ISSA/Interclean To Feature Chemical-Free Cleaning

Tennant will showcase its new Orbio brand at the ISSA/Interclean trade fair for the cleaning industry, which will take place 26-29 April 2010 in Amsterdam. Following the success of Tennant's ec-H2O technology, a proprietary technology that converts plain tap water into a powerful cleaning agent, Tennant announced in February that it had established Orbio Technologies Group to expand this core technology platform into new categories, applications and market spaces.

One Orbio technology - ec-H2O - delivers great cleaning results on Tennant scrubber-dryers. In addition to ec-H2O technology, Orbio has licensed a second technology to Activeion Cleaning Solutions LLC, for use on the Activeion IonatorEXPTM and IonatorHOMTM hand-held spray devices. In tests, this technology has been shown to kill 99.9 per cent of common household bacteria (including E coli, listeria and salmonella) and inactivate the H1N1 virus. Orbio's ec-H2O technology begins as water and ends as water, allowing it to be handled and disposed of easily and safely.


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