Puls Introduces QS40 Single-Phase Power Supply

Puls UK's 1Kw QS40 single-phase power supply is a 40A unit that measures 125 x 124 x 127mm and weighs only 1.5kg. The QS40's diminutive size allows multiple units to be used in parallel to suit applications requiring additional power, while efficiency of more than 94 per cent eliminates the need for fan cooling, allowing the devices to be easily mounted side-by-side on the DIN rail. A maximum inrush current of only 14A allows lighter cabling to be used without compromising safety and reliability. With large power reserves of 150 per cent, the QS40 is ideal for starting heavy equipment such as DC motors or capacitive loads.

In many cases the QS40 can be used in applications that would otherwise require a unit of higher wattage, saving space and expense. 'Until now, if an application needed one kilowatt of power, designers would have had to use two units; now they only need one. 'That means less space, lower cost and improved reliability,' said Harry Moore, Puls UK's managing director. In February 2010 Puls UK launched the QT40, which is claimed to be the smallest three-phase power supply in the world.


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