K-Tek Cuts The Price Of Its LM80 Laser Transmitter

K-Tek has announced a lower price for the LM80 laser transmitter for non-contact level measurement and positioning. The LM80 measures position over very long ranges, at distances up to 500ft (150m). The device also accurately measures level at distances up to 100ft (30m). All prices for the LM80 and LM80 with built-in laser pointer have been reduced by 30 per cent, putting this advanced technology in line with more traditional ultrasonic and open-air radar non-contact measurement techniques.

With the LM80, virtually any surface can be accurately measured at any angle. No beam angle divergence means the transmitter can be narrowly focused over long distances without interference from its surroundings, such as internal structures. This technology is now available off the shelf and at commodity prices. The LM80 features an all-digital design that provides speed and accuracy in a compact unit. An advanced timing system and self-correcting signal-processing functions allow the device to make measurements in harsh conditions.

The system can select the true signal even in the presence of dust, as is commonly found in silos of coal, plastics or grain, as well as in underground mines or quarries. The advanced signal-processing software in the LM80 automatically compensates for colour differences in the materials being measured as well as dark and light surfaces. One unit can handle both long-distance positioning and level-measurement applications at one third of the price of competitive models, according to the company. The LM80 includes last pulse detection, which selects true signals from among the many that are reflected from dust clouds, agitator blades or other obstacles.

Variable gain allows the device to select the best return signal in quickly changing visibility conditions, such as dust, vapours and materials of different colours. The LM80 is a compact, standalone unit that is quick to set up and install. It requires no calibration or special configuration. The unit is programmed with a compact handheld device. An optional laser pointer provides precise alignment. The laser transmitter is housed in a powder-coated, IP66-rated aluminium enclosure. It is FM certified for Class I Div 2 Group A,B,C and D; and ATEX for Ex nA nC II T4.

Dual internal compartments isolate the optical components from the wiring terminations, eliminating the possibility of moisture build-up and errant readings. Stainless-steel dust tubes with built-in purge port prevent dust build-up and protect the optical lens from being coated.


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