Connectors Withstand Harsh Rail Environments

Multi-Contact has launched the BTP-HE range of bipolar plugs and sockets designed to ensure safe operation in harsh rail environments. Back-up devices such as batteries and battery chargers are required to operate in the harsh environments encountered in the rail industry. They can now be connected and disconnected in safety with Multi-Contact's touch-protected connectors. The BTP-HE range of bipolar plugs and sockets provide IP2X protection when unmated, giving protection against electrical shock during connection and disconnection.

When mated, the assembly offers IP67 environmental protection. With a compact design rated at 1,000V and 200A, the connectors provide reliable operation for more than 500 mating cycles. The aluminium-housed connectors can accept 70mm2 or 95mm2 cables and are available in a variety of configurations. The socket section can be supplied in a DIN housing for panel mounting, or in versions for bracket mounting or for connection to an extension cable. Three options can be specified for the two 10mm contacts, namely with mating status indication, auxiliary contacts or grounding contacts.


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