optocouplers consume less power as compared to other similar 5MBd optocouplers in the market. The ACPL-x2xL optocouplers are designed to meet customer needs for lower power, higher isolation voltage, and better common-mode rejection (CMR) performance, thanks to the excellent performance of the new LED and detector IC design.

Avago Technologies’ digital optocouplers are used in a wide variety of isolation applications ranging from power supply and motor control circuits to data communications and digital logic interface circuits.

The new ACPL-x2xL 5MBd digital optocouplers require minimum LED drive current of 1.6 mA, and detector IC power consumption of less than 1.1 mA.The detector IC contains a CMOS output stage with glitch-free output during power-up and power-down, and optical receiver input stage with built-in Schmitt trigger that provides logic-compatible waveforms, eliminating the need for additional waveshaping. An internal shield also guarantees high common-mode rejection (CMR) of minimum 25 kV/µs at1000V common-mode voltage. ACPL-x2xL optocouplers operate at 3.3V/5V power supply with guaranteed AC and DC performance from an extended temperature range of –40°C to +105°C.

The ACPL-M21L, ACPL-021L and ACPL-W21L are single-channel optocouplers in 5-lead small-outline (SO5), 8-lead small-outline (SO8) and stretched 6-lead small-outline (SO6) packages, respectively. Where as, the ACPL-024L and ACPL-K24L are dual-channels optocouplers in 8-lead small-outline (SO8) and stretched 8-lead small-outline (SO8) packages, respectively.

All new optocouplers are compliant to industrial safety standards such as IEC/EN/DIN EN 60747-5-5 approval for reinforced insulation, UL 1577 and CSA.

The first available optocoupler, the ACPL-M21L is immediately available in sample quantities, and will sell for $0.88 apiece in lots of 10k units.

Atmel® Corporation (Nasdaq: ATML), a leader in microcontroller (MCU) and touch solutions, today announced it is one of the first companies to achieve ZigBee® Certified product status using ZigBee Light Link™ Certification, a new industry standard to accelerate the design of easy-to-use consumer lighting and control products that will give consumers the ability to wirelessly control their LED fixtures, light bulbs, timers, remotes and switches within their homes.

With this reference implementation for ZigBee Light Link, Atmel has achieved 'golden unit' status, making it the benchmark against which future ZigBee Certified products designed to this standard will be tested. Widely known for its superior RF performance and extremely low power consumption, the ATmega128RFA1 wireless MCU serves as an ideal hardware platform for the ZigBee Light Link Golden Units.

Designed to allow engineers the ability to manage multiple lighting devices on a single network, this reference design integrates Atmel's ATmega128RFA1 wireless MCUs on a RF4CE-EK evaluation kit with ZigBee Light Link profile software stack ported onto the system. The ATmega128RFA1 offers the industry's lowest power consumption at 12.5mA in active receive mode, combined with receiver sensitivity at -101dBm. The ZigBee Light Link reference implementation can also be used seamlessly with Atmel's LED drivers for color-mixing, system management and advanced dimming in commercial, industrial or architectural solid-state lighting applications.

"Atmel continues to deliver leading-edge, innovative ZigBee Certified devices for the latest standards," said Ryan Maley, vice president of strategy at the ZigBee Alliance. "We are excited to work with companies such as Atmel and help them deliver products that will enable a new and efficient lighting experience using ZigBee."

ZigBee Light Link provides a global standard for interoperable and very easy-to-use consumer lighting and control products. In addition, the standard allows consumers to change lighting remotely to reflect ambiance, task or season, all while managing energy use and making their homes greener. There are a number of industry advantages, including single platform control of multiple devices, including lamps, switches, dimmers, timers and remote controls. The standard also enables the lighting control platforms to control up to 255 devices.

"The need to manage all your lighting requirements on one control panel is becoming increasingly more popular," said Oyvind Strom, sr. director of wireless solutions, Atmel Corporation. "ZigBee Light Link addresses this requirement by enabling end users to control lighting, color and dimming for improved comfort, energy savings and convenience. With Atmel's latest ZigBee Certified products and software stacks, designers are able to develop these innovative lighting products to address the end users' needs."

ARM today announced that MStar, a leading semiconductor supplier for display and digital home solutions, has licensed the ARM® Cortex™-A9 MPCore™ and ARM926EJ-S™ processors, in addition to a range of ARM system IP for use in smart-TVs, set-top-boxes (STBs) and smartphones. MStar is already a licensee of the ARM Mali™-400 MP Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which is used in mass production for MStar smart-TV system-on-chip (SoC) solutions. By extending its ARM IP portfolio MStar will be able to provide solutions featuring a range of feature-rich ARM technology.

The agreement includes a license for the ARM CoreSight™ Design Kit. CoreSight System IP will allow MStar SoC designers to optimize their high performance SoC designs using ARM debug and trace technology. This decreases development time and mitigates risks associated with smart system design.

"As a leading supplier of application processors, MStar has an in-depth understanding of what the present and future requirements are for key markets, such as smart-TVs and smartphones,“ commented WK Chia, Vice President of Research and Development, MStar. "Our deepening relationship with ARM, through this new license for the Cortex-A9 processor and other advanced IP, will enable us to provide our customers with high-performance, energy-efficient solutions. MStar SoC solutions based on a wide range of ARM processor, GPU and system IP will be available soon and address consumer demand for advanced user experiences."

"As consumers expect their world to be at their fingertips, they demand advanced user experiences from manufacturers of the latest smart-TVs and smartphones," said Simon Segars, executive vice president and general manager, processor and physical IP divisions, ARM. "MStar is able to provide OEMs with the latest SoC solutions to address these markets using our highly successful Cortex processor, Mali GPU and CoreSight system IP. We value the innovation that the deepening relationship between the two companies has encouraged and look forward to continuing to work with MStar.”

ARCOL Resistors, and Velco  s.p.a Electronics components,  have signed a representative agreement for the territory of Italy.

Their intensive co-operation with global market leading manufacturers and their long-term business experience and customer orientated approach enables them to solve customers’ problems cost-efficiently.

Under the new agreement, Velco s.p.a Electronics will represent ARCOL’s full line card of resistive products.

This partnership will greatly enhance ARCOL’s presence in Italy thanks to Velco’s excellent position in this region. This affords ARCOL an opportunity to offer a better service and support to their existing customer base, as well as to grow with new potentials that an expert local partner can provide them with.

To meet the professional needs of smart energy automation, ARBOR technology has rolled out the latest embedded Box PC Ares-2367I, which targets at power related industry including substation, power institute, automatic meter reading (AMR) and renewable energy systems.

The Ares-2367I offers 14 COM ports and 6 RJ-45 ports to connect with various devices for data transmitting. It supports serial port with 2kV digital isolation and 15kV ESO protection for preventing any damages caused by over voltage or static electricity.

ARBOR Ares-2367I is highly stable and reliable due to the fanless design and onboard low power consumption Intel Atom D525 processor. In addition, its redundant power (12/24/48 VDC, 110 VDC/VAC and 220 VDC/VAC) and single power input design supports consistent operating. When the main power breaks down, the backup power will offer instant power supply which keeps system away from data damage and working stably.

Featuring standard 2U rack-mount and modularized design, the Ares-2367I is easy to install and maintain. Additionally, with the LED indicators that present if the connected devices working functionally, users are easy to monitor and control the devices.

The 11th Best Choice Award, mainly set for Taiwan ICT industry, has been unveiled today. ARBOR's mobile medical tablet PC received the third consecutive BC Award out of 425 competitors since 2010 in terms of the outstanding performance of product functionality, innovation and market potential.

ARBOR has devoted to develop embedded products for applications such as automation, POS and digital signage etc. Through our professional technology, ARBOR provides complete solutions for all applications from board to system.

Since 2007, ARBOR has started to develop medical computing. Now we have launched a series of medical computer line for different medical and healthcare applications including portable size clinical assistant and multi-function medical station. In 2010 and 2011, ARBOR’s medical tablet G0710 and patient infotainment terminal M1857 won the Best Choice Award successively, which presents ARBOR’s effort and achievement in the field.

All winning products of the Best Choice Award will be displayed during 2012 Computex Taipei from June 5th to 9th. Welcome to visit BC section (I0307) in Nangang Exhibition Hall and ARBOR booth (L0501) to find more.

Applied Motion Products is pleased to announce the STR2 step motor drive. The STR2 is a compact, digital step & direction drive, great for OEM applications requiring basic step & direction control of a 2-phase stepper motor. The STR2 outputs up to 2.2 A/phase to the step motor, and is compatible with a variety of 2-phase step motors that have been selected to optimize performance of both the drive and motor.

The STR2 drive features advanced microstepping performance and sophisticated current control with anti-resonance. Anti-resonance electronically damps motor and system resonances, which improves motor smoothness and torque over a wide speed range.

Each STR2 step motor drive operates in either Step & Direction or Pulse/Pulse control mode. Selecting between these two modes is done by moving a jumper located under the cover of the drive. Each STR2 drive can microstep up to 20,000 steps/rev with a 1.8º step motor (1/100 step), and can even microstep the step motor when the command pulses are low resolution. This feature is called Microstep Emulation. All drive setup is done via dip switches on the side of the drive, including motor selection, running current, idle current, and step resolution.

The STR2 is RoHS compliant and CE certified. Matching step motors and DC power supplies are also available from Applied Motion Products.

Applied Motion Products is pleased to announce the addition of eight integrated drive+motors to our line of Ethernet and EtherNet/IP motion control products.

The new STM23 models fuse a high performance motion controller with 100 MBit Ethernet communications to a high torque NEMA23 step motor. Connecting to an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix, CompactLogix or MicroLogix PLC? EtherNet/IP is also available.

The STM23Q-2Ex provides 125 ounce inches of torque, while the longer STM23Q-3Ex produces 210 ounce inches. Both models are available with an optional 4000 count/rev optical encoder, safely housed inside, that can detect and prevent motor stalls using Applied Motion’s proprietary stall prevention algorithm. Our auto tuned digital current control provides smooth, quiet motion, while an advanced anti-resonance algorithm with electronic damping allows for maximum torque utilization, rapid acceleration, and fast settling times.

Software applications can communicate with the STM23 in real time, using the SCL and Q languages over standard 100 megabit Ethernet cabling, addressing and protocols. Ethernet can transmit data at 100 times the speed of CANopen and more than 1000 times faster than RS-232 and RS-485. The number and types of devices that can share a network are practically unlimited.

Even if you are just programming a Q drive for standalone operation, the Ethernet option can be more convenient than chasing down a USB-serial converter and trying to remember which COM port it uses. Just plug the drive into your office network, install our free, easy to use software, and you’re ready for programming and configuration.

Readers who have used our ST, STM or STAC stepper drives are probably familiar with our ST Configurator™ set up software. This month we’ve released a new version of ST Configurator™ that supports our entire range of configurable stepper drives, including the popular DC powered ST line, the STM integrated drive+motor and our AC powered STAC drives.

The new ST Configurator™ version 3.1 provides seamless communication with all models whether they have RS-232, RS-485, CANopen or Ethernet communications. It also includes a built-in Q Programmer™ so you can switch context quickly and easily. A firmware downloader utility for our DSP and ARM processors is also just a click away.

ST Configurator™ version 3.1 replaces all previous versions of ST Configurator™, as well as ST Configurator™ Ethernet and STAC Configurator™.

Did you know that Applied Motion Products’ STAC6-Q AC-powered Advanced Microstep Drive w/ Q Programming and Encoder Input provides the capability to solve encoder following with registration control applications? If your application requirement is 1 HP (750W) or below, requiring high torque at low speed and rotary speeds less than 2000 RPM, consider Applied Motion Products’ STAC6-Q stepper drive.

Providing significant cost savings over servo-based registration solutions for high speed insertion, line speed matching, adhesives application and labeling, the STAC6-Q can assist OEMs in maintaining high performance for a wide range of machinery. The STAC6-Q provides a distinct price/performance advantage.

The Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in the Q programming environment allows the STAC6-Q to match conveyor speeds based on external encoder inputs wired to the digital inputs of the STAC6-Q. Registration is accomplished by triggering a discrete input and reliably capturing the encoder position allowing math calculations to manipulate the registration input (offset) by adding or subtracting to the output signal and mitigating the impact of encoder count error accumulation or change in material types.

For applications requiring more than 2000 rpm, yet under 1HP (750W), consider the SV7-Q, SVAC3-Q or BLuAC5-Q servo drives, which offer the same encoder following functionality as the STAC6-Q, but with higher rotary speeds. What’s more, Applied Motion servo drives use the same Q programming environment as the STAC6-Q stepper drive. How much value would you place on the ability to switch between stepper and servo control within the same programming environment?

APM HEXSEAL is pleased to announce the addition of SEELOC® self-sealing washers to its growing family of reusable, self-sealing fastener assembly hardware.

These standard self-sealing washers feature a silicone rubber section bonded to a specially-formed stainless-steel washer. SEELOC pressure range exceeds 100 psi internal/external and is UL Recognized for NEMA 4x Type 6 Ratings with an IP 66/68 Rating. Other sealing materials and sizes, including metric, are available for specific applications. Temperature range of -160°F to +500°F.

Each is designed for use with standard screws, bolts and lock-nuts to seal panels, casings, housings and other electrical and non-electrical assembled enclosures, including large fastener clearance holes/slots. Upon tightening, they provide a 360° seal under the head of a standard screw, bolt or nut, as well as sealing around the periphery of the washer face preventing leakage. In addition, their rubber surface serves to increase the fasteners’ ability to prevent loosening due to vibration. Typical air and water-tight applications include food and other processing systems, instrumentation, communications, military, heavy-duty vehicles, medical and various industrial types of equipment. NEMA and other electrical enclosures are also protected.

SEELOC washers are available with outside diameters of 1/2", 1" and 1 1/2" for screws/bolts having thread sizes from #6 through 1/2". Lock-nuts can also be used to secure SEELOC washers.

APM HEXSEAL is pleased to announce the addition of self-tapping screws to their growing family of reusable self-sealing fasteners. Each pre-assembled stainless-steel SEELSKREW™ features a resilient silicone rubber O-ring held captive in a precision-engineered sealing groove.

Other sealing materials, including Viton, Buna, and Fluorosilicone, are available. Installed like a conventional screw, it provides an absolute watertight seal that meets NEMA submersible standards. These self-tapping designs are ideal for sealing portable electronic instruments, gauges, fluid housings, cabinets and other plastic enclosures.

SEELSKREWS™ are offered in slotted or Phillips pan head styles, thread sizes of #2 through 1/4”, and lengths to 1”. Special options include a black-anodized finish.

APM HEXSEAL is pleased to announce the addition of self-tapping screws for sheet metal to their growing family of reusable self-sealing fasteners. Each pre-assembled stainless-steel SEELSKREW™ features a resilient silicone rubber O-ring held captive in a precision-engineered sealing groove.

Other sealing materials are available for specific applications. Installed like a conventional screw, it provides an absolute watertight seal that meets UL, CSA and NEMA submersible standards. These self-tapping designs are ideal for sealing portable electronic instruments, cabinets, enclosures, and other sheet metal assemblies.

SEELSKREWS™ are offered in slotted or Phillips pan head styles, thread sizes of #2 through 1/4", and lengths to 1". Special options include a black-anodized finish.

APM HEXSEAL has announced the availability of a full range of mechanical threadlocking add-ons for their comprehensive line of re-usable high-pressure self-sealing screws, bolts and nuts.

Fully adjustable Nylon locking pellets and strips can now be added to the thread surface, precisely positioned (location & depth) to maximize anti-vibration dampening. These devices remain locked whether the fastener is seated or unseated. They are impervious to a wide range of chemicals, water and motor fluids and will not dry, shrink or loose resiliency when exposed to commercial solvents, alcohol, gasoline, caustic soda, etc. Reusable to +550ºF (288ºC) depending on locking material chosen. Also available is a patch dry coating process which is fused to selected threads delivered ready to install without the need for curing or other special preparations.

API Delevan introduces a new series of Surface Mount Device (SMD) power inductors: 5500 and 5500R to meet the growing demand for high current LED lighting applications. API Delevan has taken our widely accepted and used DC Series of plated through hole high power chokes and designed even higher current carrying capability in a surface mount version, convenient for automated pick and place and PCB assembly processes.

Features and Benefits include:

  • High Power density design and low-loss Ferrite Core technology provide very high Current & Power handling
  • Extreme Operating Temperature Range of –55 to +130 deg C for harsh work environments. For higher operating temperature needs please consult with API Delevan engineering
  • Standard inductance values range from 3.9 μH to 100 mH to fulfill all your circuit needs. Consult with API Delevan engineering should you have a non-standard circuit solution inductance value requirement
  • Low DC Resistance (DCR) to minimize voltage drops and dissipated power (lost as heat) in DC-DC converter and DC biased circuit applications
  • Green Lead-free, RoHS-compliant version (5500R) with Sn/Ag/Cu finish, or a Sn/Pb version (5500), where avoidance of Sn whiskering is critical such as in Military circuit applications
  • Inductance tolerances of +/- 5%, 10%, and 15% for highly sensitive circuit designs such as EMI line and RF filters are standard offerings. Tighter tolerance requirements are available upon request
  • High Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (DWV) of 1000Vrms minimum, for high isolation applications
  • Proven API Delevan design and manufacturing processes for rugged thermal-set epoxy molding and solder tinning lends the 5500 series products to meet the stringent requirements of MIL-STD-202G (Thermal shock, Mechanical Shock & vibration, Solderability) for rugged vehicular and aerospace systems

API Delevan has introduced the HTPT66 series of high temperature power toroids. These toroids are intended for use in high operating temperature environments in switching power supplies, as output chokes, in EMI/RFI filtering, and DC/DC converters. They exhibit temperature stability, excellent saturation current characteristics, and are available in custom electrical contigurations. Standard inductances are 0.390µH to 100µH with current ratings as high as 18.3 Amperes direct current. The components operate within a temperture range of -55°C to +200°C, and available with either tin-lead or lead-free termination finish compliant with EU Directive 2002/95/EC and applicable amendments. Samples are available and production lead-time is stock to 4 weeks ARO.

API Delevan has introduced three new series of shielded surface mount power inductors: SP1812, SP1210 & SP1008. Recognizing the needs of design engineers, these power series are sized to industry standard packages for ease of circuit board layout. Inductance for series SP1008 range from 0.27µH to 100µH and max current ratings from 1.07A DC to 0.102A DC; series SP1210 range from 0.47µH to 390µH and max current ratings from 1.44A DC to 0.080A DC; series SP1812 range from 1.0µH to 390µH and max current ratings from 1.58A DC to 0.136A DC. All operate between 55°C and +125°C and are available with either traditional tin-lead or lead free, tin-silver-copper termination finishes.

The DC1050 chokes are intended for high power circuit filtering in power amplifiers, power supplies, and for power line interference suppression as well as voltage regulation. These units exhibit minimal DC resistance, and have superior current capabilities in power applications. Inductances are available from 15µH to 4700µH with current ratings as high as 19.9 Amperes direct current. The componenets operate within a temperature range of -55°C to +125°C, and -55°C to +80°C at full rated current. DC1050 units available with either a tin-lead or a lead-free termination finish compliant with EU Directive 2002/95/EC and applicable amendments. samples are available and production lead-time is stock to 4 weeks ARO.

Apex Tool Group, LLC, a global hand and power tool company formed through a joint venture between Danaher Corporation (NYSE:DHR) and Cooper Industries plc (NYSE:CBE), today announced the closing of the joint venture and unveiled the new company’s name and leadership team. Apex Tool Group is headquartered in Sparks, MD and led by former Danaher Tool Group Executive Steve Breitzka, the new company’s President and Chief Executive Officer. Steve Simms, a former Executive Vice President with Danaher Corporation and respected industry veteran, is Chairman of the Board of Directors. The new leadership team for Apex Tool Group includes both Cooper and Danaher executives.

Apex Tool Group markets some of the leading brands in the tool industry worldwide, including Allen®, Apex®, Armstrong Tools®, Campbell®, Cleco®, Crescent®, Erem®, GearWrench®, H.K. Porter®, Jacobs® Chuck, Jobox®, K-D Tools®, Lufkin®, Nicholson®, Plumb®, Sata®, Weller® and Wiss®, among others and manufactures several industry leading private label brands for large retailers and industrial distributors.

“The closing of this joint venture marks the beginning of two great companies now operating as one.  This enables us to move full steam ahead on our vision to provide a broader array of hand and power tools to a more diverse range of end users in automotive and industrial assembly and repair, contractor trades, as well as do-it-yourself consumers,” said Breitzka. “By combining our resources, we expect that Apex Tool Group will deliver even greater new product innovation to our customers and the industry.”

With facilities in more than 30 countries and 7,600 employees worldwide, Apex Tool Group combines the manufacturing excellence and innovation of both Danaher Tool Group and Cooper Tools to provide an expanded selection of high performance hand and power tools to its distribution partners.

“We’ve been working hard to minimize any disruptions to our customers since announcing the agreement to join forces back in late March and will begin to explore collaborative opportunities now that we are officially Apex Tool Group,” said Breitzka. “We are committed to maximizing value for our customers and making it easy to do business with our company.”

Current Apex Tool Group customers will continue to purchase products and receive customer service through their existing contacts. Over the next few months, the company will work with its customers to streamline processes as the new organization evolves. The newly formed company also unveiled a new corporate logo and website.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

APEM Components, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality miniature and industrial switches, offers its rugged 1200 Series momentary pushbutton switches, designed to handle high resistive loads. For maximum efficiency and safety, the 1200 Series features butt action contacts with double break Typical applications include industrial controls, transportation and automotive, agriculture, instrumentation, public kiosks and security equipment.

APEM’s 1200 Series pushbuttons are available in NO and NC models that can handle up to 8 amps at 125 VAC and 4 amps at 250 VAC or 24 VDC. These switches provide 10,000 cycles of life in operating temperatures from -20°C to +55°C. Models are available with UL and CSA approvals. Terminations include screw type, screw and clamp, or solder lug/quick connect.

All models in this series are bushing mounted for installation in a .480” (12.2 mm) mounting hole, and feature a .315” diameter dome-topped actuator that is offered in 4 colors: black, white, green or red. Also available is a chrome plated brass actuator with a chrome plated brass cap nut to satisfy special cosmetic needs. Total travel for the NO units is .177” and for the NC, .137”. Additional materials include silver or copper silver- plated contacts, polyamide actuator and case, and nickel plated brass bushing.

Sealing boots are available to protect against dust and water, and custom markings can be supplied upon request.

A new range of military style toggle switches feature moulded-in terminal inserts and a silicone membrane feature for IP67 front panel sealing.

New from Apem Components, 3500 series military style toggle switches feature moulded-in terminal inserts and a silicone membrane feature for IP67 front panel sealing.

Typical applications include hydraulic crane controls, racing cars, military communications equipment, military vehicle panels, boating equipment and generator control panels. These robust, high reliability models carry contact ratings ranging from 15-20A with a minimum life of 6000 cycles at alternating current.

Single and double pole models are offered in an extensive range of electrical configurations, including the popular on-off, on-on, momentary-off-momentary, on-off-momentary and on-off-on.

Other electrical specifications include maximum initial contact resistance of 10mohm, minimum insulation resistance of 100Mohm, and dielectric strength of 3000V RMS between terminals and frame.

The standard actuator is a chrome or nickel plated bat, 6mm in diameter and 17.5mm long, with several additional options, including a flatted style and a fluorescent tip for visibility under adverse glare conditions.

Additional actuator finishes are available.

Locking actuator styles are also available for those critical safety applications where deliberate action is required to actuate the switch, or where positive resistance against excessive shock or vibration is essential.

The single-pole body size is 15 x 32 x 31.4mm, while the double pole is 23 x 32 x 31.4mm.

Solder lug/quick-connect or screw terminals are available.

Superior quality engineering materials include silver alloy contacts and UL94V0 rated case material.

Featuring molded-in terminal inserts and silicone membrane for IP67 front panel sealing, military style Series 3500 withstands 0.1 bar pressure under total immersion. Switches carry contact ratings from 15–20 A with minimum life of 6,000 cycles at alternate current. Single and double pole models are offered with initial contact resistance of 10 mΩ max, insulation resistance of 100 MΩ min, and dielectric strength of 3,000 Vrms between terminals and frame.

Can withstand 0.1 bar pressure under total immersion

Haverhill, MA - APEM Components, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality miniature and industrial switches, offers the 3500 series military style toggle switches, featuring molded-in terminal inserts and a silicone membrane feature for IP67 front panel sealing. Typical applications include hydraulic crane controls, race cars, military communications equipment, military vehicle panels, boating equipment and generator control panels.

These robust, high reliability models carry contact ratings ranging from 15-20 amps with a minimum life of 6,000 cycles at alternate current.

Single and double pole models are offered in an extensive range of electrical configurations, including the popular ON-OFF, ON-ON, MOM OFF MOM, ON OFF MOM and ON OFF  ON. Other electricals include initial contact resistance of 10 milliohms max., insulation resistance of 100 megohms min., and dielectric strength of 3000 V rms between terminals and frame.

The standard actuator is a chrome or nickel plated bat .236” dia. X .688” long, with several additional options, including a flatted style and a fluorescent tip for visibility under adverse glare conditions. Additional actuator finishes are available. Locking actuator styles are also available for those critical safety applications where deliberate action is required to actuate the switch, or where positive resistance against excessive shock or vibration is essential.

The single pole body size is .591”w x 1.260”h x 1.236”d, while the double pole is .905”w with the same height and depth. Solder lug/quick-connect or screw terminals are available. Superior quality engineering materials include silver alloy contacts and UL94-VO rated case material.

APEM Components, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality miniature and industrial switches, offers the 3500 series military style toggle switches, featuring molded-in terminal inserts and a silicone membrane feature for IP67 front panel sealing. The 3500 series models are ideally suited for many critical switching applications in numerous industries where safety and high reliability are essential.

These robust, high reliability models carry contact ratings ranging from 15-20 amps with a minimum life of 6,000 cycles at alternate current.

Single and double pole models are offered in an extensive range of electrical configurations, including the popular ON-OFF, ON-ON, MOM OFF MOM, ON OFF MOM and ON OFF ON. Other electrical includes initial contact resistance of 10 milliohms max., insulation resistance of 100 megohms min., and dielectric strength of 3000 V rms between terminals and frame.

The standard actuator is a chrome or nickel plated bat .236” dia. X .688” long, with several additional options, including a flatted style and a fluorescent tip for visibility under adverse glare conditions. Additional actuator finishes are available. Locking actuator styles are also available for those critical safety applications where deliberate action is required to actuate the switch, or where positive resistance against excessive shock or vibration is essential.

The single pole body size is .591”w x 1.260”h x 1.236”d, while the double pole is .905”w with the same height and depth. Solder lug/quick-connect or screw terminals are available. Superior quality engineering materials include silver alloy contacts and UL94-VO rated case material.

According to the latest reportby Gartner, the market research institute, global server market sales recorded a year - on - year(YoY)increase of 5.2% for Q3 of 2011, and entire shipmentvolume recorded a YoY increase of 7.2%, showing an upward trend. Despite weak global economic growth forecasts, Cloud Computing has become a mainstream trend, which urgesenterprises tocontinually build corresponding data centers to improve efficiency. Apacer, a professional memory module manufacturer, with its outstanding R&D capability, introduces the high-capacity, high processing speed and cost-effective 8GB DDR3 1600 UDIMM with ECC Server Memory Moduleto the market.Ithelpsenterprises build cloud environments that deliver both outstanding performanceand super energy-saving. Viathis memory module, server systems run perfectly at a high-speed (12800MB/s) and process massive amounts of data rapidly and stably.

Apacer’s latest DDR3 Server Memory Module has a capacity up to 8GB and performance up to 1600MT/s. Thanks to itsoutstanding hardware design and advanced 30nm processed memory chips, server systems can maintain excellent stability while implementinghigh-speed computing, offering multiple superior storage device optionstothe enterprises’ commercial market. To helpcustomers create the optimal product performance, the DDR3 Server Memory Module has gone through rigorous reliability tests. Itis fully compatible with the latest Intel/AMD 2-ways server platform and supports the latest Intel Quad-Channel Xeon CPU series and AMD Quad-Channel Opteron 6000 series server platforms, demonstrating incomparable platform compatibility.

Apacer has years of extensive experience in the server market and has developed a wide array of specifications and technologies for server memory modules. Apacer’s products have all gone through rigorous environment tests (extended temperature and high/low pressure testing for longer periods of time) and motherboard tests. They will gradually pass each major vendor’s platformtests and gain certification fromCMTL, the certified third-party lab authorized by Intel, for ensured compatibility and stability when used in servers and network communication systems,in order to cater tothe enterprises’ demands forserver workstations. Devoted to delivering highly-reliable and highly-compatible quality andcomprehensively professional customization service, Apacer is the enterprises’ prime choice among storage solution providers!

With the ever-evolving technology and standard of transmission interface, Apacer launched its latest mPDM (mini PCIe Disk Module) modular SSD. It adopts “One lane PCIe 2.0” interface to satisfy the application requirement of high-speed transmission. Compared to PCle 1.0, the broadband speed is boosted to 5Gb/s and the product capacity reaches up to 128GB, which will offer higher transmission speed and larger storage capacity for high-end application such as network storage or enterprise servers. The mPDM complies with AHCI advanced motherboard controller interface and the enterprise standard NVMHCI non-volatile memory host controller interface. Besides, the featured hot plug and plug-in-and-play functions ensure the compatibility and competitive edge of the ultra-small (50.8 x 29.8 mm) SSD.

The newly released mPDM (mini PCIe Disk Module) modular SSD has standard Mini PCIe interface, which follows the PCI SIG 2.0 standard and is backward compatible with PCIe 1.1 motherboard. By adopting highly reliable SLC (single-level cell) flash memory, Apacer mPDM SSD, in addition to its outstanding reliability, delivers sequential read/write speed of up to 300/200 MB/sec and IOPS up to 18,000. It breaks through the access barrier of the current servers and completely meets the transmission rate requirement of advanced application. To be more securely attached to the motherboard, the product features paired screw holes on its bottom, designed to enhance system safety while reducing vibration and shake.

To meet customers’ needs for cost differences between products, Apacer introduced mPDM-M modular SSD that adopts MLC (Multi-Level Cell) chip. Boasting the maximum sequential read/write speed of 300/60 MB/sec, its capacity also reaches up to 256GB. This product series offers various value-added technologies to strengthen product performance, including Advanced Wear Leveling, Error Correcting Code(ECC) and intelligent power failure recovery, all of which enhance product reliability and stability and make it a storage solution with high efficiency and quality for the advanced application.

Currently, the samples of the new mPDM and mPDM-M are now available for customers to run test. For more details, please feel free to contact local Apacer sales representatives.

As the leading memory module maker, Apacer Technology Inc. has long been devoted to the industrial computer field, particularly the embedded systems. Apacer takes the lead by introducing today a memory module featuring high speed, high capacity and low power consumption as well as full compatibility with the 22-nm Ivy Bridge microprocessor platform released lately by Intel. Compared with the mainstream 8-GB DDR3-1333 memory module, Apacer’s high-speed DDR3-1600 memory module dedicated to embedded systems requires a working voltage of only 1.35V, which can be applied into the module either to the fanless design or to the embedded system. Thanks to its 20% higher performance and 11% less power consumption, the module can save considerable power expenditure for enterprise users.

In endless pursuit of technology innovation, Apacer’s industry-leading memory module features high speed, high capacity and low power consumption. Dedicated to embedded systems, the memory module boasts high capacity of up to 8 GB and high speed of up to 1600 MT/s. The Ivy Bridge-compatible module also comes equipped with the memory chip designed with advanced process. This guarantees the best stability under high-speed computing. Thus it can fully meet high demands for storage solutions from such industrial computer fields as digital bulletin board, POS and Thin Client, making it the best memory device option.

The just-launched 1.35-V DDR3-1600 SODIMM memory module has passed rigorous environment tests (extended temperatures and high/low pressure tests for long periods of time) and motherboard tests for ensured compatibility and stability when used in the embedded system. Currently, it is gaining recognition from leading OEM manufacturers. Committed to delivering products of high reliability and compatibility, andcomprehensive customization services, Apacer is enterprise users’ prime choice among storage solution providers.

With many years of experience in the industrial SSD sector, Apacer has been a customized product manufacturer trusted by industrial computer and server corporations in the U.S. and Japan for a long time. To provide customers with a more diverse product range, Apacer has revealed three models of the new-generation of modular SATA SSDs; the SDM4 MP (SATA Disk Module, Middle Profile), with 7-pin SATA connectors available in three orientations of 90°, 180° and 270°, along with a patented built-in power supply design. These are designed to meet user-specific needs for various form factors and industrial designs.

Compared to that of its predecessor, the reading speed of these next-generation SSDs has been boosted to 85MB/sec. In terms of the chip, in addition to SLC storage solutions, MLC chip product lines can also support operating at industry-level extended-temperatures (-40°C ~ 85°C), and are especially suitable for stable operation under rigorous industrial environments.

For safer data storage, the value-added SDM4 MP industrial SSD series boast advanced Write Protect function, which protects data against vicious tampering so as to achieve security control of data storage. Currently, the Write Protect Switch is set on the top of the unit. Apacer can also add the Write Protect Switch to the bottom to meet the customization demands of customers. By utilizing unique Pin Header streaming, it allows the customer to unlock or lock this Write Protect function directly on the main unit without rebooting or adjusting manually. Additionally, the design of the pin header at the bottom enables the product to be more closely connected with the motherboard for effective shock resistance. At present, this product has attracted overseas POS applications, and Apacer is expected to provide storage solutions with outstanding performance.

Apacer’s latest SATA Disk Module 4 series uses SLC chips, available in capacities from 2GB to 32GB, and MLC chips for capacities from 4GB to 64GB. The SDM4 MP units feature ECC (Error Correcting Code) function, S.M.A.R.T (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) and ATA Secure Erase command - all of which help boost the product's reliability and stability. These features, along with the support of the Windows 7 Trim command for optimization, have made Apacer SSDs one of the prime choices among professional storage solutions.

Samples of Apacer’s next-generation industrial SSD series, the SDM4 MP, are now available for the customers to run test on. Please contact your local Apacer sales representative.

Antenna Factor is pleased to announce that the HW Series antenna is now available in 1.4GHz. The HW Series 1/2-wave center-fed dipole antenna delivers outstanding performance in a rugged and cosmetically attractive package. Its internal counterpoise eliminates the dependence on an external ground plane and maximizes performance. The HW Series antenna attaches with a standard SMA or Part 15 compliant RP-SMA connector. Custom colors and connectors are available for volume OEM customers. HW Series antennas are immediately available for less than $5.00 each in volume quantities.

Antenna Factor's WRT Series antennas in 868MHz and 916MHz are now available with U.FL/MHF compatible connectors. WRT Series antennas with U.FL/MHF compatible connectors are small and tamper-resistant, which makes them good for applications such as wireless vending and traffic equipment. WRT Series antennas cost less than $7.00 each in production quantities. Custom colors are available for volume OEM customers.

Antenna Factor is pleased to announce the availability of its RMS Series and RMT Series dual-band antennas with standard SMA connector terminations. The RMS is a compact, unobtrusive dual-band antenna. The RMT is a futuristic-looking dual-band antenna. Both models cover the 860MHz-960MHz and 1.77GHz-1.88GHz bands and are designed for permanent mounting through a metal surface such as an automobile roof or trunk. The antennas are supplied with 14 feet (4.3m) of RG-58 cable and are also available with a TNC or Part 15 compliant RP-SMA connector. The RMS and RMT Series are immediately available and priced at less than $6.90 each in volume quantities.

Antenna Factor's new WRT-MON Series monopole antenna is compact and tamper-resistant. It's great for applications like wireless vending machines, traffic equipment and power equipment where space is limited and security is important.

Compared to the WRT Series dipole antenna, the WRT-MON Series monopole antenna takes up much less space inside the product. The antenna requires a proximity ground plane. It installs through a small hole on the product and is anchored by a threaded metal base connected to the coax cable shield.

The WRT-MON Series antenna is available in 2.4GHz. It's attached to an 8.5in long coax cable with an RP-SMA, SMA or U.FL/MHF-compatible connector on the other end. The RP-SMA and SMA connectors use an RG-174 coax. The U.FL/MHF connector uses a 1.32mm micro-coax. More connectors, colors and coax length options are available for OEM customers.

Anderson Power Products® (APP) announces its new PowerMod®HP (high power) connector family, featuring touch-safe female housings, integral positive latches and cable strain relief. These safety features, combined with the ease of connector assembly, establish a new standard for cost effective, high power connectors.

APP’s PowerMod HP connector is rated 125 amps at a 30o C temperature rise and may be used in appropriate applications to 175 amps. The product accommodates American wire sizes from #6 to #2 AWG and metric wires from 16 to 35mm2. These connectors use APP’s patented Sterling contact technology that offers low electrical resistance, provide a minimum of 500 mating cycles and are rated for circuit interruption (true hot-plug).

The unique latching system, with distinct blue buttons for clear identification, offers superior security and ergonomics. These connectors are IP 20 rated (touch safe) for user safety, and the integral coding key provides further protection by allowing the user to configure unique mating of up to 6 individual connectors. An innovative cable strain relief kit, which encompasses all applicable wire sizes, is available as a product option for additional reliability.

PowerMod HP is offered in ten different connector housing types, including right angle, bus bar, panel mount and blind- mate/float selections, delivering broad design flexibility for current and future high power interconnections.

Anderson Power Products® (APP), a leader in high power interconnect solutions, offers the high density PowerMod® connector family. The connector system, offered in 3 to 30 circuits, is available for straight PCB, right angle PCB, panel or cable mountings, offering maximum design flexibility for a variety of system packaging.

The high performance PowerMod family is rated for 30 amps and features mechanical polarized UL94V-O housings for proper circuit mating. Additionally, the connectors have up to four sequential pin mating options available for mate-first/break-last and make-last/break-first circuits.

The APP PowerMod design offers stainless steel positive retention latches and optional back shells that provide additional safety and security for the user. APP PowerMod connectors are available in 13 different sizes: single row 3, 4, 6 and 8 circuit, two row 6, 8, 12 and 16 circuit, and third row 9, 12, 18, 24, and 30 circuit connectors. In addition, the connectors are UL and TÜV recognized and CSA certified.

Anderson Power Products (APP), a leader in power interconnect solutions, has added the Power Drawer series of connectors to its high quality connector range. The family features blind mating connectors for 35 or 75 amp applications. These versatile Power Drawer connectors are used on “N + 1” power supply and rectifier systems ideal for server, telecommunications and network applications. APP’s durable connectors are UL recognized and are able to mate with competitive products, offering the designer and user further development and sourcing options.

APP’s 35 amp Power Drawer connectors can be configured with up to eight #12AWG power contacts,eight #16 awg power contacts or a combination of four #16 awg power contacts, four #12 awg power contacts and twenty-one #20 awg signal contacts. APP’s 75 Power Drawer connectors can be configured with up to four #8 AWG power contacts, nine #12AWG power contacts and twenty four #20 awg signal contacts. Float mount and Printed Circuit Board mount versions are available for both connectors.

Pin and socket contacts are available for both connectors with crimp, solder cup or printed circuit board termination. In addition, the connector’s pin contacts can be specified for first-mate and last-mate connection, allowing the electronic system to be grounded and mating electronically verified before the power circuits are energized.

Anderson Power Products is also offering “true hot plug” contacts to accompany its Power Drawer connector family. The #12 awg contacts are rated for disconnect interruption up to 25 amps. These “hot plug” contacts are available for both the 35 and 75 amp Power Drawer connector families.

Designed to correct misalignment during blind mating, APP’s Power Drawer Connectors feature integral guide pins, with an optional floating mount used to reduce fatigue stress on the connector during blind mating.

Anderson Power Products® (APP), a leader in power interconnect solutions, offers the Power Clip electrical power connector. Designed as a low cost interconnection between two perpendicular power bus bars, the Power Clip is used in “N+1” rectifier, power supply and switching power supply applications.

The high-performance contact of APP’s Power Clip provides low-voltage drop and superior amperage carrying capability. Because the clip accepts a solid .125” thick nickel or gold plated rectangular bus bar tab, there is no need for a mating connector.

The Power Clip has been evaluated to UL1977 and CSA standard C22.2 No. 182.3-M1987 and is rated for up to 300 amps of continuous service. The product is also UL approved for true hot plug current interruption of 100A at 48V and 200A at 42V using a gold bus bar tab.

Anderson Power Products® (APP), a leader in high power interconnect solutions, is proud to announce that Solar SPEC Pak® is the first multi-pin connector to meet the photovoltaic industry requirements specified in UL 6703A, passing the same harsh environmental tests used to qualify solar panels.

Solar SPEC Pak® has power handling capabilities up to 1000 volts and features a locking latch that complies with NEC 2008 section 690.33(C) requirements. Designed for wire to wire applications, Solar SPEC Pak® is capable of handling up to 4 individual lines which reduces the number of traditional connectors needed in solar applications, minimizing the amount of space needed while lowering installation costs.

The Solar SPEC Pak®, IP68 rated shell has a flammability rating of UL 94 V-0 and a weatherability rating of F1 per UL 746C. The housing is touch-safe per UL 1977 when used with Finger proof Powerpole® housing and has a temperature range of -40° to 105°C (-40° to 221°F).

Amulet Technologies, a recognized leader in graphical user interface (GUI) solutions for embedded systems, is pleased to announce the release of GEMstudio™ v., now supporting low power operating modes and real-time clock calendar functions in Amulet’s GEM family of GUI products.

GEMstudio, Amulet’s proprietary software tool, is the easiest, fastest and most flexible graphical user interface (GUI) design software in the embedded space. GEMstudio integrates tools for visual layout, interactive PC based simulation, and programming of the flash memory in the target embedded hardware. It’s a true WYSIWYG tool that requires no coding for the GUI layout. Using the GEMstudio drag-and-drop GUI development environment for embedded systems allows designers to create smartphone-like user interfaces in days or weeks, instead of months or years.

Battery life of portable devices using Amulet’s innovative GUI technology will increase, and appliance manufacturers with displays driven by Amulet will be more likely to reach the low power consumption standards required for energy efficiency certification. In addition, Amulet Technologies has added a real-time clock calendar that works even in low power consumption modes, benefitting customers with time-stamping applications in markets such as medical, networking gear, financial, and industrial applications. Other notable improvements available in the new GEMstudio release relate to productivity enhancements that facilitate our customers’ GUI designs; GEMstudio editors now have new functions such as autocomplete, find and replace, and keyword highlighting.

"Adding a graphical touch screen interface to a product typically raises the overall system power consumption, but with Amulet’s new low power functions, touch screen designers can now have their cake and eat it too. Touch screen interfaces can now be programmed with GEMstudio to be both beautiful and miserly on power at the same time. We are very proud to be able to contribute to green initiatives by helping products consume less power,” says Ken Klask, Amulet Technologies CTO.

Amprobe introduces its suite of Navigator Clamp Meters, which provide strong troubleshooting capabilities and quick, easy-to-use, one-handed measurements. The clamps feature a unique joystick control that allows quick selection of a full range of diagnostic capabilities, including phase sequence, power and power factor, total harmonics distortion and individual harmonics, inrush current, and low pass filter. The Amprobe Navigator Clamp Meters are ideal for electrical and HVAC technicians in commercial and industrial environments.

The series of CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V Navigator Clamp Meters can measure voltage up to 1000V AC/DC. Designed for the toughest electrical applications, these clamps can take a snapshot of harmonics and power quality issues, allowing technicians to better define why equipment may be malfunctioning and determine if more specialized tools are needed to solve the problem.

The navigation system eliminates multiple and confusing push buttons, replacing them with a joystick that technicians use to select functions directly on the large, backlit display. Simply highlight the desired measurement feature using the joystick and press to select.

"Amprobe Navigator Clamps Meters provide powerful troubleshooting capabilities that are quick and easy to use," said Amprobe General Manager Jasmine Khambatta. "The innovative joystick simplifies the user interface and allows technicians to quickly select the functions they need to spot check and verify systems before deploying more specialized tools or incurring additional costs."

ON Semiconductor Corporation (Nasdaq: ONNN) a premier supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics, has released the NMLU1210, an innovative power MOSFET integrated circuit (IC) for wireless charging applications in portable products such as cell phones, media tablets, portable media players, digital still cameras and GPS units.

The NMLU1210 is a 20 volt (V) N-channel full bridge semi-synchronous rectifier, that incorporates a dual Schottky barrier diode supporting up to 3.2 ampere (A) operation plus two MOSFETs with a 17 milli ohm (mΩ) (typical) Rds(ON) to minimize conduction losses and substantially increase efficiency of the charging system.

Wireless inductive charging is becoming increasingly popular, freeing consumers from the inconvenience of the traditional wired approach. It works on the principle of an electromagnetic field being created for the rapid transfer of energy between the transmitter (in the charging station) and the receiver (in the portable device). The NMLU1210 is used by the receiver side to convert AC voltage generated by the transmitter to DC voltage used for battery charging. Offered in an ultra-low inductance thermally efficient package, it is optimized specifically for power management tasks in portable electronic products. This compact IC is highly suited to use in space-constrained environments. It has an operational junction temperature of −55 ⁰C to 125 ⁰C.

“The NMLU1210 full bridge rectifier enables more efficient and faster wireless charging of portable electronics devices,” said Paul Leonard, vice president of ON Semiconductor’s Power MOSFET products division. “This innovative device will enable OEMs to offer their customers more flexibility in battery recharging which will give their products improved power features in an increasingly competitive consumer space.”

"ON Semiconductor is an important member of the Wireless Power Consortium,” said Menno Treffers, chairman of the Wireless Power Consortium. “The addition of NMLU1210 to ON Semiconductor's extensive product portfolio gives the industry more choice and makes it possible to apply the Qi wireless power standard in far more applications and products."

ON Semiconductor Corporation (Nasdaq: ONNN), a premier supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics has introduced two new multiple-channel differential switching ICs in single pole, double throw (SPDT) switch configurations for high frequency signals such as PCI Express 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 I/O signals. Target applications include notebook computers, desktop computers, servers and network storage equipment.

The NCN3612B is a 6-channel differential SPDT switch that supports 8 gigabits per second (Gbps) data transfer due to its high bandwidth. It has an on-state capacitance (CON) of 2.1 pF (typical) and an on-state resistance (RDSON) of 8 ohms (Ω) (typical). This is complemented by the NCN3411, which is a 4-channel differential switch also capable of supporting 8 Gbps operation. It has a CON of 2 pF (typical) and a RDSON of 7.5 Ω (typical). These attributes make the two new devices highly suited to routing PCI Express 3.0 and DisplayPort 1.2 I/O signals.

“Because of their intrinsically low CON and RDSON figures, the NCN3612B and NCN3411 offer both faster data edge rates and lower insertion losses,” said Thibault Kassir, director for Interface and Power Products at ON Semiconductor. “As a result, these devices deliver the signal integrity levels needed to support the latest high-speed interface standards now being specified for system designs.”

The NCN3612B has a power supply voltage range of 3 volts (V) to 3.6 V and draws a supply current of just 250 microamps (µA) (typical), while the NCN3411 has a power supply voltage range of 1.5 V to 2.0 V and draws a supply current of 200 µA. These new devices have an operational ambient temperature range of −40 °C to +85 °C.

ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), a premier supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics, has introduced a new series of switching buck regulators for space-constrained, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) sensitive automotive entertainment and infotainment applications. These highly integrated devices offer industry leading conversion ratios for battery connected switch-mode power supplies.

The NCV890100, NCV890101, NCV890130, NCV890131, NCV890200, NCV890201 and NCV890231 each incorporate an internal power switch and operate at 2 megahertz (MHz). The 2 sMHz switching frequency allows the use of smaller, less costly inductors and capacitors for both the input and output filters. The switching frequency of the NCV890101, NCV890131, NCV890201 and NCV890231 devices can also be synchronized to an external clock source.

“These switching regulators are highly optimized for use in modern automotive information and entertainment applications,” said Jim Alvernaz, ON Semiconductor director of automotive products. “The combination of the high switching frequency and an internal N-channel power switch enables the design of highly compact automotive power systems.”

While competitive devices are capable of converting 16 volt (V) down to 3.3 V, the devices in this new series from ON Semiconductor have the capacity to convert an 18 V input to outputs as low as 3.3 V and a 16 V input to outputs as low as 2.5 V, while maintaining a constant switching frequency of 2 MHz. These devices can operate over a voltage range from 4.5 V up to 36 V, and can tolerate load dump voltages up to 40 V (45 V for 890x3x versions), making them very well suited to harsh automotive start-stop and cold-crank conditions. The NCV890100, NCV890101, NCV890130 and NCV890131 deliver 1.2 amperes (A) of peak output current, while the NCV890200, NCV890201 and NCV890231 deliver a peak output current of 2 A.