Tyco Unveils Amp Netconnect Fire Survival Cables

The Amp Netconnect business unit of Tyco Electronics has launched a range of fire survival fibre-optic cable. Designed for use in installations such as tunnels, subways and other mission-critical areas where signal continuity during a fire is required, the cable combines rodent resistant glass yarns with an inner universal low-smoke zero-halogen (ULSZH) jacket, corrugated steel tape armour (CST) and an outer ULSZH jacket.

The cable is tested in accordance with IEC60331-25: circuit integrity, and is able to maintain a signal while being subjected to flame temperatures of 750C for 90min. The Amp Netconnect fire survival cable is compliant with the following standards: IEC 60794 - optical fibre cable; IEC 60331-25 - circuit integrity: optical fibre cables; IEC 60332 parts 1 and 3C - tests on optical fibre cables under fire conditions; IEC 61034 - smoke density; IEC 60754 - halogen acid gas emissions; ISO 11801 - generic cabling for customer premises.


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