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Marathon Special Products Motor Terminal Blocks

Marathon Special Products has been an industry leader in electrical/electronic components designed for circuit protection and connection applications for over 60 years. We are pleased to introduce our new motor terminal blocks. The new motor blocks provide a systematic method to wire electrical motors in the motor’s junction box and allow for circuit management. These blocks allow for much easier circuit testing and motor replacement over the traditional method of bolts, nuts and insulation. The motor terminal block links can be assembled for either wye or delta wiring configurations. These blocks offered by Marathon Special Products are the only Motor Terminal Blocks with up to 1,000V Rating and are available in amperages up to 520A. To achieve these ratings, wires need to be terminated with UL Listed crimp lugs. The majority of Marathon’s products have been tested and comply to UL requirements for use with flexible stranded wires, have short-circuit current ratings (SCCR) and a

ACM3P : Murata Power Solutions Launches Compact 3-Phase AC Digital Ammeter with Built-in Current Transformers

Murata Power Solutions today announced the ACM3P series of low profile 3-phase AC digital ammeters suitable for front panel mounting. Capable of high precision measurement to within 0.1 A and display of true-rms values of 2- or 3-phase mains current up to a maximum of 100 A per phase, the ammeter has three built-in current transformers. Line and phase currents from 480 VAC can be measured, with peak capability of 150 A. Unlike many digital ammeters available on the market that measure average values, the ACM3P series can accurately display true-rms values of triangle, square and other irregularly shaped AC current waveforms. Measurement accuracy is +/- 1% of full scale. Accepting a universal 85 - 264 VAC 47 – 63 Hz supply input the ACM3P series is suitable for 3-phase current monitoring requirements worldwide. Accommodated in a single vibration resistant polycarbonate housing measuring just 53.3 x 36.3 x 28.2 mm, the ammeter is ideal for mounting in vertical ‘0U’ or horizontal ‘1U’ r

ULT : Murata Power Solutions Introduces The Industry's first DOSA compliant 1/32 ''brick'' 30 W DC/DC converter series

Murata Power Solutions today announced the ULT series of isolated 30 Watt DC/DC converters available in a miniature 1/32 brick industry standard Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) compatible open frame package. Measuring just 19.1 x 23.4 x 8.89 mm, the ULT series takes up significantly less board space than other 30W products on the market and is available with either through-hole or surface mount option. The ULT series has been designed with a wide (2:1) input voltage range of 36 – 75 VDC to meet the requirements of 48V and 60V battery back-up systems. The initial product release includes 12Vout, 5Vout, and 3.3Vout models with lower voltages to come in the near future. The maximum output power of 30 W is available from the 12Vout model, with the 5V and 3.3V models producing 25W. Line regulation is typically within +/- 0.1% of Vout across all Vin conditions at full load. An external trim function allows the output voltage to be trimmed by + 10 % to – 20% to accommodate

UWQ : Murata Power Solutions Introduces 4:1 Input 204 W Quarter-Brick DC/DC Converter

Murata Power Solutions today announced the UWQ series of isolated open-frame 204 Watt DC/DC converters packaged in a through-hole mount industry standard quarter-brick format. Measuring just 58.4 x 36.8 x 11.7 mm and boasting an efficiency of 92%, the UWQ series has an ultra-wide 4:1 input voltage range of 18 – 75 VDC around a nominal 48 VDC input. Providing a single output voltage of 12 VDC up to 17A of current with a line regulation of +/-1% and load regulation of +/-1.5%, the UWQ series is idea for applications that require a regulated bus converter. The input to output isolation is certified to 2,250 VDC in accordance with the internationally recognized safety standard EN/UL60950. Controls include remote On/Off control of either negative or positive polarity. In addition the converter has a number of protection features including over current, over temperature, input under voltage and output short circuit. Designed for Regulated Intermediate Bus Architectures, typical application

MVAB120 : Murata Power Solutions Launches Highly Efficient Compact 1U Open Frame 120 W AC/DC Power Supply

Murata Power Solutions today announced the MVAB120 series of high efficiency, typically up to 91%, open frame single output 120 Watt power supplies aimed at a broad range of telecom and industrial applications. Measuring just 101.6 x 50.8 x 34.3 mm (2 x 4 x 1.35 inches), the low profile units satisfy the 1U height constraints of this industry standard footprint. The high efficiency design of the MVAB120 ensures that waste heat is kept to a minimum and the units are capable of delivering up to 75 W using convection cooling only. Just 250 LFM forced airflow is required for the supply to operate at the 120 W full load output. The series comprises three single output models covering the nominal outputs of 12, 24 or 48 VDC. Accommodating the full universal range of input voltages, from 90  - 264 VAC and 120 – 300 VDC, the MVAB120 also meets the EU PFC directive for active power factor correction. Safety approvals include the internationally recognized UL/EN/IEC 60950-1:2005 2nd edition st

Mountz Adds New Features to the EZ-TorQ II Torque Tester

Mountz, Inc. adds new features to the EZ-TorQ II torque tester. Listening to the feedback from customers, Mountz added the "First Peak" operating mode as well as a new low-pass filter settings to the operating systems of the EZ-TorQ II. The easy-to-use digital torque tester is ideal for all small hand torque and non-impacting torque power tools. The small size and portability of the torque tester makes it ideal for checking torque tools on production floor daily or weekly to ensure the tools aren't falling out of calibration. The concept of torque validation is a central theme in every successful quality assurance program. Small torque tools go out of calibration with use. To maintain consistent accuracy, small torque tools must be checked periodically for wear or defective parts. A small power or hand torque tool is a measuring tool that must be properly calibrated and maintained. As a torque controlling, monitoring and documentation solution, the EZ-TorQ II enables op

Mountz Adds New Features to BF-Series Brushless Electric Torque Screwdrivers

Mountz, Inc. adds new features to the E-DRV BF-Series Brushless Electric Screwdrivers. Listening to the feedback from customers, Mountz adds an adjustable RPM setting directly on the brushless electric screwdrivers as well as a selectable "Soft Start" operating mode. Mountz brushless electric torque screwdrivers are designed for precision torque control and have become the state-of-the-art in the assembly industry. New Adjustable RPM Setting: Adding the adjustable speed control provides manufacturers with the versatility to quickly change the tool settings as production projects change. In this recovering economy, manufacturers are looking to save time by improving the efficiency of their production space and methods. Manufacturers are seeking versatile assembly tools that are equipped to handle quick changes in  the production environment. The new adjustable speed control setting for the BF-Series screwdriver allows the operator to adjust the RPM directly on the tool. The

New Torque Wrench for Pin Fastening Applications By Mountz Inc.

Mountz Inc. introduces a new cam-over torque wrench designed with a "Through Hole Spindle" for Pin Fastening applications, which cannot be gripped in the conventional manner. Fasteners such as HI-LITE®, AERO-LITE® and VERI-LITE®, are threaded pins with a close tolerance design intended for applications where aerodynamic and precision fastening is required. These 'blind' fasteners are increasingly being used in the aerospace industry. Accurate tightening of blind fasteners can be achieved with this new innovative torque wrench. The "Through Hole Spindle" design of the wrench makes it simple for the operator to use and ensures precision torque control. The "Through Hole Spindle"  torque wrench operates by having a hexagon key is passed down the axis of the square drive shaft to hold a fastener in position while its securing nut is tightened by an operator using the torque wrench. The "Through Hole Spindle" torque wrench is a pre-set t

LPX Torque Sensor: Calibrating and Testing Small Hand & Power Torque Tools

Mountz, Inc., a specialist in the design and manufacture of torque control products, offers the new LPX torque sensor for testing small torque tools. The LPX is a low torque sensor designed for calibrating and testing small hand screwdrivers, torque wrenches and power tools. With its low profile design, the calibration instrument can be used for automated applications, by mounting it to a palletized system. This saves time as there is no need to remove the robotic electric screwdriver from the robot or off the automated system for calibration. These versatile torque sensors are used in conjunction with a torque tester. Mountz offers various models covering a torque range from 1 inch-ounce up to 20 inch-pounds. Small torque tools go out of calibration with use. To maintain consistent accuracy, small torque tools must be checked periodically for wear or defective parts.  A small power or hand torque tool is a measuring tool that must be properly calibrated and maintained. Torque testin

Introducing 8-pole Brad® Micro-Change® M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) Connectors

Molex Incorporated expands its innovative Brad® Micro-Change® M12 Circular Hybrid Technology (CHT) Connector System with the addition of a new 8-pole (4+4) connector featuring two Cat5e twisted-pair data lines and four power lines capable of carrying up to 6.0 Amps. Combining power and data lines into one connector, the Brad Micro-Change CHT Connector System reduces cabling requirements and lowers installation time and associated costs. “The overmolded IP67-sealed Micro-Change M12 interface provides reliable connectivity in harsh industrial environments and is ideally suited for industrial process and automation control applications, HVAC control systems, telecoms infrastructure and base stations as well as other rugged applications that require power and data in one device,” explains Ted Szarkowski, product manager, Molex. The wrap-around metal shielding allows power and Cat5e signal to be combined in one connector without losing optimum signal integrity and performance. The two ove

Molex LED Array Holder Provides a Solder-Free Connector for Citizen Electronics’ New Chip on Board (COB) Arrays

Molex Incorporated announced today that its new LED array holder will support Citizen Electronics’ recently introduced Chip on Board (COB) series of arrays: CLL010, CLL020, CLL030, CLL040 and CLL050. Molex currently offers LED array holders for the Citizen CLL-330 and CLL340 LED array products which provide unique compression contacts to power the arrays while eliminating the need for hand soldering or expensive Surface Mount Technology (SMT) equipment. Ideal for light fixture original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the holders reduce installation time and increase connectivity options while lowering costs. The solderless screw-down connection allows for a standardized manufacturing process, adding to the design flexibility of the Citizen COB series of LEDs. Molex LED array holders are ideal for all general illumination applications including downlighting, architectural lighting and area lighting. The thermoplastic housing supports high heat-generating environments and the holders c

Mohawk Introduces the Release of XGO® F/UTP 4 Pair Category 6A CMP and CMR

Mohawk, a progressive manufacturer of copper cable and fiber optic products, announces the expansion of the XGO product line with the introduction of XGO F/UTP Category 6 CMP and CMR cables. Mohawk’s XGO F/UTP Augmented 6 is a robust, high performance cable that is designed, manufactured and tested to exceed ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 performance standards. The shielded design allows for high bandwidth data transmission where separation between noise sources and cable is not possible for applications including Government, Health Care, Higher Education and Industrial. XGO F/UTP 6A provides shielded protection and Augmented Category 6 capability for current and future data requirements with one installation. Mohawk’s Open Architecture model offers the ability to with work with numerous connectivity options and custom-build the cable solution specific to project requirements. XGO F/UTP is a 4 Pair #23 AWG overall shielded twisted pair Category 6A cable for use in horizontal cabling systems. Mohaw

PowerPro™ Generators

MMD Equipment introduces the PowerPro™ towable generator series. Comprising the most popular sizes for the rental business, this series includes 25 kVA, 45 kVA, and 65kVA machines. All of the machines feature Quietech™ sound reduction that drop sound power levels to 65dBA, 62dBA, and 62dBA respectively. Voltage regulation is instantaneous by Delta Demand Excitation™, and the output power can be cleaned to entertainment industry standards by adding our optional electronic governor. Power connections are curbside, and feature a guarding system that allows hazard-free electrical testing during operation. (MMD Equipment recommends connections be made by a qualified electrician, and assumes no responsibility for incorrect set up or operation of this equipment.) The lockable control panel has both gauges and warning lights to monitor engine and alternator function, and the emergency stop button is located so as to be immediately available at all times. The PowerPro limited warranty also le

CompactionPro™ Rammers

MMD Equipment introduces CompactionPro™ rammers in the most popular two weight categories. The 148 lb. Model 65 is powered by Honda's GX 100 4 cycle rammer engine which is specially designed for reliability in a rammer application. It is fed unmixed gas by a diaphragm carburetor, and also features a patented bellows sealing method. All of these features allow you to lay this rammer down without fear of it leaking oil or gasoline. This rammer hits 30% harder than before, or 4,380 lbs. Per blow measured per CIMA Standard LEMB Number 1. However, vibrations at the handle are reduced by 50%, and the rammer is extremely stable in operation. The CompactionPro™ 75, weighing in at 165 lbs., also features a Honda 4 cycle engine to eliminate gas mixing problems. It delivers 5,110 lbs per blow and uses the same bellows sealing technology. Both rammers use triple-stage filtration to extend their service lives, and are ruggedly constructed with steel impact cages to withstand jobsite abuse.

PavingPro™ 270

MMD Equipment introduces the PavingPro™ 270, its first compact vibratory ride-on roller at the ARA Rental Show Product Premier. Developed jointly with Sakai , Japan 's largest compaction manufacturer and only test facility for the Japan Public Highway Corporation, this machine combines large roller engineering in a compact package. Incorporating the patented ProRide™ suspension system that effectively isolates vibrations from the Operator, the PavingPro 270 excels at finishing tight, complex areas up to 10,000 square feet. It is powered by a reliable 18 HP Honda engine and uses ProDrive ä hubs that enable it to climb a 34% grade. A large 50 gallon water tank and an 8 gallon fuel tank allow long run times between refills, and both tanks are totally enclosed within the frame for protection and for zero overhangs front and rear. The recessed ProDrive™ hubs allow compaction as close as 2.2 " to tall obstructions with a vertical curb clearance of 13".

Milwaukee® Introduces 1-9/16” Rotary Hammers

Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to expand their rotary hammer line with the introduction of the 1-9/16” SDS Max and Spline Rotary Hammers.  These new Rotary Hammers deliver the durability users have come to expect from Milwaukee, with a 10.5 Amp motor and 5.5 ft-lbs of impact energy for solid performance. The new 1-9/16” Rotary Hammers feature 2-mode operation (rotary hammer/hammer only) for maximum versatility and a mechanical clutch to help protect the tool when the bit binds. These Rotary Hammers also feature Constant Power Technology (CPT™) to deliver consistent performance during tough applications for Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC Technicians, MRO Professionals, Mechanical and General Contractors. Designed to maximize life and productivity, the 1-9/16” SDS Max and Spline Rotary Hammers express Milwaukee’s commitment to expand their growing Rotary Hammer line. Milwaukee’s guarantee of maximum durability is backed by the MILWAUKEE® Heavy-Duty 5-year tool/1-year service warran

Milwaukee® Powers Up the Jobsite with New Multi-Voltage Charger

Milwaukee Tool Corporation continues to deliver productivity-enhancing solutions to the professional tradesman with the introduction of the M18™ & M12™ Multi-Voltage Charger (48-59-1812).  The new Energy Star rated unit will charge all M18™ and M12™ LITHIUM-ION batteries sequentially, allowing the user to put both packs on the charger and walk away confident that they will be ready for their next job. “With the expansion of the M18™ or M12™ systems, we have a growing customer base that is using both batteries,” says Christian Coulis, Sr. Product Manager for Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation.  “The combination of M18™ performance and M12™ productivity helps to make this a very valuable solution to the users who have invested in both systems. For example, plumbers may use M18™ cordless tools for applications that require more power and torque, and at the same time have a need to use an M12™ PVC Shear. This charger will help them be better prepared and more productive.” Available

Milwaukee® Introduces Most Compact Band Saw in the World

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation delivers the ideal solution for overhead or one-handed cutting applications with the introduction of the M12™ Cordless Sub-Compact Band Saw. At only 6.75 lbs and 12” in length, the new tool is the lightest and most compact cordless band saw on the market with less than half the size and weight of deep cut band saws. “The M12 Band Saw is not only ideal for one-handed cutting applications because of its size, it is the ONLY band saw on the market with a fully integrated lower guard that covers the blade outside the active cutting area,” says David Lincoln, Product Manager, Cordless for Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation. “This addresses OSHA guarding requirements to make the tool suitable for one-handed use.” This powerful saw can cut through 3/4” EMT in only 3 seconds, and will deliver over 150 cuts per charge with the included M12™ REDLITHIUM XC High Capacity battery. With a 1-5/8” x 1-5/8” cut capacity and low vibration, the M12™ Band Saw provide

Milwaukee® Continues to FUEL Innovation with M18 FUEL™ 1/4" Hex Impact Driver

Milwaukee Electric Tool continues to expand the fastest growing 18V platform in the industry with the introduction of the new M18 FUEL™ 1/4" Hex Impact Driver. As part of the new M18 FUEL™ family, a new breed of cordless power tools within the M18™ System, the new 1/4" Hex Impact Driver features Milwaukee’s exclusive combination of the POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor, REDLITHIUM™ Battery Pack and REDLINK PLUS™ Electronic Intelligence to deliver up to 3X longer motor life, up to 50% more runtime, and a proprietary 3-Mode DRIVE CONTROL™ feature. “The 3-Mode DRIVE CONTROL™ feature gives users better control over the power and speed required for specific applications,” says Tom Simeone, Sr. Product Manager for Milwaukee Tool Corporation. “With the touch of a button, they can go from a precise application such as fastening small machine screws to an application that requires maximum performance such as driving lag screws.” The new POWERSTATE™ Brushless Motor works harder, lives long

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Three years ago, in the early days of Windows 7, Microsoft was working with PC makers to help enhance start-up times, sleep mode, battery life and the all-around performance of PCs, and this effort continues today. Lenovo took this initiative one step further: Now in its third generation, the Lenovo Enhanced Experience (EE) has become less of a Microsoft initiative and more of the “secret sauce” behind the world’s second-largest maker of PCs. “At Lenovo, we saw what Microsoft was trying to do, and embraced it,” says Michael Littler, director of Marketing for Lenovo’s Idea Product Group, which develops laptops, tablets and PCs for the consumer market. “We worked hard on the engineering side and achieved some excellent results in the first generation. With that success came some executive leadership for the program, and even more resources were put into the performance of our PCs.” Today the third generation of the program, known as EE3, has brought Lenovo to the top tier of PC perform

Microchip Combines Wi-Fi® Module and 32-bit PIC32 Microcontroller in Cost-Effective New Demo Board

Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, today announced the Wi-Fi® Comm Demo Board, which combines Microchip’s best-in-class 32-bit PIC32 microcontroller family with its low-power MRF24WB0MA agency-certified, IEEE 802.11, embedded Wi-Fi radio transceiver module.  Additionally, Microchip provides a free and full-featured TCP/IP stack, which is available today for download at Microchip website. This compact and cost-effective demo board is easy to integrate with existing embedded designs, to evaluate Wi-Fi connectivity and 32-bit performance with minimal effort. Ask to see this board in action at next week’s Embedded Systems Conference/DESIGN West in San Jose, at Microchip’s Booth #1116. Microchip’s free, commercial-grade TCP/IP stack delivers all the key stack layers for a complete Wi-Fi based design. This includes HTML, DHCP, DNS, IPv4/v6, SSL, etc.  In combination with the low-power Wi-Fi module and a PIC32 MCU, this stack del

Microchip Brings Cost-Effective Advanced Analog and Digital Integration to 8-bit PIC® Microcontrollers

Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, today announced from DESIGN West in San Jose  the expansion of its 8-bit PIC16F(LF)178X enhanced Mid-range core microcontroller (MCU) family to include advanced analog and integrated communication peripherals, such as on-chip 12-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), 8-bit Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs), operational amplifiers, and high-speed comparators, along with EUSART (including LIN), I2C™ and SPI interface peripherals.  The MCUs also feature the industry’s best level of advanced PWM control and accuracy via the new Programmable Switch-Mode Controllers (PSMCs).  This combination of features enables higher efficiency and performance, along with cost and space reductions in applications such as closed-loop control in power supplies, and lighting.  The “LF” versions of the MCUs feature eXtreme Low Power Technology, for active and sleep currents of just 32 µA/MHz and 50 nA, respec

Microchip’s Remote Control Demo Board Integrates Graphics, Touch Sensing, USB and Wireless Connectivity

Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, today announced the availability of its Remote Control Demo Board, which integrates graphics, touch sensing, USB, and wireless communications (ZigBee® RF4CE).  The board demonstrates a remote control populated with a PIC24FJ256DA210 MCU, 3.5” graphical TFT LCD display with resistive touch screen, capacitive touch keys with plastic overlay, MRF24J40 2.4 GHz transceiver and ZENA™ wireless adapter. Many consumer products now feature colorful graphical displays and touch capability.  And, RF-based remote controls are becoming more prevalent, as they provide bi-directional communication and work through walls (no line-of-sight communication is required).  Microchip’s remote-control demo is in the form factor of a wireless remote control, but it can also be used as a reference design to build any type of application that requires a graphical display, touch sensing, USB and/or wireless capabilit

Microchip’s Energy-Measurement Analog Front End Has Two 24-bit ADCs With Industry’s Best Accuracy; Low Power & High-Speed Modes

Microchip Technology Inc., a leading provider of microcontroller, analog and Flash-IP solutions, today announced its next-generation energy-measurement analog front end (AFE), the MCP3911, which features two 24-bit, delta-sigma ADCs that operate at 3V with industry-leading accuracy of 94.5 dB SINAD and 106.5 dB THD.  This provides better energy-meter and power-monitoring performance by accurately measuring from start-up to maximum current, and enables faster calibration during production.  Four different power modes offers the flexibility of enabling either extremely low-power designs, to 0.8 mA per channel, or designs for higher-speed signals and harmonic content.  The extended temperature range allows operation from -40°C to +125°C. The MCP3911 also features 2.7 to 3.6V analog and digital operation, which simplifies the interface by running off of the same power rail as the microcontroller.  An internal, low-temperature-coefficient voltage reference, along with PGAs on each channel

Micrel Eliminates Dual-Stage Conversion For Point-Of-Load Applications With High-Efficiency, Wide-Input Switching Regulator IC

Micrel Inc., (Nasdaq:MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high-bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, today announced the MIC28510, a wide-input synchronous switching regulator IC that provides step-down conversion with better than 94 percent peak efficiency from an input voltage as high as 75V with maximum output current of 4A. The solution eliminates the need for a costly dual-stage conversion approach for point-of-load applications. The MIC28510 delivers up to 100W of power in a 13cm2 device - a new standard for power density. The MIC28510 is currently available in volume; pricing starts at $2.15 for 1K quantity. Benefiting from Micrel's proprietary adaptive on-time control architecture, the MIC28510 provides ultra-fast transient response for today's demanding applications such as base stations, Power-over-Ethernet, home security systems and solar inverters. The MIC28510 integrates low-Rdson, high?side and low-side power switches to provide a highly efficient

Methode's Data Solutions Group Develops SFP+ Multi-Port Cages with Thermal Management

dataMate™, a division of Methode Electronics, Inc.’s (NYSE: MEI) Data Solutions Group, announced today the development of a patent pending SFP+ cage system with advanced thermal management features to prevent data error and hardware failure due to excessive heat. The trend in the pluggable module space of ever increasing bandwidth coupled with decreasing form factors and contiguous multi-port configurations is creating a new challenge to manage greater power consumption in small footprints. To address this challenge, dataMate™ has developed a new cage system which utilizes a series of thermally conductive compliant fingers that make direct contact with an SFP+ module to dissipate heat from the module housing. These thermally conductive fingers are then coupled to a heatsink designed to maximize heat transfer. Because there are many fingers that are independently compliant, this system accounts for irregularities across the surface of the module. The heatsink fin design and orientatio

New PA–9Plus Portable Power Quality Analyser

The latest addition to the power quality products family and the first to meet the CE requirements for the IEC marketplace. Designed to comply with all applicable IEC, IEEE, EN Standards and CE marking On–site analysis and data retrieval without a computer Intelligent Download — select only the data required Trends Harmonics, THD & TDD and provides real–time graphical display of individual harmonic power Includes AVO Metrosoft® software Remote communications & alarm capabilities Enhanced Instrument! The new PA–9Plus maintains the complete set of functions supported by the earlier PA–9, while adding many new enhancements to meet the needs of customers. AVO Metrosoft software provides the analysis tools needed by the power quality service personnel and is included with each PA–9Plus. New & Enhanced Metrosoft AVO PA–9W software capabilities New – trends imbalance, individual harmonics, THD & TDD New test log feature allows user to preview reports and chart

Megger Introduces The Newest Innovations in Oil Testing

Redesigned in their entirety after a detailed analysis of user requirements, the new range of oil test sets from Megger sets new standards for performance, ease of use, reliability and value for money. The new OTS range includes laboratory instruments for testing up to 100 kV, and portable instruments – including the world’s lightest oil test sets in the 60 kV and 75 to 80 kV ranges. Easiest test sets to maintain and clean Unique locking feature on electrode gap adjustment World's lightest portable oil test set Worlds's highest voltage portable oil test set Tough chambers All of the instruments in the range use the same test vessel, which is manufactured from a moulded material that has been specially selected as impervious to the effects of insulating oils and cleaning agents. The use of this material means that the vessels are much more resistant to breakage than their conventional glass counterparts and also much less expensive – both major benefits, particularly f

Megger’s New SMRT36 - The Smart Solution For Protective Relay Testing

The SMRT36, is a smaller and lighter protective relay test set, and has more output power than any other comparable three-phase instrument available anywhere. The SMRT36 has a unique constant power output, produces a compliance voltage of 50 V at up to 4 A (200 VArms), and maintains 200 VA output power up to 30 A, making it ideally suited for testing in today’s installations and legacy plants. Also, with its forward thinking design, the SMRT36 is positioned for future challenges associated with smart grid testing. The SMRT36 is Megger's fourth generation of automated relay test sets. This test set takes full advantage of Megger’s patented developments from previous models to produce an instrument that offers greater precision than its predecessors, with reduced size and reduced weight of only 12 kg. The SMRT Solution The SMRT Power Box is specifically designed to test protective relays that are used in conjunction with CTs having 1 A and 5 A secondaries. It combines the capacit

SMRT410 Multi-Phase Relay Tester

The newest member of the Megger SMRT family of relay testers is now available. The SMRT410 provides muti-phase testing flexibility with modules providing high power capability to both voltage and current channels. Small, rugged, lightweight and powerful Operates with or without a computer Intuitive manual operation with Smart Touch View Interface High current, high power output (60 Amps/300 VA rms) per phase Flexible output design provides up to four-phase voltage and up to ten-phase current  The SMRT410 test system is completely customizable The SMRT410 test system may be customized by adding the number of Voltage-Current, “VIGEN”, modules needed for specific test applications. The SMRT410 has the “smart” combination of high compliance voltage and high current to test all electromechanical, solid-state and microprocessor-based overcurrent relays, including voltage controlled, voltage restraint and high impedance directional ground overcurrent. Automated testing For full auto

TSYS01 Digital Temperature Sensor

Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS) Model TSYS01 digital temperature sensor encapsulates a temperature sensing chip and a 24-bit ADC in a QFN16 package. This new technology provides on-board factory calibration coefficients that provide highly accurate temperature information accompanied by high measurement resolution. For improved performance specific to the application, custom calibration is available upon request.  Integration with microcontrollers is achieved through an I2C or SPI interface. This digital temperature sensor is specifically designed for industrial control, HVACR and heating/cooling systems. Optimal performance is achieved through the use of a stabilized, noise-free power supply with the placement of a ceramic capacitor close to the supply pins, and keeping supply lines as short as possible. The TSYS01 is easily embedded in most electronic applications as it draws < 12.5µA during normal operations and < 0.14µA on standby. Its broad operating range (-4

EB100 High Accuracy Miniature Pressure Transducer

Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS) has just released its new EB100 pressure transducer for production. It is CE compliant and offers a pressure range of 300 to 5000psi (350bar) and operates from -40°C to +125°C with a ±1% TEB. This high accuracy, miniature device was specifically designed for space-constricted designs in motorsports, military/aerospace, off-road, industrial, test stand and hydraulic applications. The EB100 uses MEAS’ UltraStable™ technology that provides stability over a wide temperature range and performance previously available only in much higher priced sensors. The UltraStable™ technology employs a silicon-based strain gage that is isolated from the media by an oil-filled capsule and a stainless steel diaphragm. High stability is provided through MEMS-based technology which offers excellent repeatability and minimal hysteresis. The 100% stainless steel media isolation protects against all but the most corrosive environments, offering excellent durabilit

Model 4807A High Resolution Accelerometer

Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS) has just released to production its ultra low noise Model 4807A Accelerometer. This DC response accelerometer features micro-g resolution and offers an industry-first, remote auto zero function. The 4807A provides an amplified, signal conditioned output in ranges from ±2g to ±200g with a dynamic range of 98dB. This sensor incorporates a gas damped silicon MEMS sensing element with integral mechanical overload stops for shock protection up to 5,000g as well as a wide bandwidth from DC to 1500Hz. Specifically designed for low level vibration monitoring, the 4807A can be used in diverse applications such as transportation testing, flight testing, machine control and structural monitoring. Its stainless steel, hermetically sealed housing ensures reliable operation in rugged environments while its ±2Vdc bias output is compatible with industry-standard instrumentation.  The Model 4807A features a Total Error Band of <2% with an excitation vol

Subminiature LVDTs for Multipoint High Reliability Measurements

Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS) has recently designed and brought to production a high temperature version of their subminiature LVDT (Linear Variable Differential Transformer), the highly reliable Model XS-B. This small position sensor has a mere 3/16 inch [4.8mm] diameter with custom design capability to diameters of 1/8 inch [3.1mm]. The XS-B is now available for 430ºF [220ºC] operation in high-temperature applications such as MFC (Multi-Finger Calipers) for oil well casing integrity inspection. Efficiently manufactured under a strict ISO9001 quality system, these LVDTs are high-quality, yet cost effective linear measurement products. The small diameter of these LVDTs allows for grouping many of them in a very small package for high density surface profile measurements in space restricted applications. The XS-B features a stainless steel housing, electromagnetic shielding, and resistance to shock and vibration. The 36-AWG lead-wires are PTFE-insulated providing resist

New Master Proheat Lcd Programmable Heat Gun Provides State-Of-The-Art Heat Application Control

Master Appliance Corp., North America's leading designer and manufacturer of professional quality heat tools for industry, is proud to introduce its new UL and CUL Listed Model PH-1500 Proheat LCD Programmable Heat Gun, featuring six preset, changeable factory programs and easy-to-read digital display of variable temperature and air flow settings. Temperature and air flow are keypad adjustable with temperatures in 10° increments, from 130°F to 1000°F (50°C-540°C) and air flow in ten increments from 4 to 16 CFM. Temperatures are displayed in degrees Fahrenheit and changeable to Celsius. Electronic circuitry, with closed loop temperature feedback system, maintains programmed temperatures at all air flow settings and while using any of the many optional attachments. The Proheat LCD Programmable Heat Gun is compact, light weight, and ergonomically designed for superb balance and grip. The Program, Temperature and Air Flow Lock feature provides added management control - perfect for p

New Master Proheat Plastic Welding Kit Delivers All-In-One Convenience

Everything needed for hot air welding a full range of thermoplastic materials is available in the new and convenient MASTER PROHEAT Plastic Welding Kit from Master Appliance Corporation. This self-contained, general purpose welding system makes for fast and simple fabrication and repair of rigid and flexible plastics, auto bumpers, tarps, liners, covers, tents, inflatables and more. The MASTER PROHEAT Plastic Welding Kit is built around the compact, lightweight MASTER PROHEAT LCD Model PH-1400 Dial-in Electronic Heat Gun. The heat gun's dial-in feature offers 10-increment temperature control from 130F to 1,000F and control of air flow from 4 to 16 CFM (113 to 453 l/min). The exclusive, innovative magnetic key lock-in feature makes it easy to lock-in proper temperature and airflow for each welding application. Once saved, they can be used again and again. An electronic control system also prevents over-heating when the heat gun is used with special welding attachments. Each MAST

Macromatic Plug-in Products UL Listed with Sockets

We are often asked several questions regarding our plug-in products & UL: "why are plug-in products only UL Component Recognized instead of UL Listed"?  Or "what is the difference between UL Component Recognized & UL Listed"?  The answer comes from "UL's Component Recognition Service covers the testing and evaluation of component products that are incomplete or restricted in performance capabilities".  Plug-in products require a socket for terminating wires.   Since any plug-in product can be used with almost any manufacturer's socket, UL has no information or control over the type of field-installed wires or terminations used with plug-in products such as time delay relays, phase monitor relays or alternating relays.  Therefore, they classify the product as Recognized instead of Listed. On the other hand, non-plug-in products such as contactors, terminal blocks, control transformers, etc., that include their own terminations can be teste

Flammable Safety Cabinets Get A Redesign

Lyon Workspace Products (Aurora, IL) has introduced its newly-designed flammable safety cabinets, which allow manufacturers to store flammable liquids safely — this helps protect employees as well as the facility. All the steel parts are manufactured from cold rolled steel with a flush-mounted paddle handle design allows easy fingertip operation and features a double key set, with the option to use a padlock. Other features include: A fully-welded, 18-gauge double wall consturciton with 1.5" of insulating airspace. A fail-safe closing mechanism that uses a three-point stainless stell bullet latching system. Self-closing doors that will shut automatically when temperatures reach 165°F. Compliance with NFPA Code 30 and OSHA standards.

360 Spins Circles Around Other LED Task Lights

New Product: 360 - Fully-adjustable LED task light with an extended arm reach and minimal footprint Design: Stephan Copeland Manufacturer: Luxo Product Description: 360’s 6.5W of high-power dimmable LEDs provide unequaled illumination, 105 footcandles at a height of 16 inches above the worksurface. 360 best articulates its ergonomics with a revolutionary arm that moves in unison with its rotating base. This allows for the most ergonomically correct workspace lighting and directs light exactly where needed for optimal lighting and functionality. Stephan’s Copeland’s 360 continues Luxo’s long-standing history of sophisticated design and uncompromising quality. Backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty, including LEDs, the 360 is guaranteed to deliver 45,000 hours of continuous use. Product Applications: 360 delivers maximum light coverage while occupying minimal workspace. 360 is adaptable anywhere that high-performance energy-efficiency and adjustability are sought. In addition to ful

New UV LEDs Combine 10X Longer Lifespan and Up To 50% Cost Savings

Lumex announces the global expansion of the QuasarBrite™ UV family of LED technologies to include three new standard wavelengths and also announces the availability of custom UV LED arrays. QuasarBrite UV LEDs provide up to 10 times longer lifespan, up to 50% cost savings , up to 70% energy consumption savings, and superior light performance compared to alternative technologies. The RoHs compliant QuasarBrite UV LEDs are now available in standard 355nm, 365nm and 377nm wavelengths in a through-hole format. They are ideally suited for a wide range of applications including: security (counterfeit detection for currency, passports and other travel documents) forensic (applications related to forensic analysis of bodily fluids) photo catalyst (for air and water purifier applications in homes, offices and automobiles) “Previously widespread use of UV LED technology, especially in the shorter UV wavelengths, was hindered because the materials used in the epoxy LED lens degraded the l

New 120V-AC LED Panel Indicator Generates Up to 70% Cost Savings & 50% Space Savings

Lumex announces the global launch of the QuasarBrite™ family of LED panel indicators with hundreds of standard technologies and expedited custom capabilities. The family features a 120V-AC LED that eliminates the need for AC to DC transformers thereby generating significant cost and space savings. Lumex LED panel indicators have several important advantages over alternative technologies such as incandescent bulbs. They can last up to 10 times longer, use 90% less energy, are more durable, shock and temperature resistant, and provide quicker on/off performance. 120V-AC LED Part of the QuasarBrite family of Panel Mount Indicators, the QuasarBrite 120V-AC LED eliminates the need for AC to DC power conversion as it operates with 120V-AC power that can be taken directly out of the main power source. Eliminating the need for an AC to DC power transformer can generate up to 50% savings in real estate space. This real estate and part savings, combined with LEDs longer lifespan and enhanced d

Lumex Expands SunBrite Family of General Illumination LEDs

Lumex announces the expansion of the SunBrite™ family of general illumination LED technologies. Two new SunBrite technology categories – the SunBrite MR-16 Retrofit LEDs and the SunBrite Modular LED Lightbars are now available worldwide. Combining considerable energy savings with superior performance, the new SunBrite LED technologies are ideally suited for a wide range of applications including: general, spot and track lighting in residential, commercial and industrial applications. SunBrite MR-16 Retrofit LEDs The SunBrite MR-16 Retrofit LED provides significant cost and performance benefits compared to halogen alternatives widely available in the market today. The SunBrite MR-16 Retrofit LED (SSP-M16 series) technology offers comparable brightness (300 Lumens at 12 volts) and color performance (CRI over 80) to halogen alternatives, while simultaneously providing significant energy, cost and lifespan improvements. The RoHs-compliant SunBrite MR-16 LED uses up to 80% less energy (cu