MM-Flex Mixes Non-Corrosive And Non-Toxic Gases

Witt is offering the easy to install MM-Flex gas-mixing system for mixing any two defined industrial gases (excluding toxic and corrosive gases). The MM-Flex system is designed for a variety of applications such as food packing, manufacturing fabricators and other industries where an adjustable gas mixture is required. This gas mixer has a basic design and is wall mountable.

The operator uses a per cent scale for infinitely variable mixture settings, with a maximum pressure setting of 216NI/min. It has a mixing range of 0 - 25 per cent or 0 - 100 per cent and the capability to mix gases with an accuracy better than +/- two per cent ABS. Features of this gas mixer include low cost, compact design, adjustable operating and outlet pressures and easy operation.

It is easy to use with a single control knob to adjust a proportional mixing valve. It is also reliable, being independent of any pressure fluctuations in the gas supply as well as any withdrawal fluctuations within the permitted range. With its aluminium housing, it weighs only 3kg and measures approximately 168 x 125 x 147mm without any connections.


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