Thales Simulator Provides Flight Training

The first Thales Realityseven A320 simulator has been certified Ready for Training (RFT) with launch customer Airbus in its training centre at Toulouse. The Realityseven full-flight simulator is based on a modular design, with a common core element (a docking station that incorporates an electric motion system) independent of the aircraft type. Different aircraft modules can effectively be 'swapped' out, as a customer's fleet or training business requires change, without the entire simulator needing to be replaced and without the need for further investment.

Realityseven uses key technologies including digital electrical control loading and electric motion systems to drive down operational costs through reduced power consumption, while delivering increased reliability and availability to above 99 per cent. The design also encompasses the latest environmental directives and manufacturing processes to reduce carbon footprint. Thales UK has also invested in an 18-acre flagship site in Crawley, UK, which includes 16 simulation bays, comprising 12 full-flight simulator and four fixed-base simulator bays, designed to increase productivity and support reducing lead times.


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