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Fluke Defines Terms Associated With Vibration

Fluke provides a basic glossary of vibration terms for those involved in equipment maintenance and vibration diagnosis. Vibration is said to be one of the earliest indicators of a machine's health. Understanding why vibration occurs and how it manifests itself is a key first step towards preventing vibration from causing trouble in the production environment, according to the company. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity often depicted as 'g' or in 'mm/s2' in the metric system and 'in/sec2' in the English system. Acceleration is not constant but will vary through the vibration cycle, reaching maximum levels as velocity reaches its minimum. This is typically when a particular mass has decelerated to a stop and is about to begin accelerating again. Next, an accelerometer is described as a transducer whose electrical output responds directly to acceleration. Accelerometers typically cover a much wider frequency range, along them to pick up signals n

Chocolate Manufacturer Picks Duplex Filter System

Chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut has selected a specially developed stainless steel Pure-Screen duplex filter system and frame from Axium Process to ensure a consistently filtered product. The Pure-Screen duplex filter system and frame is completely jacketed to ensure the product temperature will be maintained to close limits. The duplex filter system, which utilises a combination of stainless steel wedge-wire and mesh filter screens, is designed to offer high product security as well as a consistently filtered product. Axium's range of 316L stainless steel Pure-Screen wedge-wire filters is being used throughout the confectionery, food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries. It is ideally suited for liquid viscous products such as chocolate, yoghurt, butter, soft cheese, creams and sauces as the wedge-wire filter elements remove unwanted particles and blend and mix any non-dissolved materials in suspension, resulting in a consistently smooth product throughout

Solidworks Aids HTO Axial Diesel-Engine Design

Shepherd's High Torque Output (HTO) axial diesel engine, designed using Solidworks 3D CAD/CAM software, quadruples the torque of a traditional crankshaft engine while consuming half the fuel. Said to be more powerful and environmentally friendly, as well as cheaper to build and run, it has fewer parts than a traditional diesel engine, no intricate castings or complicated machining and can be assembled by hand. Its low operational rev range also means fewer combustion events occur when the engine is idling or running under a normal load. Solidworks has saved Shepherd costs by allowing the company to quickly and accurately design the parts required for the engine. In the coming months the company hopes to use Solidworks' simulation functionality to determine whether the parts it are using will be able to withstand the forces of the torque produced from the engine. The HTO engine can be used in all types of cars, trucks, heavy earthmoving equipment and, if it is scaled up, in th

Eos-Array Lite Manages Solar-Power Installations

Carlo Gavazzi has extended its modular control and management solution for solar-power installations by introducing Eos-Array Lite. The module offers increased modularity for cost-sensitive applications from 10kWp upwards and provides localised diagnostics supporting rapid repair of power faults. Building on the principles of the Eos-Array modular control system, Carlo Gavazzi's new Eos-Array Lite comprises the dedicated VMU-ML master unit featuring focused control capabilities and up to 15 modules providing string-control, measurement and I/O functions. The Eos-Array Lite string-control module, VMU-S0, provides a cost-optimised feature set, monitoring voltage and current to pinpoint the location of any power faults. This can help maintenance teams identify the causes of faults quickly to minimise the cost of repairs and increase uptime, thereby maximising return on investment for solar-generating capacity. The VMU-S0 unit is capable of direct DC measurements up to 16A and 1,000V

Proficy Accelerator Improves Plant Productivity

GE has launched the the Proficy Accelerator for Centerlining, enabling continuous improvement and resolution of problems due to variability, in a move to full process reliability and stability. The goal of the solution is to reduce costs due to material losses and other waste from process and product variability, as well as increase throughput and yield. It focuses on rapidly identifying process and product inconsistencies, performing statistical analysis to improve control, and managing and improving operations in real-time. Proficy Accelerator consists of out-of-the-box solutions that can rapidly demonstrate business value from the Proficy Software platform in as little as 30 days, with minimal risk. GE has also introduced Proficy Accelerator for Production Efficiency, which allows manufacturers to maximise the utilisation of their plant assets. It provides visibility into factors such as equipment downtime, changeover effectiveness, waste and operating efficiency. It supports ro

PI Alignment System Enables Accurate Positioning

The F-206.S Hexalign system can be used in complex, high-accuracy positioning and alignment tasks where independent, high-precision motion in six degrees of freedom is required. The six-axis alignment system from PI provides 6D motion with 33nm resolution and advanced alignment software for optics and photonics components. It includes an advanced parallel kinematics controller/driver featuring vectorised motion with arbitrary pivot-point capability, as well as an extensive software package. The parallel-kinematics design with a virtual pivot point and vector-based 6D motion-controller means that the F-206.S system differs from conventional stacked multiaxis positioners. Due to the reduced moving mass - only one common lightweight platform for all six actuators - the system can respond and settle much faster. It is also said to be considerably more compact and accurate than conventional multi-axis stage stacks. Its parallel-kinematics design and advanced, digital 6D controller minimis

Air Motor Provides Positioning For Bagging Machine

To complete its design of a system to bag-up meat and cheese and apply appropriate label information, packaging machine manufacturer Greydon used the Huco Dynatork piston air motor. The Greydon Bagaire Taped Bag Loader utilised the motor for efficient bag opening and filling, and also for code dating with inkjet or contact printers. The machine presents the bags by winding up a leader tape and pulling the bags up from the table. Shop air is used via an air amplifier to blow open the bag for manual filling by the operator, who simultaneously breaks the bag away from the tape. The Huco Dynatork motor advances the bags quickly and stops them precisely in exactly the same location for opening and printing. As it is available with an acetyl housing, this motor is able to withstand the most caustic acids and chlorinated sanitisers used in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In operation, air up to 100lb/in2 is supplied to each of three pistons in turn via an integral rotary valve. The

R1801 Supply Provides Bulk Power For IT Systems

Powerstax has introduced its 1,800W single-output high-efficiency power supply, the R1801. The 1U, 19in rack-mounted high-power-density power supply offers 6.2W/in at 80-85 per cent efficiency, depending on the load. The Powerstax R1801 features a universal 85-264V AC input and standard output voltages of 48, 54.5 or 56.2V DC. It is protected from over voltage, over-current and over-temperature condition, and provides power-fail warning and fault alarm signals. Remote on/off control is a standard feature and the unit is power-factor corrected to EN1000-3-2, CE marked and RoHS compliant. The R1801 rack-mount power supply employs three UL-recognised Powerstax A0600 converters, which may be used to provide either the full 1,800W output or 1,200W with N+1 redundancy. Power input is via three standard IEC connectors and DC output is available from rear-mounted screw terminals.

DC/DC Converters Suit Most Operating Environments

XP Power has added to its range of ultra-compact low-power DC/DC converters with the 15W JCM15, available in a 1 x 1in metal package, and the 30W JCK30, available in a 2 x 1in metal case. These encapsulated PCB-mounted converters accommodate a 2:1 input voltage range, accepting either 9-18, 18-36 or 36-75V DC and covering the nominal inputs of +12, +24 or +48V DC. Single-output models provide +3.3, +5, +12 or +15V DC, while the duals offer +/-5, +/-12 or +/-15V DC. All outputs are fully regulated to within +/-0.5 per cent over all input and load conditions for the single-output models and less than +/-1 per cent for the dual outputs. The JCK30 can operate at full output power from -40 to 50C and the JCM15 up to 65C, without derating. With a maximum case temperature of 105C, no additional heat sinking or forced airflow is required making the converters suitable for most operating environments. The convertors feature an input to output and input/output to case isolation of 1,600V DC fo

IAR Embedded Workbench Supports Renesas MCUs

By providing a single tool chain for more than 5,000 different microcontroller devices across 10 product families, IAR Systems said it supports more than 80 per cent of Renesas Electronics MCUs. IAR Systems believes that this makes IAR Embedded Workbench the standard tool chain for software development on Renesas Electronics' microcontrollers. The merger betweens NEC Electronics and Renesas Technology has created a broad microcontroller portfolio, ranging from small low-power four-bit devices to high-performance 32-bit devices. Nearly all of these devices are supported in IAR Embedded Workbench. Customers can benefit from the flexibility in microcontroller choice and convenience by using the same familiar tools for different projects. Increased code portability between targets and less time learning new tools shortens project start-up time and reduces project risks.

Cooling Package Designed For MicroTCA Applications

The Compact Cooling Package (CCP) from Rittal is designed for use in MicroTCA applications where significant amounts of heat are being generated to provide targeted cooling. Each CCP is capable of removing up to 1,200W of heat in an efficient, controlled manner and multiple systems may be distributed within the rack if required. The 482.6mm (19in) rack-mountable CCP comprises a controller managed air/water heat exchanger, 300mm deep, and a 482.6mm fan tray, which can be supplied as a fully wired and piped re-cooling system. Both major components of the CCP are 1U in height and may be separated by the electronics they are cooling. Supporting all leading IPMI and Rittal CMC-TC (Computer-Multi-Control Top-Concept) protocols, the CCP can be controlled via a CPU. If a fan breaks down or in the event of extreme air temperatures (96h at 55C), the system still remains operational. The use of robust controllers and sensors ensures secure cooling and allows the system to be reliably controlled

Remote Radio Head For Wireless Infrastructure

Lattice Semiconductor has partnered with Affarii Technologies to demonstrate a low-cost, low-power remote radio head solution at 1,300mW per antenna for wireless infrastructure manufacturers. The integration of all remote radio head (RRH) processing has been achieved on a single Lattice ECP3-150 device, part of the LatticeECP3 FPGA family. The single-chip solution supports 2x2 Mimo configurations for WCDMA, LTE and Wimax applications and is part of an overall RRH hardware evaluation platform jointly developed by Lattice and Affarii. The platform is comprised of the RF front-end, high-speed data conversion devices and the digital signal processing portion. The functionality of the full signal path package includes DDC/DUC, DPD, CFR and CPRI IP cores, supports multi-carrier waveforms up to 20MHz bandwidth and is compatible with Class AB and Doherty amplifiers using LDMOS and GaN transistors. All features of this RRH solution, both hardware and soft IP, are fully integrated and supporte

Oscilloscopes For High-Frequency Power Measurement

Yokogawa has revealed that the G4 power measurement option on its digital and mixed-signal oscilloscopes can be used to carry out high-frequency power measurements in switched-mode power supplies. These measurements can now be carried out with greater accuracy using a de-skew correction signal source, along with voltage and current probes, in conjunction with the G4 option. Although power management using an oscilloscope is fundamentally less accurate than using a digital power meter, it offers much higher bandwidth. It is particularly suitable for measuring high-frequency switching losses in switched-mode power supplies. It also provides a power management capability using a general-purpose product that has other uses - an option that may be more acceptable to users who are not ready to invest in a true power meter or have limited budgets for test equipment. The de-skew correction signal source is an accessory that is specifically designed to maximise the measurement accuracy of osc

ADCs For Portable/Battery-Powered Electronics

Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX11102 family of low-power ADCs for portable/battery-powered electronics, automotive designs, solar-powered systems and system monitoring applications. The family is composed of nine devices available in different resolutions (12-/10-/8-bit), channel-count (2/1), and conversion-rate (3/2Msps) configurations. Designed to extend battery life in portable electronics, the devices offer a maximum power consumption of 9.9mW. Additionally, they are able to operate from a supply rail down to 2.2V. Fast wake-up and shutdown times enable the ADCs to operate in burst mode, which minimises the amount of time spent in active power mode. These ADCs are said to be ideal for portable/battery-powered electronics, automotive designs, solar-powered systems, and system monitoring applications. The ADCs yield a worst-case SNR of 70.5dB and Sinad of 70dB. The digital interface operates from 1.5V to 3.6V, allowing direct connection to a range of SPI-based ho

Connectors Ideal For Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Amphenol Industrial is offering a connector series designed to eliminate bulky and space-consuming cable glands on motors, AC/DC inverters and converters and other high-amperage equipment. The IP67-rated E-Power 400A connectors are rated to 1,000VDC and feature integrated EMI shielding. The E-Power family of connectors is specifically designed to meet the needs of modern electrification programmes in high-voltage and high-amperage applications, such as power converters, hybrid electric vehicles, heavy equipment electrification, two- and three-phase motors and starter generators in the military, aerospace and industrial markets. The connector series incorporates Amphenol's Radsok contact system to achieve higher current ratings, as well as to lower temperature rise and contact resistance, as compared with other contact methods, in a compact, lightweight package. Radsok technology, an electrical terminal based on a hyperbolic grid configuration, enables lower insertion forces than

Optical Socket For Failure Analysis Testing

Aries offers a CSP test socket with a window that exposes 100 per cent of the top of the device under test (DUT) for failure analysis testing in emission microscopy or optical sensor applications. Traditionally, a hole in the socket lid only exposes a maximum of 85 per cent of the top of the DUT surface. Available with or without filters for ultraviolet (UV), infrared and full spectrum applications, the new optical failure analysis test socket can be used for laser failure analysis microscopy testing using emission microscopy and laser signal injection microscopy (LSIM) techniques. These failure analysis techniques are efficient, non-invasive optical analysis tools used to detect and localise certain IC failures with maximum clarity and contrast. The techniques can be performed from either the front or back of the device. The optical test socket line can accommodate many different optical window and lens materials, including quartz crystal, sapphire and clear plastic, depending on op

Lattice Diamond Suits Low-Power FPGA Applications

Lattice Semiconductor has launched Version 1.0 of its Lattice Diamond field-programmable gate-array (FPGA) design software, enabling designers to target low-power, cost-sensitive FPGA applications. This new flagship design environment for Lattice FPGA products provides a complete set of tools, design flows and a modern user interface. 'We have used Lattice Diamond design software at Helion for the development of the Ionos line of video image processing pipeline IP and were very impressed by the level of integration of so many different and powerful software tools into one GUI [graphical user interface],' said Dr Arndt Bussman, chief technical officer of Helion. Mike Kendrick, Lattice's manager of software product planning, added: 'Diamond software gives our customers an easy-to-use, intuitive design environment that specifically addresses the critical design issues of cost-sensitive, lower-power applications. 'As designs become larger and FPGAs are increasingly be

USB Transceiver Supports Smartphone Applications

Texas Instruments has introduced the TUSB1310 Superspeed USB (USB 3.0) transceiver, which supports applications including surveillance cameras, smartphones, portable media players and more. The TUSB1310's Pipe3 and ULPI interfaces enable USB 3.0 functionality when used in conjunction with the integrated application processor digital cores. The 5Gbps USB 3.0 physical layer transceiver operates from a single crystal or external reference clock with selectable frequencies from 20, 25, 30 and 40MHz. This allows the TUSB1310 to provide a cost-effective USB 3.0 solution with few external components and minimum implementation cost, according to Texas Instruments. The TUSB1310 supports many applications, including surveillance cameras, multimedia handsets, smartphones, digital still cameras, portable media players, personal navigation devices, audio docks, video IP phones, wireless IP phones and software-defined radios. Texas Instruments offers an expansive portfolio of Superspeed USB de

Keypad Switches Ideal For Telecoms Applications

Foremost Electronics has been appointed as the UK distributor for the Marquardt 6425 range of keypad switches for telecoms, control and alarm panels, weighing scales and more. The 6425 switch range is also suitable for similar instrumentation and point-of-sale equipment. In addition, its low operating noise makes them suitable for pro-audio, broadcast and medical applications. The low-profile Marquardt 6425 series has comfortable actuation characteristic with long travel, soft tactile 'feel' and secure switching functionality, which is ideal for assembling into keypads or keyboards. Caps are available for the switches in a range of shapes and colours for panel spacings of 16mm or 19mm to ensure simple integration into control panels. The 6425 switch caps feature ergonomic surfaces and may be over-printed in different colours with a variety of legends. The switches have an operating temperature of -70C to +20C and the single-pole, normally open (SPNO) contacts are rated at 2

HMI Panel PC For Automation Applications

American Industrial Systems (AIS) has introduced a 10.1in operator interface terminal PC designed for building, factory and industrial automation. The human-machine interface (HMI) panel PC features the Intel Atom processor, providing fan-less, reliable performance with minimal power consumption, according to the company. The latest Windows 7 operating systems are supported by the touch-screen operator interface PC. A widescreen LED backlit LCD display and touch-screen HMI are integrated into the system allowing users to control, monitor and program directly from the information terminal. The touch-screen panel PC can be integrated directly into your PCA, PLC, DCS, factory Scada systems, operator terminals and automation applications. The AIS embedded PC features a compact rugged steel housing and the aluminium front bezel is sealed to IP54 standards for water/dustproof protection, enabling the systems to operate in adverse conditions. Built-in communication ports support RS232, RS48

Enviro Tech Introduces Economical Vapour Degreaser

The Ensolv cleaning solution from Enviro Tech is said to be a suitable alternative to trichloroethylene for vapour degreasing. It is an economical vapour degreaser that operates at 70C, which equates to less energy, easier handling, faster throughput and lower usage, according to the company. Safe for operators, Ensolv is a simple drop-in replacement; no special skills or equipment are required. The solution is sold and serviced by a group of distributors fully trained to carry out inspections of the equipment and processes and advise and support the changeover, which can be done in hours. The visit to the customer's works by a member of the Trichloroethylene Substitution Team, the survey report and the processing of samples to validate cleaning and compatibility with soils, oils and metals of construction is said to be free and without obligation.

Visibility To Bring Full ERP To Apple Ipad Device

Visibility has announced plans to bring the full enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution - designed to meet the needs of complex manufacturers - to the Apple Ipad device. 'Executives and management can now access all transactional function and reports in their internal system from anywhere using the latest in hardware advances,' said Jack Saint, the company's president and chief operating officer. The planned release will deploy all functions, transactions, reports and business intelligence analytical capabilities through browsers including Apple's Safari, which is available for the Ipad, as well as Google Chrome and continued support on Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Accumulation Chains For Feed And Assembly Tasks

Iwis is offering both Iwis-branded and Elite accumulation chains for feed and assembly applications. The Iwis-branded accumulation chains include versions with low-friction running rollers, side bow conveyor chains and maintenance-free conveyor chains as well as conventional accumulation chains. The Elite range includes accumulation roller chains, chains with parts and finger protection and double-pitch roller chains. Accumulation chains have an enlarged conveying roller every other segment, which transports the conveyed materials and allows the chain to pass underneath queued material without damaging it. Used in feeding applications, automation engineering and to provide the gentle transportation of workpiece carriers, for example, accumulation chains are said to be very versatile. In conveying applications, they are used as links between stations of a production or assembly line within warehouses in a range of material flow systems - wherever workpieces, finished products, pallets

Abas ERP Improves Productivity At Ritz And Co

Pump manufacturer Ritz and Co has chosen an enterprise resource planning (ERP) package from Abas to standardise the IT system environment, increase transparency and improve delivery reliability. The new software also needed to achieve the permanent optimisation of internal and external processes. A suitable solution was found in Abas Business Software (ERP, PPC, MRP and e-business). Abas ERP is being customised to adapt to Ritz's requirements. According to Hans-Juergen Steeb, head of IT at Ritz Pumpen, the Abas solution has enabled the company to increase transparency and productivity.

1,146 Schaeffler Products In Patent Applicant List

Schaeffler has announced that 1,146 of its products for use in automotive and industrial applications can be found in the German Patent and Trademark Office's list of patent applicants. According to the company, 747 of these patents are for new INA and FAG products, with the remaining 399 patents being LuK clutch products. As such, the company now ranks fifth in the German Patent and Trademark Office's list of patent applicants, which is published annually. Among these new applications from Schaeffler are some patent-protected, technological developments, including the Uniair electro-hydraulic valve control system, developed and manufactured by INA; FAG's wheel bearing concept with face spline; and LuK's dry double clutch. In addition, the dual mass flywheel with a centrifugal pendulum-type absorber is a further product development for drive-train vibration damping. All these elements are playing a key role in reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in the latest

Durobor Uses Capillex Films To Finish Glassware

Durobor, a Belgian supplier of glasses for the drinks industry, is using MacDermid Autotype Capillex films for large, high-quality print runs. The screen-printing process enables eight colours to be applied, with dishwasher-proof quality. Durobor glasses are used by a variety of sectors, including retail, tourism and interior decoration. According to technical development manager Alain Thiebaut, the company is able to print up to eight colours on glass, with 20- to 150-micron-thick enamel deposits and to achieve runs reaching 30,000 units. The challenge facing Durobor is maintaining quality while reducing the time required to design, manufacture and print. Materials and equipment play an important part in helping the company find a balance between the constraints of constant quality and high output rates. A new oven for manufacturing toughened safety glass is now being used to apply a specific treatment for heating glass and then cooling it rapidly to increase its shock resistance, m

Thyssenkrupp To Produce B-Pillars For Compact Cars

Thyssenkrupp Umformtechnik has received an order from a German automotive manufacturer to produce B-pillars for more than 100,000 cars annually by tailored tempering. Thyssenkrupp's tailored tempering process was developed on the basis of hot-forming technology. The safety-relevant components are to be used in compact cars. The use of hot forming in car manufacturing is currently on the increase, according to the company. The process permits weight savings of up to 30 per cent in car components. Hot forming uses special manganese-boron steels. The sheet material is heated to 880-950C and is then formed into a component and cooled rapidly in the die. This produces components with strengths of up to 1,500MPa. These strengths are higher than those produced even with the strongest steels used for cold stamping. The components are lighter because the high strength of the material means that they can be designed with thinner walls and without additional reinforcements. While convention

Cube Extends Capabilities With Haas Turning Centre

Precision sheet metal and machining specialist Cube Manufacturing has extended its subcontract manufacturing capabilities with the installation of a Haas TL-25 turning centre at its Dunstable site. Incorporating C-axis/live-tooling and sub-spindle capabilities, the new machine is also equipped with a tool-setting arm and a dedicated bar feeder capable of handling stock measuring up to 76mm in diameter. 'The investment not only enables us to streamline the production of turned parts for our sister company Cube Lighting, but also to extend our cost-effective subcontract services and offer faster delivery times,' said Dean White, Cube Manufacturing's managing director. Enabling a variety of close-tolerance turned pasts to be produced in aluminium, brass, mild steel, stainless materials and engineering plastics, the new Haas turning centre allows Cube to extend its customer base beyond traditional sheet-metal-based industries to target users in the general engineering, rotati

Appliance Maker Implements Abas Business Software

Haeussler, a manufacturer of wood-burning ovens, electric stone ovens, pizza ovens, dough-kneading machines, pasta machines and grain mills, has improved productivity with Abas Business Software. Previously, the company did not have a structured IT environment and many isolated solutions interfered with the flow of information. In 2006, Haeussler implemented Abas Business Software and increased liquidity, transparency and productivity. All modification done within the software remain intact after a release upgrade. 'Our production is very complex, with extended workbench, procurements abroad, in-house production and purchased parts, as well as job lot and made-to-order production,' said Roland Mayer, technical director at Haeussler. In the service department, Abas ERP manages the spare-parts lists of the devices. Prices, conditions, costing schemata and customer- and vendor-related service information is available with the click of a button. Haeussler is operating a separat

Modifying Live Process Variables From Iphone/Ipod

Prosoft Technology has announced the support of the Industrial Hotspot series of radios in conjunction with Sweet William Automation's new Scadamobile application for the Iphone/Ipod platform. The application is designed to provide engineers with access to live process control variables and the ability to modify this data remotely from their Iphones. Functionally, the application creates a secure wireless interface between an Iphone device and an existing 802.11 wireless network on the plant floor, effectively allowing an Iphone device to read Modbus TCP/IP and Ethernet/IP process control variables from programmable automation controllers/programmable logic controllers (PAC/PLCs) distributed throughout their plants. These live values are displayed in stylised lists and include user-established variance allowances and alarms. Engineers are able to monitor these variables in real time and make adjustments on the fly from an Iphone device. Cumulative security features are offered by

Schunk Showcases Solar Cell Gripper At Automatica

Schunk unveiled a dynamic solar cell gripper module, suitable for robot or gantry systems used in solar cell manufacturing, at the recent Automatica exhibition in Munich, Germany. The SZG reliably handles wafers and finished cells measuring 156 x 156mm or 125 x 125mm at extreme speed, according to the company. A transportation cycle of 550mm that includes inspection with a camera system on the return is carried out in a cycle time of less than one second. New and existing facilities can be equipped with this sensitive high-speed gripper, which is actuated with compressed air of 6bar. The SZG is based on the Bernoulli principle; a low pressure at the gripping surface has the effect that wafers made of crystalline silicium with a thickness of 110 microns are gripped gently but with a high holding force. According to Schunk, special silencers at the gripper bottom side, a polyurethane friction lining and a large support face provide a stress-free and safe grip, where even occurring shea

Planttriage Software Diagnoses Component Health

Expertune has announced that its Planttriage control system monitoring software now incorporates the tools necessary to diagnose the health of instruments, valves and controls. For years, the patented Control Loop Health approach has identified problem control loops based on technical and economic factors. Several new tools provide more specific performance metrics and diagnostics for each control loop component: the instrument, the valve and the controller. The Valve Health measurement, for example, combines information about control valve sizing, application and mechanical performance to give an overall picture of the valve's health. Planttriage's 'context-sensitive drill-down' provides the next level of detail, including measures of each specific aspect of performance, such as the percentage valve stiction. In addition, Sensor Health uses real-time data to look at common symptoms of instrumentation problems. The Controller Health tools focus on aspects of actual

Compact Spiral Hose For Industrial Machinery

Parker Hannifin has launched a flexible compact spiral hose for use in both stationary and mobile industrial machinery in a range of applications, including construction, defence and oil and gas. Offering 5,000lb/in2 and 6,000lb/in2 hose performance in a compact design, the new Compact Spiral improves productivity for original equipment manufacturers and end users with greater routing, installation, durability, size and weight advantages over conventional SAE spiral hoses, saving on material, shipping and inventory costs, according to the company. The new hose technology can achieve two million impulse cycles - two times the ISO 18752-DC standard and four times the SAE requirement. This translates to a longer service life in nearly all applications, particularly those where many repeat cycles occur within a short timeframe, such as in injection moulding machines. The new Compact Spiral is claimed to offer a number of other benefits, including greater flexibility, a smaller outside di

Exair Nozzles Deliver Strong Blowing Force

Exair's new Peek Super Air Nozzles, available from Good Hand UK, are suitable for part drying, machinery and parts cleaning, chip removal, part ejection, liquid blow-off and cooling hot parts. The nozzles are said to deliver strong blowing force while providing non-marring protection should the air nozzle come into contact with other surfaces. The engineered thermoplastic construction offers resistance to chemicals, fatigue and temperatures up to 160C. The Peek Super Air Nozzles also provide high air amplification. At 80psig, the sound level is less than 76dBA, which meets recognised noise requirements. Safe operation is said to be guaranteed, since the airflow cannot be blocked. The Model 1110-Peek Nano Super Air Nozzle with an M6 x 0.75 inlet measures 20mm in length, has an air consumption of 8.3scfm and produces 8.1 ounces of blowing force. The Model 1102-Peek Super Air Nozzle has a 1/8 BSP inlet, measures 30mm in length, has an air consumption of 10scfm and produces nine ounc

Ion Controls Launches Complete Scada HMI Solution

Ion Controls has introduced a complete Scada human-machine-interface (HMI) solution suitable for process engineers, building controls systems integrators and operators. Ion Vision, an integrated development and operation environment, features advanced graphics capabilities and zero-maintenance data logging, together with a high-performance communications engine to deliver a low-cost Scada HMI experience. Switching between designer mode and operator mode in screens is a matter of a single keystroke. Definitions are always accessible and can be changed without restarting Ion Vision. Access to the design features can be hidden to prevent operators from making changes to the project. Projects in Ion Vision are said to be quick and simple to set up. All definitions, such as aliases, alarms or trend variables, are done in tables, allowing the user to export and import data, search and replace values, sort through the definitions or make global changes using the Express Edit feature. Ion V

Torque Sensors Aid Tidal Turbine Development

Non-contact torque sensors from Sensor Technology are playing a key role in the development of commercial-scale in-stream tidal turbines produced by technology company Openhydro. The Irish company is using these sensors, which are based on surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology, to measure rotational speed and frictional forces in a simulator for the turbine bearings. Openhydro designs and manufactures marine turbines to generate renewable energy from tidal streams. The company aims to deploy farms of tidal turbines under the world's oceans, where they will generate electricity with no cost to the environment. This method of producing electricity is said to have many benefits. For instance, as the turbines are submerged, they are invisible and they produce no noise. In addition, since they are submerged at a considerable depth, they present no hazard to shipping. The tides are completely predictable, which means that the energy output of the turbines is equally as predictable.

Rittal Introduces Rain Canopies For Enclosures

Rittal has expanded its AE Compact Enclosure range with rain canopies to combat potential weather-related problems. Although most of the company's AE Compact Enclosure range is rated to IP66, it was not designed for outdoor use. The introduction of stainless-steel models improved the protection against moisture and airborne contaminants. Following requests for a fully weatherproof version, Rittal introduced a series of rain canopies for the enclosures. Made from 1.4301 stainless steel, the canopies provide water run-off to the rear. They cover the join between the door and the enclosure itself, preventing water build-up on the seal and the possible reduction in effectiveness following freezing during sub-zero temperature periods. To prevent wind-driven rain from collecting, the canopies also cover the sides and rear of the enclosure at the top. A secondary function of the canopies is to shield the top of the enclosure from direct sunlight, thus reducing the solar temperature gain

Metalflex Hose Transfers Corrosive Media

The C Flex stainless-steel flexible hose from Metalflex Industrial Supplies can transfer a variety of media including corrosive liquids and gases. The hose is said to save space by reducing the bend radii that can be applied to it. This reduces the space envelope in which the hose is fitted. This convoluted hose core is manufactured from either 321 or 316 stainless steel. The convolutions are of closer pitch than standard cores and therefore have more flexibility, according to the company. Bend radii can be reduced by up to 25 per cent, thus saving space for the installer. The hose core can be used at working pressures of up to 10bar, which can be increased by covering the core in either a single or double metal braid cover. A double-braided hose can operate at pressures up to 275bar. The braiding, available in 304 or 316 stainless steel, also offers protection from external environmental conditions. For additional protection against corrosion, overbraids can also be supplied in Mo

Speed Switch For Refinery Or Gas-Plant Vehicles

The new Revguard speed switch from Chalwyn , an AMOT company, is suitable for vehicles working in refineries or gas plants. The new speed switch continuously monitors engine revolutions per minute (rev/min) and, should the engine rev/min exceed a preset limit, transmits a signal to close the air intake shut-off valve to stop an over-speeding diesel engine. Used on vehicles and stationary engines in the harsh Canadian climate, the compact and durable switches work with both 12V or 24V power and with a choice of speed input options. Encapsulated against fuel, moisture and dirt, they have a -30C to +75C operating temperature range. Engine speed is monitored either via a magnetic pick-up mounted on the engine's flywheel housing or a pulse signal from the alternator. Having automatic reset, a local trip indicator, screw terminals to facilitate installation and an aluminium frame for ruggedness, they are compatible with Chalwyn energised-to-stop SVX valves or an air pressure system com

Mathcad Solves Vital Engineering Calculation Needs

PTC's Mathcad 15.0 engineering calculation software, available from Adept Scientific, enables customers to improve the documentation of calculations throughout the product development process. Enhanced capabilities help customers to solve pressing engineering calculation needs. Mathcad 15.0 includes more than 25 new functions, new reference libraries and integration with third-party tools, including the latest version of Microsoft Excel. The Mathcad 15.0 integration with existing engineering platforms such as Pro/Engineer, as well as with PTC's Windchill solutions, Windchill PDMLink and Windchill Productpoint, enables the better management of critical engineering content, making it easier to share and reuse information leading to standardisation and best practices. According to Philip Leitch of PRL Software, the Design of Experiment (DoE) fitting functions will help save time evaluating large sets of data. There are more than 25 new functions to reduce the time and expense of

Transformer Ohmmeter Features Fast Test Technology

Megger's new MTO210 transformer ohmmeter is suitable for measuring the DC resistance of magnetic winding and for checking the operation of on-load tap changers. Incorporating patented Fast Test technology, the MTO210 is said to make it easy to measure the DC resistance of all types of magnetic winding rapidly, safely and accurately. The Fast Test technology has been specifically developed to stabilise the test current in the shortest possible time, thereby reducing test times. Further time-saving features include dual-channel operation, which allows the resistances of transformer primary and secondary windings to be measured simultaneously, and bi-directional current output capabilities that allow users to take advantage of any existing magnetisation in the winding core to aid rapid current stabilisation. When used to check the contact resistance of make-before-break tap changes and voltage regulators, the MTO210 provides a fast indication of pitted or misaligned contacts. As a f

PRT Modules Are Ready To Install For Wind Turbines

The Iglidur PRT modules provide a ready-to-install solution for applications such as in semiconductor and cleanroom applications, assembly lines, wind turbines, production facilities and robots. The Igus slewing ring uses two self-lubricating, low-friction polymer sliding elements in place of the ball bearings - a cost-effective, low noise and highly wear resistant solution that is maintenance free. All housing parts are made of aluminium and use stainless-steel screws. The polymer elements contain solid lubricant so it does not require additional lubrication. The polymer also makes it resistant to chemical aggressors and features moisture absorption and good vibration-dampening properties. The Iglidur PRT slewing ring bearing system is available in a range of sizes, with outside diameters of 20, 30, 60, 100, 200 and 300mm.

SKF Supplies Oil And Wiper Seals For Motorcycles

SKF has won a contract to supply ZF Sachs Italy with 140,000 oil and wiper seals each year, to be used on the forks of high-performance motorcycles. SKF developed a new material to meet the specific requirements of ZF Sachs, featuring a special formulation that allows the seals to provide long-lasting self lubrication during operation. The seals eliminate stick and slip effects to enable high oil retention and prevent contamination from dirt and dust. Laboratory tests proved that the SKF seals could reduce friction by more than 20 per cent in comparison to competing products. As the rider is in direct connection with the front suspension system through the handlebar, the smoothness of the fork movement is said to be highly perceptible. In particular, pilots experienced an improved degree of smoothness that resulted in more accurate and comfortable riding during field tests with the SKF seals.

Procter Launches Modular Machine Guarding System

Procter 's Angel modular machine guarding system is suitable for factories applying lean manufacturing principles where there is often a need to rearrange the production facility to eliminate waste. The Angel system is offered with a range of standard components, although customised components can also be specified for delivery in a matter of days. The system is designed to be attractive and to enhance the visual appearance of the working environment. The company claims that, unlike other perimeter guarding systems, Angel provides complete design freedom in that guarding can be configured to suit any machine or factory layout. This is because the fencing panels can be manufactured to any size and the use of round posts means that panels can be fixed at any angle - not just straight or at right angles. Patented Universal Brackets enable multiple panels to be attached to a single post, which gives greater scope for creating the ideal guarding configuration or combination of guardin