Cutwel Tool Catalog Enables Easy Selction

Cutwel's cutting tool/tool holder catalogue has been designed so that buyers, engineers and designers can select cutting tools and tool holders via a unique order code. Each of the seven sections lists the choice of tools available and contains a technical guidance section, showing recommended cutting data speeds and feeds, as well as areas of application. The catalogue has added link pages for ease of use and contains a number of additions, including a machine-tool-accessories section showing spindle tooling, VDI tooling, HSK, HSK ICTM and modular adaptors, as well as associated equipment such as ER collets, tap adapters, chucks and spares.

The drilling section features the highest performance drill in the Cutwel range, the i-Dream - a high-feed-rate penetration drill - and the MQL, which is particularly suitable for drilling hole depths of 20x diameter. Both can achieve reamed tolerance hole dimensions. New products include: PCD and carbide grades PC8110 and NC9025 for HRSAs (heat-resistant super alloys); auto tools for small-parts machining; Jet Power and V7 mill for the solid-carbide milling of stainless steels, Inconel, titanium, alloy steels, tool steels and cast irons.

The indexable milling section details the Rich Mill range of cutters, T-slot cutters and modular tooling with long-reach adaptors. Thread making covers all standard thread sizes and features solid-carbide thread mills with a range of metric and imperial taps.


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