EMKA Swinghandles Available In Padlock Versions

EMKA has introduced padlock versions of its 1107 and 1125 Swinghandles and slim-line 2100 programme. These are suitable for situations where a padlocking facility is required in corrosive environments and make life easier for specifiers/designers, fabricators and operators of specialist enclosures. Stainless-steel padlockable through-pillars, with reinforced polyamide bodies, provide a simple-to-fit solution as part of the structured EMKA system.

These items complement the stainless steel EMKA L-handle with padlock capability and the quarter-turn key lock, which all accept standard UK hasps of 3/16 to 3/8in (4.76 to 9.53mm). European padlock sizes of 4.5 to 10mm are accommodated with appropriate variants. The ability to padlock cabinets with one or more locks for safety and security is important where high voltages or otherwise dangerous or sensitive equipment is housed.


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