Blue Diamond Expands Automotive Aftermarket Range

Blue Diamond has expanded its range of high-quality components for the automotive aftermarket. Blue Diamond is now manufacturing bolts and fixings, nuts and locknuts, gaskets and static seals, springs, 'O' rings, circlips, oil seals, multi-component kits and many other aftermarket components. Items being supplied are reverse engineered from original equipment samples to ensure dimensional, material and performance specifications of matching quality.

To measure complex engineering components to a high accuracy, Blue Diamond has invested in the latest multi-sensor co-ordinate vision system. This system produces 2D engineering drawings used for manufacturing. A desktop spectrometer incorporating the latest multi-element CCD array detector is used to analyse the metal content of any part and replicate it - allowing a complete manufacturing specification to be originated. Kits of parts - for example seals, circlips and bolts - can be provided and are available boxed and packed complete, if desired, with the customer's branding and logo.

An added benefit is that Blue Diamond can arrange order scheduling, packaging/labelling and stockholding of products. By choosing appropriate companies from its quality-assessed suppliers, Blue Diamond can match the quantity requirements to the capacity available. So whether the need is for a small quantity, or larger production runs, Blue Diamond can respond by providing a highly competitive and flexible source. Quality is guaranteed by Blue Diamond's Quality Management System, which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.


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