PXI/CompactPCI Backplanes Provide Up To 18 Slots

National Instruments now offers board-level backplanes from all of its PXI/CompactPCI and PXI Express chassis for use in applications ranging from aerospace and defence to industrial embedded control. The PXI/CompactPCI backplanes can be used to create custom, rugged applications that meet particular form factor needs or environmental specifications. The 3U and 6U PXI/CompactPCI backplanes offer from four to 18 slots and work with PXI, PXI Express, CompactPCI and CompactPCI Express modules.

Engineers can design custom installations and enclosures around the backplanes while integrating more than 1,500 existing PXI modules - from data acquisition to FPGA-based I/O modules, to high-end instruments such as signal generators and RF signal analysers, as well as a variety of bus interface modules including serial, MIL-STD-1553, IEEE 1588, Profibus and Devicenet.

They can also use the NI Labview graphical system design platform to prototype and deploy all aspects of their system. 'As an OEM, we've used these NI PXI/CompactPCI board-level backplanes to create a range of custom, portable, high-performance military-grade computer platforms that give integrators the power to deliver instrumentation test systems using NI modules and controllers,' said Don McCook, vice-president of business development for Logic Instrument.


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