Tuesday, July 24, 2007

EnergAir has released a free guide to reducing costs in compressed air systems. Challenge Convention in Compressed Air details several ways to improve the energy efficiency of compressed air systems. Aimed at plant managers, site maintenance managers and energy managers the intention is to help address preconceived ideas about compressed air generation (one of the major energy costs to industry) that are currently the cause of huge amounts of energy waste, the alternatives can add literally tens of thousands on the bottom line.

'The industry needs to challenge convention on compressed air in order to realise the savings that can be made', according to Peter Tomlins of EnergAir UK. EnergAir believes that it can provide vital knowledge regarding the purchasing and integration of variable speed compressors, compressor sizing, balancing system pressure, providing visibility of actual energy consumption, and monitoring saving when changes are made, information that would not normally be available to individual plant and maintenance managers.

The brochure also contains real examples of how savings have been made by leading UK manufacturers such as Britvic and the equipment used to achieve those savings. The guide also aims to dispel some myths about how much difference new equipment can make without being properly integrated and offers advice on how to get the best from an existing compressor installation. The EnergAir guide to reducing the running costs of compressed air systems is available in paper format free from EnergAir and as a high-resolution pdf from the company website.