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FP0H Series Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

Panasonic Introduces The New FP0H Series of Ultra-Compact Programmable Logic Controllers! Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Industrial Automation Products, announces the NEW FP0H Series of ultra-compact programmable controllers. The FP0H is an ultra-compact, high-performance PLC offering extensive features such as dual Ethernet ports, support for multiple protocols, FTP client/server functionality, and SD card slot for data logging/program transfer. Features: FTP Server & Client functionality Dual Ethernet ports High performance in an ultra-compact body Available SD card slot Benefits: FTP server functionality allows the PC to read the logging data in the FP0H's SD memory card and to write setting values and other parameters. FTP client functions allows the FP0H to generate and write data to, and read files to an FTP server. Provides Ethernet/IP, Modbus TCP, and MC protocols. Only 10ns per basic instruction (up to 10k steps), 8x faster than conventional models.