Water-Cooled Clutches Suit Demanding Enviroments

The Aquamakks range of water-cooled clutches and brakes from Wichita has been introduced for use in demanding sectors. These include mining, logging and forestry operations, metal processing and metal forming, oil and gas, water/wastewater and offshore/marine. Aquamakks are air, hydraulic or spring-set actuated units, integrating non-metallic composite water jackets and superior heat-dissipating copper wear plates that are optimised for heavy-duty continuous slip tension applications.

Available in sizes from 482mm (19in) to 914mm (36in), the units provide up to 2,535kW (3,400HP) of heat absorption. Designed with a series of alternating friction discs and water jackets, Aquamakks transmits torque by applying axial force from the pneumatic, hydraulic, or spring-set actuator, which provides accurate torque control for constant tensioning. The design features fewer parts for simple installation and maintenance, and a shim design that makes it easy to maintain and adjust for wear.

These features make Aquamakks suitable for field retrofits, rebuilds or new OEM applications, especially as adjustment for wear is easily accomplished by removing shims without any unit disassembly. The Aquamakks units are built with premium materials and finishes, with built-in corrosion protection. Water jackets are made from composite materials, so no optional salt-water corrosion protection is required. The water-jacket design ensures high heat absorption and torque stability, allowing for greater heat dissipation over similar sized units.

Aquamakks' mounting arrangement enables direct replacement, while requiring no design changes on the customer's behalf. Complementing the operation of the Aquamakks clutches and brakes, Wichita is offering the provision for electronic wear monitoring, as an aid to preventative maintenance. The company is also offering its Hico friction material, which provides up to 50 per cent higher torque on the clutch and brake units. Further options include custom-engineered solutions for adding accessories, such as deck-mount assemblies, water connection kits, shaft assemblies or covers.


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