PWM Controllers Offer Wide Input Voltage Range

ON Semiconductor has introduced three flexible synchronous pulse width modulation (PWM) controller devices: the NCP3020A, NCP3020B and NCP3011. Offering a wide input voltage range, from 4.7V to 28V, these devices enable the flexibility to be used with a variety of input sources in consumer electronic equipment such as set-top boxes and LCD televisions, as well as industrial and computing applications including printers, scanners and telecom systems.

The PWM controller devices provide a 1A integrated gate drive and are capable of producing output voltages as low as 0.6V (NCP3020A and NCP3020B) and 0.8V (NCP3011). The NCP3011 also provides a buffered +1.25V reference voltage that can be used as a low dropout (LDO) controller for one or two additional outputs. An internal oscillator sets the operating frequencies of 300kHz (NCP3020A), 600kHz (NCP3020B), and 400kHz (NCP3011). A regulated digital soft-start limits in-rush current.

All three of ON synchronous PWM controllers feature an externally compensated transconductance error amplifier capable of being used with all ceramic output capacitors or electrolytic capacitors. Also included are an integrated boost diode that helps to reduce overall system size and cost, and an integrated boost drive clamp to regulate the driver supply voltage to 7.6V to allow the use of lower-voltage/higher-efficiency Mosfets. An enhanced suite of protection features includes lossless current limit, short-circuit protection, output overvoltage protection, output undervoltage protection and input undervoltage lockout.

The NCP3011 includes a number of additional features such as dual-level power good, an enable/disable pin and external synchronisation. The external synchronisation allows two controllers to operate 180-deg out-of-phase for reduced input capacitance and system cost savings as well as offering the ability to synchronise to a higher switching frequency. The NCP3020A and NCP3020B are available in a small footprint SOIC eight-pin package. The NCP3011 is offered in a 14-pin TSSOP package.


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