Software Measures Standby Power Consumption

Yokogawa has introduced standby power consumption measurement software that conforms with the testing methods specified in the IEC 62301 standard and the European EuP Directive. The software, available for the Yokogawa WT3000, WT1600, WT500 and WT210 analysers, allows the user to perform measurements according to IEC 62301: Household electrical appliances - measurement of standby power and EuP (Energy-using Products) Directive Lot6.

The software sets up the appropriate test conditions, measures the power values, and creates a test report based on the requirements of the IEC 62301 standard. Key parameters measured and incorporated in the report include total harmonic distortion, crest factor, RMS voltage, frequency, measurement period and power. IEC 62301 imposes stringent conditions on the accuracy and resolution of the test instruments used for standby power measurement, as well as specifying requirements for analysing the total harmonic content and crest factor of the supply voltage waveform. The Yokogawa WT3000, WT1600, WT500 and WT210 power analysers meet these requirements and cover current input ranges from 5mA up to 20A.


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