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Time To Get Your Glands Checked?

There are now more variations of cable gland available than ever, and with more choice comes the requirement for more knowledge in order to make the right selection. Considerations such as suitability for purpose, sealing, safety and installation time all need to be balanced against cost, which is always an issue. The need to know is universal, as is the responsibility for the selection; the decision can fall to the electrician, electrical fitter, distributor, specifier or designer, working freelance on behalf of a contractor or an OEM all need to make the right choices, for the right reasons. It is as easy to overlook a cable gland, as it is to under-specify, or, to over-specify it. With a huge range of fast new push-fit designs, tighter regulations and new materials coming onto the market it is essential to look at what is fit-for-purpose. Essential criteria include the quality of the hole available for the cable entry, the thickness of the cable, the ingress protection required (IP

Recorder Tracks Down Power Problems

The Fluke VR1710 voltage quality recorder is designed for single-phase power quality troubleshooting and preventative maintenance applications. Designed as an easy to use solution for detecting and recording power quality problems, the VR1710 is a single-phase plug-in voltage quality recorder that can help maintenance and facilities personnel in utilities, industrial environments and large service organisations to maintain the power quality essential to business operations. The Fluke VR1710 can help users pinpoint the root causes of voltage problems by recording data specified by a user-selected average period on voltage trends, dropouts and power quality parameters, including RMS average, transients, flicker and harmonics up to the 32nd. It features continuous recording of all values with no gaps, making testing more efficient by enabling users to gather data on both voltage and events with a single instrument. The recorder plugs directly into any single-phase mains power socket and