Mettler Toledo Offers Multi-Parameter Transmitters

The M300 ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) multi-parameter transmitters and ISM sensors from Mettler Toledo have been developed to improve all aspects of liquid analytical processes. The auto-recognition capabilities of ISM sensors permit all M300 ISM transmitters to measure conductivity, pH, ORP or dissolved oxygen automatically using factory calibrations stored in the sensor memory. Calibration is not required at start-up.

Mettler Toledo said this concept simplifies the installation of liquid process control measurement. The M300 ISM line is claimed to provide: confidence and traceability with ISM; dynamic conductivity measurement range expansion is advanced by Unicond conductivity technology with ISM - reduces multiple sensor types and inventory; quick start-up and easy commissioning with auto-recognition of pre-calibrated ISM sensors for plug-and-measure analysis; and reduced inventory and spare parts - one multi-parameter transmitter can be used for all parameters.


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