Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pulse transformer technology for isolating I/O signals offers significant advantages over optical isolation and electromechanical relays. Most notably, pulse transformer I/O modules provide higher transient immunity and high input-to-output isolation.

The high transient immunity means the Weidmuller - Delcon I/O modules are ideal for I/O applications where electrical noise is a problem. No additional suppression components are needed even when used with long unshielded signal cables, inductive loads or ‘noisy’ power lines.

The limitations of optocoupler based solid-state relays disappear when pulse transformer I/O modules are used. For instance, the standard AC output module SLO 24TR has near zero leakage current; requires no minimum load; can be used with any power factor 0 to 1; is rated for both general use and inductive loads at 3A; and is immune to both load line and signal line spikes.

• virtually no off-state leakage currents
• high current and high voltage DC output versions
• Wide operating temperature range from -25°C to +70°C
• compact packaging
• optional rail mounting base
• high surge current rating
• fast switching
• large selection of input and output types
• industry standard pin connection
• cULus listed

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No challenge is too great or single application too small. From industrial plants to OEMs to municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities, Lenze pump solutions are hard at work. Versatile and robust, our industrial drives and controls are cost-effective and low-maintenance. Our focus is on variable speed flow and pressure control so whatever your specific application requires, Lenze has the drives and controls to match form, fit and function.

Centrifugal pumps
Centrifugal, or Variable Torque pumps, are used in a wide range of commercial, industrial and municipal applications. Throttling valves are a common flow control method. Compared to a throttling valve, the lower power requirements of the SMVector VFD provide a greater energy savings. Operating at 75% flow reduces power demand by over 50% with an SMVector Drive, while a throttling valve requires about 90%.

Typical applications
•Chilled and Hot Water Pumps
•Condenser Water Pumps
•Booster Pumps
•Potable Water Pumps
•Chemical Pumps

Constant Torque pumps
Most Constant Torque pumps are also referred to as Positive Displacement (PD) Pumps. Using a VFD in these applications eliminates waste as the VFD tightly controls the volume pumped. While most VFDs are close to 100% starting torque, the SMVector Series offers 200% starting torque, allowing you to overcome the initial load. As a result, you can decrease the size of motor you are using, thus reducing the cost of the application.

Typical applications
•Metering Pumps
•Dosing Pumps
•Pumping highly viscous fluids or highly frictional loads
•Gentle fluid handling

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

When dealing with the core elements of a system with a large risk potential, it is especially critical to have the best system solution in place. Our SIL relays reliably switch off your systems in critical situations – and they have all been accredited. Let's connect.

Whether for a burner control system, secure emergency shut down or, for example, for pump controllers – our safety relay guarantees safe conditions and encompasses highly superior and significant features.

Their integration into distributed control systems (DCSs) is even better, with an input filter which makes the SIL circuit immune to the test impulse which is typically used by a DCS. You will also benefit from simple maintenance: the fuses are accessible from the outside and can easily be changed. You can see the status of the safety and the monitoring devices clearly on the displays mounted directly to the device.

All devices are accredited though certification by the internationally recognised TÜV-NORD group – for secure process applications around the globe. Let's connect.

Safe process and power technology is a top priority for you. For example, a reliable emergency shutdown, which initiates appropriate countermeasures in hazardous situations, is indispensable. These might extend to the automatic shutdown of the system or subsystems within it.

As a specialist in industrial connectivity, we offer a comprehensive solution for safety-sensitive areas, from the control room through to the field.

The SAFESERIES SIL relay is ideally suited for use in safetyrelated applications. It is designed for low and high demand modes.

With the wide range input voltage in the protective circuit of 24 V UC to 230 V UC, for example, you can control back-up systems with high DC voltage. You get additional flexibility for your applications with the optional “G3” coating for use in harsh environments.

The safe and reliable coupling of measuring instruments, actuators and sub-assemblies to the safety-relevant signal circuit is handled by our VARITECTOR SPC, the lightning and surge protection for signal circuits. Certified for safety requirement level SIL 3 according to EN 61508, and accredited by TÜV NORD, it can easily be incorporated into your safety calculations.

Weidmüller‘s relay bases are remarkable for their secure connection systems and their ease of use during wiring and installation. Pluggable cross-connection and the extra-quick PUSH IN connection help you to further reduce wiring times. In combination with the established relay technology, our industrial relay modules provide users with excellent reliability and service convenience. The wide range of relay modules provides the right solution for every industrial application.

The RIDER SERIES and its RCI, RCM, RRD and RPW product lines have been successfully integrated into the entire Weidmüller line of relay products. This modular-designed product series formally complies with international standards. A variety of pluggable versions are available with from one to four CO contacts and your choice of connection method.

Our innovative relay bases with PUSH IN connection systems are available for both the RCI/RCL and RCM product lines. PUSH IN technology is safe and easy to use and it allows you to reduce costs with less wiring time. The relay modules are designed for industrial applications and feature sturdy relay pins and industrialstandard pinning. A mechanically operated, stay-down test button is integrated into the design. It enables switching statuses to be simulated during initial commissioning. Additional product features include LED status indicators and free-wheel diodes (DC).

Our relay kits are particularly convenient to use. They include the relay module with status display and the base with ejection lever. The kits are delivered fully assembled and with completely tested
functionality. This saves time during assembly and educes the number of products required.

Monday, January 27, 2014

A special feature of the MCZ SERIES is its low profile shape. With a width of only 6 mm, it is particularly well suited for decentralized usage in sub-distribution boards and terminal boxes. You can reduce the installation time by 50 % compared to conventional methods when you use the tension clamp connection and the ZQV 4N pluggable cross-connection on three voltage potential points.

The MCZ TRAK components, which have been developed for the rail industry to comply with the requirements of EN 50155 and EN 61373, are a special highlight. All components have been specially designed to function reliably in temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 °C (and +85 °C for ten minutes). The MCZ TRAK components feature a painted switching element that protects it from condensation which occurs from temperature fluctuations.

The component input circuitry is designed to tolerate on-board voltage fluctuation of -30 to +25 % and ±40 % for 0.1 s (typical for rail applications) without malfunctioning.The MCZ TRAK components also withstand voltage interruptions of over 10 ms without triggering an outage (in compliance with Class S2). In addition, the vibration requirements according to EN 61373/requirements category 1/class B are fulfilled without malfunction or contact interruption. With all of these properties combined, the MCZ TRAK components are a very sturdy and reliable solution for decentralized applications. And not only in the rail industry – they should be used in other industries where conditions are too extreme for conventional components.

The MICROOPTO family offers the customer high-quality optos and solid-state relays for application-oriented problem solutions. All products are designed in the space-saving 6 mm terminal size. The new solid-state relay can be connected in the output circuits of control systems and feedback control modules for selective activation of inductive loads up to 24 V DC/10 A, such as solenoid valves, contactors etc. The error controlled output monitors short-circuts and, if necessary, switched off; a potential-free signalling contact provides feedback to the control system – the system can be shut down in a controlled manner for error rectification.

The powerful output of the MICROOPTO SOLENOID switches 10 A at 55 °C. The product can be used worldwide thanks to international approvals: CE, cULus and GL.

The MICROOPTO SOLENOID solid-state relay is used specifically as a switching amplifier for actuators up to 24 V DC and 10 A with inductive loads such as solenoid valves and contactors. A potential-free signalling contact transmits errors, such as short circuits, to the controller. The MICROOPTO SOLENOID solid-state relay is short-circuit-proof and protected against power-related transients and voltage peaks by extensive protective circuits. The closed housing also offers a high level of protection against contact.

The solid state relay MICROOPTO 300 V DC has been developed as a switching amplifier for high inductive loads up to 300V DC and 1 A in motor brakes and contactors. A power boost in the load circuit compensates transient overloads (20 A for 20 ms / 5A for 1s) such as making or breaking spikes. Additional protective circuits counter higher overloads.

The solid-state relay MICROOPTO ACTOR has been specifically designed as a switching amplifier for actuators up to 24 V DC and 2 A with inductive loads such as solenoid valves and contactors. 3-wire actuators can be connected directly to the module. This is short-circuit proof and protected against application-related transients and spikes by extensive protective circuitry.

Electronic CO contacts are used anywhere output signals need to be changed over. For this purpose, the input signal is directly switched through to the output side and inverted; as a result, the opto module can also be used as a pure inverter. The advantage over electromechanical relays lies in the wear-free switching and the possibility of releasing high switching frequencies.

A special interior circuit in the opto module MICROOPTO 100 kHz ensures that rapidly transmitted signals are isolated from one another and that they can be transferred practically without delay. This allows switching frequencies up to 100 kHz to be achieved. Comprehensive suppressor circuits safeguard the module against conducted transients and voltage spikes.

To adjust sensitive TTL signals to the typical voltage level of 24 V DC used in industrial automation applications, the MICROOPTO TTL modules are used. For the protection of the electronics, the sensitive TTL signals require electrical isolation from the 24 V world. To control the optical coupler circuit via the 5 V TTL signal, an additional auxiliary voltage is fed in.

The TERMOPTO opto modules are characterised by a particularly compact design, pluggable cross-connections and an optimal price-performance ratio.

TERMOPTO offers a compact, electronic alternative to the electromechanical relay for electrical isolation and signal conditioning. Instead of an electromechanical solution that is susceptible to wear, a maintenance-free and compact terminal block with integrated electrical isolation is used. This saves space, reduces the amount of servicing and increases system availability. In addition, the overall accessory needs are reduced, because cross-connectors and markers from the terminal portfolio can be used.

Compact design reduces space requirements in the switching cabinet by > 80 % compared to conventional relay solutions. Wear-free semiconductor switches and extensive protective circuits ensure long service life and reliable switching cycles. LED status indicator provides information on the switching state. Closed design for space-saving, side-by-side arrangement. No end plate necessary; the electronics are mechanically protected. PUSH IN screwless connection system and the pluggable cross-connection reduce wiring time by > 50 %.

The TERMOPTO opto module is used in industrial applications in which electrical isolation and signal conditioning without switching amplification is sufficient.

The compact design in terminal-block format saves space on the rail and offers the option of a pluggable cross connection.

The choice between 10 input voltages and 3 output voltages as well as between screw or PUSH IN connection technology gives 60 variations for different applications.

The integrated protective circuit ensures sufficient protection in applications with resistive as well as slightly inductive and capacitive loads. For purely inductive, capacitive or comparable loads with high switch-on and switch-off peaks, such as solenoid valves or filament lamps, ensure that the module is dimensioned appropriately or an additional safeguard is used.

Weidmuller’s TERMSERIES offers innovative pluggable electromechanical and solid-state relays equipped with one or two changeover contacts housed in a slim 6.4 mm or 12.8 mm design with matching profiles that can be combined as required in the customer’s application and reliably switch loads of up to 8A at 250V.

Depending on the application customers can choose between products with a fixed voltage input or Weidmuller’s unique multi-voltage input which allows conditioning signals from 24V up to 230V AC/DC with just one module.

A distinctive status display is available through integrated fiber-optic technology that completely illuminates the ejector. The ejector also ensures the safe removal of the switching element.

The versions with single and dual changeover contacts as well as screw clamp and tension clamp terminals have the same profile and can be jumpered with each other with easy to use cross connectors. Well thought out accessories such as isolation plates used to visibly group signals, electrically isolate two modules for up to 400V, or to add labels for enhanced marking options make this product family a well rounded offering.

• Slim design with 6.4 mm or 12.8 mm width
• 1 CO and 2 CO contact versions
• Screw clamp and tension clamp technology
• Input voltages from 5 up to 230V
• Unique multi-voltage input version for 24V-230V AC/DC
• Distinctive fiber-optic illuminated status display
• 5 cross connection levels
• Clear marking
• Pluggable relays and SSRs
• Wide range of accessories
• CE and cULus approved