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ABB Low Voltage Drives - User Interfaces

Blank Panel cover The purpose of the Blank Panel cover is to protect the drive's connection surfaces. ABB ACS310 Drive is delivered with a panel cover as standard. In addition there are two alternative control panels available as options; Basic and Advanced. Basic Control Panel The basic control panel features a single line numeric display. The panel can be used to control the drive, set parameter values or copy them from one drive to another. Advanced Control Panel The advanced control panel features a multilingual alphanumeric display for easy drive programming. The control panel has various assistants and a built-in help function to guide the user. It includes a real time clock, which can be used during fault logging and in controlling the drive, such as start/stop. The control panel can be used for copying parameters for back up or for downloading to another drive. A large graphical display and soft keys make it extremely easy to navigate. Panel Mounting Kits To attac

TransMagic R8 SP4 Transforms the 3D CAD Translation Industry

TransMagic, Inc., a leading developer of 3D CAD data exchange solutions announces today the release of TransMagic R8 SP4, which grants clients the highest quality and control available for CAD interoperability and data conversion processes.  An absolute powerhouse, this release of their flagship product, EXPERT XL-64, is packed with new technology that is revolutionizing the reuse of 3D CAD data. The XL-64 option transforms a 64-bit computer into an incredible workhorse capable of processing extremely large CAD datasets, over 2 gigabytes.  This release combines power, control and quality into a single solution, overcoming file size and complexity barriers. There is much more to file translation than merely file formats.  The accuracy and downstream usability of the conversions are just as imperative.  Think about the difference between a foreign language dictionary versus a foreign language interpreter.  In the same manner, there is no comparison between EXPERT XL-64 and its closest

TransMagic Achieves Certified Gold Status from SolidWorks

TransMagic, Inc., developer of high quality, user-friendly 3D CAD data exchange software today announced that its TransMagic PowerPack has achieved Dassault Systèmes SolidWorks Corp.’s Gold Product Certification.  This achievement signifies world class quality and value for users of SolidWorks® software and enables seamless collaboration across SolidWorks user company divisions.  The TransMagic PowerPack for SolidWorks combines the design power of SolidWorks software with the multi-CAD freedom of TransMagic to unleash true design freedom. With the PowerPack installed, CATIA, JT files and more can be imported and exported seamlessly from SolidWorks software, eliminating barriers to collaboration.  TransMagic’s signature CAD Repair technology automatically fixes many types of errors, conditioning models to a higher level of accuracy.  One unique aspect in TransMagic’s PowerPack is the ability to save files into specific versions of key formats, such as CATIA or JT.  By specifying both

TransMagic Ships R8 sp5 with Enhanced Support for CATIA V5 Metadata

TransMagic, Inc., a leading developer of 3D design data repair and conversion software, announced today the release of TransMagic R8 service pack 5 (sp5). TransMagic grants clients access to the latest technology and product enhancements for seamless 3D data exchange. TransMagic provides the ultimate universal 3D interoperability platform to preserve design data accuracy and reusability for years into the future. The new release includes many notable enhancements that empower users of 3D data to get the most from any 3D design file. The enhanced Assembly Browser in TransMagic now offers access to more metadata and information than ever before. These new features are optimized to assist professionals to quickly find and use the data they need. In addition to processing massive files, TransMagic R8 sp5 turns multi-gigabyte assemblies into a virtual design database, allowing parts and sub assemblies to be exported and re-used, on demand, for any purpose. “TransMagic is more than a produ

TransMagic® Ships R9 with Metadata Extraction to XML

TransMagic, Inc., a leading developer of 3D data conversion and CAD geometry repair software, unveils TransMagic Release 9 (R9), the fastest and most reliable solution to maintain 3D data integrity across business applications. The focus of R9 is on usability enhancements, quickly finding and repairing errors in the geometry, and customizing workflow. In this release, TransMagic delivers high quality support for updated CAD versions along with customer requested enhancements, including metadata output, point mesh creation and XL-64 high-speed processing. TransMagic language support now includes Spanish, Portuguese, English and German. R9 offers a new and improved PMI++ option to identify metadata stored in a model and output it in XML. The XML output can be stored, viewed or utilized by other software applications making it an ideal tool for integration with business systems. PMI++ supports product manufacturing information (PMI, aka FTA, GD&T), assembly hierarchy, part names and

Hirose's ZX360 Series, Micro USB 3.0

Hirose (Distribution: MSC Vertriebs GmbH) has drawn from their pioneering design expertise to introduce the new highly developed super speed ZX360 USB 3.0 connector. These connectors meet with the requirement for better performing connectors with superior high speed transmission capability. ZX360 connectors are designed with super speed in mind. The data transmission speed has been increased to an incredible 5 Gbps allowing much faster, seamless data transfer rates and enables uncompressed transmission of high definition moving pictures. The structure of the receptacle is in two joined sections, the first section features a USB 2.0 interface to allow for a power charge connection and the other is the USB 3.0 for super speed transmission. The innovative style of the plug allows the cable to be soldered internally to a small printed circuit board (not supplied) instead of directly on to the contacts to reduce the mechanical stress applied to the contacts. More power is delivered by ZX3

Dual Ethernet PHY with low system latency, minimum jitter and a large number of monitoring functions

MSC now offers a starter kit for the dual Ethernet Physical Layer (PHY, part number µPD60620) from Renesas Electronics. The µPD60620 device enables real-time data transmission and reception without failure. In addition to high-speed link-up and link-down control mechanisms, which can be used for instance in robotics, the device also offers a large number of diagnostics and monitoring functions. These include, among others, the support of real-time protocols such as PROFINET, SERCOSIII and EtherCAT that require fast link-loss recognition. The Ethernet Physical Layer µPD60620, provided in a small LQFP80 package, is compatible with all standard Ethernet communication protocols and is also compliant with the IEEE802.3 standard.

The World’s First Differential Oscillators With ±10 ppm Stability And Only 500 Femtoseconds of Integrated RMS Phase Jitter

MSC now offers the SiT9121 and SiT9122 MEMS-based differential oscillators from SiTime. These differential oscillators feature a high stability of up to ±10 ppm and only 500 femtoseconds of integrated RMS phase jitter. They are ideally suited for use in centralized and edge routers, SATA / SAS / Fibre Channel Host Bus Adapters (HBAs), cloud storage systems, servers, wireless base stations and 10G Ethernet switches. Both the SiT9121, designed for the frequency range 1 MHz to 220 MHz, and the SiT9122, for use in the high-frequency range 220 MHz to 650 MHz, are configurable to individual customer requirements. The frequency, which is programmable with up to 6 decimal places of accuracy, guarantees the highest level of accuracy. Furthermore, 50,000 g shock resistance, 70 g vibration resistance as well as a mean time between failures (MTBF) of 500 million hours ensures the highest reliability even under harsh environmental conditions. The differential oscillators are equipped with configu

Aimtec Expands its 1 Watt Surface Mount DC/DC Converters

With the release of two new series, AM1L-FZ and AM1LH-FZ, customers of MSC Vertriebs GmbH now have a choice of 185 surface mount 1 watt DC/DC power supplies from Aimtec to meet the needs of diverse and demanding applications. The AM1L-FZ offers input ranges of 3.3, 5, 12 and 24 VDC that step across, step up or step down to single and dual outputs of 3.3, ±5, ±9, ±12, ±15 VDC. In comparison, the AM1LH-FZ series differentiates itself with surface mount pins that exit the case at a higher level, which can reduce the risk of possible corrosion, thus extending the longevity to the pins. Input voltages of 5, 12 and 24 VDC also step across, up or down to single and dual outputs of 3.3, ±5, ±9, ±12, ±15 VDC with low ripple and noise. Both series provide input to output isolation options of 1000 VDC or 3000 VDC at efficiency rates as high as 83% which is ideal for battery powered applications where heat generation must be kept at an absolute minimum. Designed for a cold start up at -40 °C, th


The Super FF coating (Fine and Flat) on Sumitomo’s new grades AC820P and AC830P is not only more wear resistant than conventional coatings, it also reduces the possibility of chip adhesion due to its smoothness.  Combined with newly developed carbide substrates, the AC800P series offers higher speed capabilities and a greater resistance to breakage than conventional carbide grades when machining steels and stainless steels. The AC820P excels in general purpose machining and is available in a wide variety of chipbreakers, including the new high efficiency EGE.  For interrupted applications, the AC830P is the first choice among P30 grades. Its exceptional toughness can sustain more impacts than conventional P30 grades.


Sumitomo introduces the solid carbide GS Drill Series – the new “Global Standard” in solid carbide drilling. With an advanced carbide substrate and highly wear resistant DEX coating, the GS Drill Series allows for increased feed rates and running speed. The DEX coating has alternately stacked AlCr and SiNi coating layers that not only provide high heat resistance, but also exceptional chipping resistance.  Another feature of the GS Drill is wider flutes to accommodate for excellent chip evacuation when machining steels, stainless steels, cast irons, super alloys, and non-ferrous materials. Also with its newly configured point geometry, the GS Drill reduces cutting forces and promotes stable drilling.   The GS Drill Series is available in external coolant and coolant-through styles. External coolant drills are available in 2XD and 4XD lengths, while coolant-through drills are offered in 3XD, 5XD and 8XD lengths.


New from Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc., the SumiMill GOALMILL Milling Cutter finishes cast iron with exceptional accuracy. The GOALMILL provides excellent surface finishes through the use of tangentially mounted inserts accompanied by easily adjustable axially mounted wiper inserts. Each insert offers eight indexes when using single-handed cutters. Four indexes can be used on the periphery pockets, and flipping the insert on its side allows for four more indexes in the finishing cartridge. A total of 12 indexes can be used when employing both right and left hand cutters. GOALMILL cutters are available for roughing (<50Rz) semi-finishing (<18Rz) and finishing (<12.5Rz). Left-handed cutters are made to order.


Sumitomo Electric Carbide, Inc. announces the latest addition to its coated carbide grade lineup – insert grade AC420K. ISO classified as a K20 grade, the AC420K performs exceptionally in cast iron roughing applications involving medium to heavy interruptions. The AC420K is a new black Sumitomo Super FF (Fine and Flat) CVD coated grade. Its ultra-thick coating layers of TiCN for wear and chipping resistance, and Al2O3 layers for excellent wear and heat resistance drastically improve conventional cast iron grade tool life.  Additionally, the flat surface of the Super FF coating provides excellent chip adhesion resistance. Along with the AC420K, Sumitomo added the EGZ chipbreaker to its product lineup. The EGZ is a groove style chipbreaker that is ideal for medium- to light-roughing depth of cut (0.070”-0.200”) applications with a feed rate range of 0.004-0.020 IPR.  

Nanomotion's Miniature Micropositioning Rotary Stage

Nanomotion's new FBR60 piezo-electric miniature rotary stage is now from available from Heason Technology. Providing an exceptionally compact footprint and low profile for precision motorised rotary positioning, the stage has a 60 mm diameter rotating element and overall height of just 35 mm and features a high-stiffness cross roller bearing construction, twin piezo-electric motors that provide zero backlash direct-drive, and an integral non-contact optical encoder with micropositioning resolution options of 5 or 0.5 arc-sec. Available in standard, vacuum and UHV versions, the FBR60 has an overall accuracy of 10 arc-sec with speeds to 360 degrees/sec and direct load capacity to 5 kg. A central through aperture may used for underside cable or services entry for user devices, which are conveniently mounted on the rotating platen via a matrix of M2.5 threaded holes. The stage may be used independently or as a part of a multi-axis positioning set-up with Nanomotion's FB series li

Aaxeon Releases New 10/100/1000BaseT to 1000BaseSX/LX Converters

Aaxeon Technologies is proud to announce the release of our new FCU-280x Series of 10/100/1000BaseT to 1000BaseSX/LX Gigabit Fiber Media Converters.  Aaxeon’s Gigabit media converter series FCU-280x (FCU-2802SC, FCU-2802SC-S10, and FCU-2805SFP) supports conversion between 10/100/1000Base-T and 1000Base-LX/SX networks. With three types of connectors, SC, SFP, and WDM, single-mode or multi-mode media can be provided by the FCU-280x series for efficient Gigabit fiber network construction. The Ethernet signal allows the connectors to link up easily, efficiently and inexpensively. The FCU-280x series can be used as a standalone unit when powered by it's DC adapter or used as a slide-in module to Aaxeon’s 19-inch 16-Slot media converter rack chassis. These media chassis can supply power to the FCU-280x and permit the fiber-optic network to be maintained at one location. Since the FCU-280x series fully complies with IEEE 802.3 10Base-T, IEEE 802.3u 100Base-TX, IEEE 802.3ab 1000Base-T an

Aaxeon Releases New IP67 Rated Ruggedized Industrial Ethernet Switch

Aaxeon Technologies is proud to announce the release of our newest line of IP67 rated Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches. Each of the IP67 switches is available in an extended operating temperature model that can withstand temperatures of -40°C to 75°C. The units are EN50155 compliant and Class 1, Division 2 rated which makes them suitable for railway applications as well as hazardous location environments, respectively. There are three models in Aaxeon’s new product range. The LNX-800N-67-T has 8 x 10/100TX ports, while the LNX-1002Nx-67-T (x: M- Multi-mode, S- Single mode) has 8 x 10/100TX and 2 x 100FX ports. The models are designed with circular M12 connectors for Fast Ethernet interface, and provide rugged construction which complies with IP67 standards, therefore, making the equipment ideal for damp, dusty, and other harsh industrial environments. The IP-67 Managed Industrial Switch Models boast a backup power solution with dual power inputs and management features that inclu

AIMB Mobile G-Series Mini-ITX Board with Extended HD Graphics Performance

Advantech, the embedded platform and integration services provider, announces the introduction of a new industrial-grade, Mini-ITX motherboard supporting the latest AMD® G-Series processors. AMD G-Series feature intelligent performance, power efficiency, and integrated AMD HD Graphics with DX11 support. AIMB-223 is capable of SATA RAID 0, 1, 5 & 10 to ensure reliable storage and system protection for network-intensive applications. AMD’s “Fusion” Architecture Accelerated Processing Unit AMD's Fusion family of processors is considered an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) because it integrates a CPU and a discrete-class GPU on the same die, thereby improving graphics data bandwidth while reducing power consumption. Maximum Connectivity for Minimum Resources The AIMB-223 board comes with high connectivity and a variety of expansion options including: a single PCIe x1 and PCI expansion slot, six serial ports, four SATA III 600 MB/s connectors, and eight USB 2.0 ports. Dual displa

An Industrial Touch Monitor with Integrated Services

Advantech (2395.TW), a leading global manufacturer of embedded platform solutions, is releasing the ITM-5112, a 12" SVGA Industrial LED monitor with fully flat resistive touchscreen. Following ITM-5115 series, ITM-5112, provides customers with a complete selection of industrial grade display solutions. The basic ITM-5112,R M is a stand-alone monitor display with VGA/DVI interfaces; the ITM-5112, C series with an optional Box Computer in the rear is an all-in-one total solution; and the ITM-5112,R L and P series allow quick and easy integration with Advantech pluggable Embedded Box Computers via a 36-pin LVDS input interface and 164-pin golden finger connections. Highly Efficient LED Backlighting While most other industrial displays still use CCFL backlights, Advantech's ITM-5112, backlight panel takesadvantage of the reduced power consumption and increased display brightness offered by LEDs. The highly efficient ITM-5112, LED backlight provides a bright display with a wide d

Advantech’s iService Touch Computer Features Multi-touch Applications and NFC Payment Support - From the Advantech Intelligent Planet & Internet of Things Expo

Advantech, a leading service and solution provider, announced at the Intelligent Planet & Internet of Things Expo, that its UTC and HIT series of touch computers and infotainment terminals includes the latest multi-touch technology, near field communications (NFC), and integrated payment systems. HIT-W121, HIT-W151, and HIT-W181 infotainment terminals with full-flat displays ranging from 12” ~ 18”, have eye-catching designs, provide a natural viewing experience and feature projective capacitive touchscreen (PCT) panels running Windows 7, Linux or Android operating systems. UTC-515 and UTC-521 Ubiquitous Touch Computers, powered by high performing, dual-core Intel® Atom™ D510 processors, provide interactive user experiences while consuming low-power with quiet, fanless operation. Ready as integrated payment POS devices and with NFC-capable RFID inputs, they accept transaction requests from Android, Symbian and other smart phones, seamlessly integrating with applications like Googl

Low Power SBC with Intel® Atom™ N455/D525 Features VGA and Dual GbE LAN

Advantech, the embedded platform and integration services provider, announces the introduction of a new Intel® Atom™ N455/D525 PICMG 1.0 full-size single-board computer, the PCA-6012. This SBC is ideal for embedded applications that required a balance of performance and lower power. The Intel® Atom™ single core N455 and dual core D525 processors feature an integrated graphic and memory controller (GMCH) all on the same chip. This new architecture decreases memory latency and offers higher performance with even more power savings. PCA-6012 offers high reliability and is resistant to heat and dust, perfect for critical application environments. PCA-6012G2 SKU is designed around an Intel® Atom™ D525 dual core CPU, and brings new-generation computing capability with a maximum of 4 GB of DDR3 800 MHz memory, and dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN for high capacity networking applications. PCA-6012VG SKU features a fanless, single core Atom™ N455 CPU with a maximum of 2GB of DDR3 800 MHz memory—mak

SonTek Releases the New SonTek-IQ Irrigation Flow Meter

SonTek is pleased to announce the release of the new SonTek-IQ – a hi- tech flow meter built specifically to address the needs of the open channel irrigation market. The SonTek-IQ was developed in partnership with the Irrigation Training and Research Center at California Polytechnic State University and Art Schmidt at the University of Illinois and was funded in part by a SBIR grant from the US Department of Agriculture*. The goal of this collaborative effort was to develop a low-cost, yet highly accurate flow meter to meet the need of monitoring water deliveries in the numerous irrigation turn-outs in the U.S. and abroad. The project leveraged SonTek’s renowned expertise in pulsed acoustic Doppler technology and included never-done-before flow modeling in small irrigation canals. The result is a device that is easy to install, precise and the perfect fit for highly variable flow found in irrigation environments. “The SonTek-IQ is an accurate 21st century solution to a centuries o

Over 4,000 Industrial Symbols Get .NET New Industrial Symbol Library for Visual Studio.NET

Software Toolbox Inc. today announced the release of the pure .NET managed code version of their Symbol Factory product family. Symbol Factory .NET is a .NET component for engineers and developers building machine HMI applications in Visual Studio .NET 2003 and 2005 using Visual Basic (VB) or C# languages. Users simply drop the components on the Windows Form in Visual Studio, set properties with a point-and-click user interface, and pass machine & process data to the objects to control their configured animations. Users may choose from over 4,000 professionally created objects in over 60 categories. Multi-level color and blinking animations are just a point-and-click configuration step.  Optional drag & drop OPC client interface available for users of OPC DA data sources. Free demo version available at Runtime free distribution licenses only US$795. "This is one of the most significant releases in the Symbol Factory family this year," said Joh

Kepware Endorses Software Toolbox as their Wonderware "Center of Excellence"

Kepware, the world leader in communication software for automation, announces with its long standing partner Software Toolbox, the world leader in 3rd party add-in software for Wonderware products, the expansion of their relationship by naming Software Toolbox as their official "Center of Excellence" for supporting and promoting the use of Kepware OPC technology and native interfaces with Wonderware products. Software Toolbox has marketed and supported the TOP Server OPC & I/O Server, a branded version of the KEPServerEX, to their global customer base, with a specific focus on Wonderware distribution channels, users, integrators and OEMs. The "Center of Excellence" endorsement is designed to clearly let the market know how Kepware and Software Toolbox serve users of Wonderware with Kepware's OPC technology and Software Toolbox's Wonderware focused expertise and support.  To prevent confusion of TOP Server and KEPServerEX as competing solutions, the TOP

Visual Components partners with Software Toolbox for OPC Solutions

Visual Components Oy and Software Toolbox Inc. are proud to announce a cooperation agreement where INGEAR OPC Servers will be available as a trial version for customers using Visual Components PLC Add-on software. Visual Components' PLC Add-on software connects their 3DCreate digital factory model with the INGEAR OPC servers, allowing controls engineers to simulate and verify new production logics destined for the shop-floor very cost effectively.  The INGEAR OPC Servers provide standards based connectivity to Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Modicon/Schneider, Omron, and GE Fanuc PLCs for the Visual Components PLC Add-on software. Visual Components PLC Add-on introduces control validation to the design process. Control engineers can test shop floor logics in a safe and convenient environment at full production speeds. Errors are caught in the digital factory instead of during installation and ramp-up. This shortens the overall project time significantly. "We chose the INGEAR OPC ser

Software Toolbox Named Endorsed Partner in Wonderware's New Innovation Partner Program

Software Toolbox today announced that it has been named one of the first Endorsed Partners in the new Wonderware Innovation Partner Program. The Endorsed Partner level is reserved for Wonderware's closest business relationships. Software Toolbox was chosen to provide technical support services to Wonderware, their channel, customers, VARs and OEMs for new device communications options announced today by Wonderware and Kepware. Software Toolbox was chosen by Wonderware to provide these services and as an Endorsed Partner because of their unique expertise and experience in providing device integration support to the Wonderware channel and their customers, OEMs and VARs for nearly 10 years. The focus of Wonderware's partner program is in response to customer and partner demands for increased collaboration in the delivery of innovative, yet sustainable real-time operations management solutions - across a wide range of vertical industries. The new program is designed to facilitate

Silent Tools milling adaptors - quietly boosting your productivity

Sandvik Coromant launches an extension to its range of Silent Tools milling adaptors. Available in lengths 4-5xD these new dampened adaptors can provide more than 50% productivity increases over undampened assemblies. The full benefits of the patented dampening mechanism can be seen when applied to a wide variety of milling operations. The adaptors will enhance surface finishing significantly, even with increased cutting data, allow longer engagement milling cycles through increased temperature limitation and the possibility to channel coolant through the arbor, increases tool life.

Coromant Capto® makes light work of heavy machining

For all types of heavy machining operations in large components, Coromant Capto size C10, improves performance by allowing higher feeds and greater depths of cut. A flange diameter of 100 mm means a coupling suitable for heavy loads providing extreme stability in milling and turning applications. Designed to increase removal capacity at higher torques, the C10 gives the entire tool set up higher bending strength. The C10 includes a wide range of holders and adapters from shrink fit, SL adaptors and ER- chucks to tap adaptors. Coromant Capto is the true universal modular tool system. The most stable tool holding system on the market that makes it possible to use only one system for the entire workshop, regardless of machine type: turning centre, machining centre, multi-task machine; manual or fully automatic. The tool system permits standardization, reduces inventory costs, and simplifies physical and administrative handling of tools. The unique polygon shaped Coromant Capto coupling,

Customize and utilize with Sandvik Coromant’s quick change clamping units

With the new quick change clamping units from Sandvik Coromant you can maximize the amount of actual machining time on your machine. The clamping units utilize Sandvik Coromant’s quick change tooling system, Coromant Capto®, which has been proven to dramatically reduce downtime with setup and tool changing efficiency. These new products are equipped to channel high pressure coolant from the latest CoroTurn HP cutting heads to reduce temperature and improve chip control. With Coromant Capto Quick change driven tool holders all application areas can be covered with one clamping unit. The reduced need for dedicated units saves turret space and changeover time.

Sandvik Coromant releases CoroKey for iPad

Sandvik Coromant has released a free catalog App for the iPad that is designed to offer you the best tools in your machining applications that are easy to choose and easy to use. This will provide engineers, programmers and machinists a convenient resource for finding the right inserts for your drilling, turning, threading and milling operations. CoroKey offers first choice recommendations for all material classifications in Steel, Stainless Steel, Iron, Nickel based alloys Super alloys and hard materials. With CoroKey you get the safe, reliable cutting data right on the first cut. The CoroKey App considers the work piece material and the type of operation to be performed and will guide you to the correct grade and geometry for your specific material group. The CoroKey insert guide is based on the principle “easy to choose, easy to use” and helps you to select the best insert for the job using this basic information. The App works with both metric and inch measurements.

Aras Expands Open Innovation and Collaboration on PLM Solution Projects Website

Aras®, the leading enterprise open source Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solution provider, today announced the ongoing expansion of the Aras Community Project Site at The enhancements expand the use of open innovation techniques in the development of the Aras open source PLM solutions. New functionality enables ideation through crowdsourcing along with enhanced abilities for PLM solution co-creation, giving enterprise PLM architects, corporate IT organizations, Aras partners and other Community Members worldwide the ability to participate. The purpose of the Aras Community project site, which is powered by the Aras Innovator PLM platform, is to provide an online area where user-driven innovation can occur. The new capabilities being announced include the ability to submit ideas for PLM solution projects, vote on ideas, add reviews and participate in discussions about ongoing solution projects, as well as improved site navigation, search, viewing a

Easy-to-Use, Low-Priced Leak Tester Revived To Extend Quality Control Automation During Production

Uson L.P., the pioneer developer of automated leak detection equipment for the automotive, industrial, medical device and packaging industries, announced today that it has re-launched the Testra pD, a low-cost, compact, automatic leak tester. "The Testra pD enables manufacturing engineers take the first step to automating leak testing," said Ray Enger, director of engineering and development, Uson, L.P. "It's simple, easy to operate and can be used immediately with minimal training. The Testra pD provides non-destructive and non-subjective testing that can be part of any quality control process that verifies the leak integrity of a product during production. And the results are traceable and repeatable." Available in a single pressure range of 0-60 psi with manual pressure regulation, the leak tester has an easy-to-navigate software menu, which facilitates program set up and operation. Its memory can store up to 99 test programs making it possible to switch fr

XP Power delivers 60 Watts from ultra compact 2” x 3” format

XP Power today announced an addition to its ECS family of ultra compact single output industrial and medical AC-DC power supplies. Believed to be the smallest 60 W unit currently available on the market, the ECS60 extends the power density benchmark already set by the ECS series. Measuring just 50.8 x 76.2 x 26.7 mm (2 x 3 x 1.05 inches), the ECS60 unit takes up 25% less space than the current industry 2 x 4 inch footprint. Featuring a no load power of less than 0.5 W, this highly efficient convection cooled unit, typically between 87% - 89%, helps customer’s end-product comply with internationally recognized energy efficiency standards. The series also meets XP Power’s ‘green power’ limits. The ECS series now covers the power ranges of 25 W, 45 W and 60 W in 2 x 3 inch formats and 100 W in a 2 x 4 inch size. The ECS60 has an extremely wide input voltage range, from 80-264 VAC, and provides the nominal outputs of +12, +15, + 24 or +48 VDC. A +5 VDC / 8 A output model is also availabl

XP Power launch low cost “green” external power supplies aimed at high volume applications

XP Power announced today the launch of the VEH series of low cost “green” single output external AC-DC power supplies. Extending XP Power’s V-Brand product range aimed at high volume cost sensitive applications, the series consists of 5 power levels providing 20, 40, 60, 90 or 120 Watt output, and catering for the popular nominal output voltages from +12 to +48 VDC. The VEH series are Energy Efficiency Level V rated and are highly efficient, up to 89%. They meet the stringent requirements of global energy efficiency standards such as EISA2007, CEC2008 and the European ErP Directive for a no-load power consumption of less than 0.5 W. In addition, the VEH20, VEH40 and VEH120 units achieve a no-load consumption of less than 0.3 W. The VEH20, VEH40 and VEH60 are also approved as a Limited Power Source (LPS). All models meet the internationally recognized safety approval standards for IT and commercial equipment IEC/UL/EN/CSA 60950-1. The VEH60 series is also approved with China Compulsor

XP Power launches 50 – 150 Watt highly efficient waterproof LED drivers and power supplies

XP Power today announced the DLG series of constant voltage and constant current LED drivers aimed at a broad range of outdoor lighting, security and machine vision applications. These IP67-rated waterproof units are highly efficient, up to 90%, and generate less waste heat than competitor products resulting in an extended operating lifetime. Compliance against the IP67 specification guarantees no ingress of dust, total protection against contact with live parts and immersion in water to a depth of 1 metre. The series covers the power ranges of 50, 75, 100 and 150 W. Across the range, models are available with constant voltage outputs of +12, + 24, +36 or +48 VDC. A +15, +30, +54 or +57 VDC output is also available, depending on power range Constant current outputs vary from 1.05 to 11.0 A and is model dependent. Accommodating a wide range of input voltage from 90- 305 VAC, they can be used in many outdoor applications and, in particular, suit nominal 277 VAC applications in the US.

Compact 10 W DC-DC Converter Meets 3rd Edition IEC60601 Medical Specification for Patient Connected Equipment

XP Power today announced the JHM10 series of board mounted compact isolated 10 W DC-DC converters. Meeting the ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1:2005 / IEC60601-1 3rd edition medical safety standard and having a maximum leakage current of 2uA, the series meets the stringent international regulatory requirements for patient connected medical equipment. The converters have a reinforced input to output insulation at a working voltage of 250VAC and provide an isolation of up to 4,000 VAC for up to 1 minute, and up to 5,000 VAC for up to 10 milliseconds (defibrillator proof) and, as required by the 3rd edition, have two means of patient protection (MOPP). Isolation capacitance is 20 pF. The series comprises of three ranges accepting wide 2:1 inputs of 4.5 to 9 VDC, 9 to 18 VDC or 18 to 36 VDC with either single or dual outputs. Single outputs are +5, + 12, or +15 VDC, and duals provide +/- 5, +/- 12 or +/- 15 VDC. The regulated outputs vary no more than +/- 0.3 % under all input conditions and less tha

Majenta Successfully Showcase the Latest Solutions at TCT Live 2011

Majenta Solutions Ltd. successfully exhibited at the recent TCT 2011 show at the Birmingham NEC.TCT participation enabled Majenta to promote and inform users about the key features and benefits that can be gained from the latest Autodesk 2012 suite of products, offering hands-on product advice covering new tools, products, software usage, upgrades, subscription, product migration and user product training through Majenta’s high acclaimed and Autodesk accredited Training Academy. Majenta also showcased their newly introduced reverse engineering and 3D Inspection products from Geomagic (Geomagic Studio & Geomagic Qualify), along with the latest haptic solutions from SensABLE, and product cost management software from aPriori. As one of Europe’s leading providers of product development, manufacturing, product lifecycle information management software, reverse engineering, haptics and 3D inspection software solutions, Majenta generated a high level of attendance. Mark Channen, Market

Majenta Offers Free to Attend Moldflow Workshop and Webinar

Majenta Solutions Ltd., one of Europe’s leading providers of product development, manufacturing, product lifecycle information management software and IT infrastructure solutions, will offer a free Autodesk Moldflow webinar on the 27th of October and a free one-day workshop (Birmingham) on the 3rd of November. Majenta is an Autodesk Gold Manufacturing partner, and has made significant investment in achieving Moldflow reseller accreditation. Recently commenting on this new accreditation, Dave Downes, Operations Director at Majenta said “Environmental design issues and value engineering are making effective plastic product design ever more important across our extensive customer base, and UK industry as a whole. We aim to deliver ‘best-in-class’ Moldflow plastic simulation solutions, backed with Majenta’s comprehensive service and support”. As part of Majenta’s investment in Moldflow plastic design solutions, industry expert Neal Symms was appointed in August, as Simulation Consultant

Corel® PaintShop™ Pro X4 Delivers Professional Photo Editing Power, Dramatic Performance Improvements and New Creative Effects

Corel today announced the release of Corel® PaintShop™ Pro X4 the latest version of its award-winning photo editing software. The trusted choice of millions of photographers worldwide, PaintShop™ Pro delivers 'DSLR' power at a 'point-and-shoot' price while offering an uncompromising depth and selection of pro-quality tools to expertly manage, adjust, edit and share your entire photo collection. New Release Delivers Faster Performance, More Photo Editing Power and Exciting New Creative Effects PaintShop Pro X4 includes over 75 new and enhanced features designed explicitly to meet the needs of today's photographers. With new photo editing features, dramatic improvements in speed and performance, enhancements to the user interface and convenient ways to share through social media, PaintShop Pro X4 delivers the depth of professional features and range of creative possibilities that our community was asking for at a lower price point than other professional editing sof

New Corel® Photo & Video Solution Delivers Countless Creative Possibilities to Today’s HD-DSLR Owners

Today at Pepcom® Holiday Spectacular!® in New York, Corel announced the release of its new Photo & Video X4 Ultimate Bundle. Designed for photographers and video enthusiasts who are passionate about capturing life’s moments, Corel’s new photo and video solution brings together two award-winning software packages in one compelling bundle. The perfect complement to any HD-DSLR purchase, Corel’s new Photo & Video X4 Ultimate Bundle enables users to push their creativity to new levels and apply more advanced effects to their favorite photos and HD-videos. “With more people purchasing DSLR cameras and working with photo and video on a daily basis, we wanted to provide a “one stop” solution that offers more high-end editing tools and effects for users who want to create great looking photos and videos,” said Shawn Cadeau, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing at Corel.  “We’ve worked closely with our customers to ensure that both PaintShop Pro X4 and VideoStudio Pro X4 deliver th

Corel® Launches New 3D Animation Software: Corel® MotionStudio 3D™

Today Corel announced the release of Corel® MotionStudio 3D™ , the latest addition to the company’s Digital Media product line. A complete 3D titling and animation application, MotionStudio 3D makes it easy for home video enthusiasts, graphics professionals, and web designers to enhance their projects with sophisticated title effects, motion graphics and 3D animation. MotionStudio 3D features an intuitive user interface and an Easy Pallet which allows users to quickly apply 3D pre-sets to their text, graphics, or Web- based projects. Optimized for the latest GPU and CPU chipsets, MotionStudio 3D delivers a fast and responsive experience to users, allowing them to apply effects and view their changes in real- time. Bringing Hollywood Home With MotionStudio 3D, it’s easy for anyone to apply Hollywood- style effects to their home video productions. Users can create memorable title sequences by making text bounce, twist and explode. They can also create and embellish 3D objects by adding

Corel® WinDVD® Pro 11 Ushers in an Exciting New Era for Today’s Movie Fans

Today Corel announced the newest version of the world’s leading Blu-ray™ and DVD player software, Corel® WinDVD® Pro 11. Designed for anyone who enjoys watching movies, WinDVD Pro 11 delivers a smooth and pure video experience, whether you’re watching a Blu-ray 3D™ Hollywood blockbuster, an AVCHD™ video file or an HD home movie. Optimized for the latest GPUs and CPUs from AMD, Intel®, and NVIDIA®, WinDVD Pro 11 delivers outstanding speed and performances, as well as stunning picture clarity. The new release also features improved battery life, making it easier to enjoy your favourite movies at home, or on the road. The latest release also includes new 2D to 3D conversion tools; powerful surround sound settings, SD to HD upscaling capabilities, and an integrated online movie search engine, unique to WinDVD, for searching popular video sources such as NetFlix and Hulu™ (currently available in North America only). In direct response to customer requests, WinDVD Pro 11 now includes a rev


Audio Precision, the recognised standard in audio test and measurement, today broke audio production test speed records with a new multitone analyser thatreturns 19 key audio measurements in 1.2 seconds. The multitone analyser is available in the upcoming release of APx500 v 2.7. This milestone of comprehensive audio test in less than two seconds means production line managers no longer have to choose between high speed or high quality when specifying their audio test equipment. They will be able to achieve reliable, consistent results with a minimum number of test stations, ensuring lower defect rates at a lower cost per unit. “Being the recognised industry standard, AP analysers are used in production around the world. Companies trust our results for their accuracy and reliability,”says Dave Schmoldt, President of Audio Precision. “Now we offer that reliability in 1.2 seconds, on an analyser that starts at $6200 in the US. It’s very easy to demonstrate the return on investment for


The board of directors at Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test and measurement, this week completed its review of 2010, and concluded that 2010 was AP’s best year on record in terms of both sales and unit volume shipped. As part of this review process, they awarded the accolade of 2010 Sales Partner of the Year to their Chinese distributor AP Technology, for achieving truly exceptional growth over the past 12 months. Finally, the company is also announcing today that it is expanding its team of sales engineers in the US in the first half of 2011 to serve all US customers directly, rather than through independent representatives. Last year saw the most successful product launch in AP’s history: the low cost APx515 production test audio analyzer. Also in 2010, R&D customers widely adopted the new BW52 ultrahigh bandwidth option and AG52 high performance generator option for the APx525 audio analyzer.  “2010 was a great year thanks to a combination of new products


Audio Precision, the recognised standard in audio test, has reached a multi-year licensing agreement with CSR, the owner of the aptX audio codec. The deal permits AP to add the aptX codec to AP’s recently launched Bluetooth  wireless technology test option for the APx family of audio analyzers. The award-winning speed and ease of testing offered by the APx range is now available to all the manufacturers worldwide who have adopted the aptX codec in their Bluetooth  audio devices, including the makers of phone handsets, headsets and hands-free devices. The APx Bluetooth  option now supports A2DP, HFP, HSP, and AVRCP profiles and aptX, SBC and CVSD codecs. "Systematic test is the key to good design, and AP is constantly adding the features and technologies our customers need to test their designs systematically,” explains Tom Williams, Audio Precision's VP of Marketing. "For our customers designing Bluetooth  devices, that means an analyzer with an integrated Bluetooth  ra


Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, today announced the availability of their advanced HDMI I/O option for their APx525 family of two and four channel audio analyzers. The HDMI option for APx analyzers had previously been available only for the eight-channel APx585. The new configuration is designed to match the needs of smartphone, tablet and set-top box manufacturers who require digital multichannel interfaces such as HDMI, but only have need for two channels of analog audio. The APx525 family now supports HDMI, Bluetooth and the digital serial option, allowing comprehensive test of all inputs and outputs of modern audio devices. The APx HDMI option allows engineers to measure HDMI audio quality and audio format. All standard audio measurements are available or users can verify bit accuracy of bitstream mode, even for lossy codecs. The APx metadata recorder alerts the user when a source’s EDID doesn’t match the audio format being received by the analyzer. Conver

Integrated Stepper Motors Feature CANopen Connectivity

Applied Motion Products of Watsonville, CA have just released a new line of High Torque Integrated Stepper Motors with built-in CANopen communications.  The STM24 Series is a Nema 24 frame hybrid step motor series with holding torque rated to 340 oz-in . CANopen is a standardized communication protocol for use in distributed automation control systems.  It is a popular fieldbus option for applications that require the transmission of time-critical data to and from the devices on the network. The STM24 CANopen Integrated Motors adhere to CAN in Automation (CiA) specifications DS301 and DSP402.  Profile Position, Profile Velocity, and Homing modes are fully supported at data rates up to 1 Mbps.  Applied Motion also provides specific CANopen objects for executing stored Q programs* and accessing internal data registers in the products. Each STM integrates a NEMA step motor, microstepping drive and controller into a single device, offering savings on space, wiring and cost over conventio