Sharp Launches High-Color-Rendering LED Range

Sharp is supplementing its LED lighting portfolio with three Doubledome white, high-colour-rendering (HCR), high-performance LEDs. The Doubledome LEDs already provide suitable light for energy efficient lighting without secondary optics. The light conversion layer of the Doubledome LEDs is based on a two-phase development procedure especially developed by Sharp for this purpose. A layer of phosphorous for the conversion of white light is applied in a first step. The installation of the globe top made from transparent silicone in a second step makes light extraction possible without spreading loss.

A high-quality ceramic plate serves as the LED carrier material instead of the plastic materials that are traditionally used. Sharp said this allows efficient heat dissipation and helps to keep the required cooling element small. The HCR LEDs reach the high colour rending index (CRI) value of 85 through the combination of blue LEDs with a blend of green and red phosphorous. The SMD LEDs from the GM2BBxxBM0C series ensure high colour fastness and attention to detail, which are vital everywhere where light must distort the depiction of objects.

Typical applications for HCR LEDs include photography, shop windows, shop lighting and merchandise presentation, as well as in medical technology. As different applications also require different lighting concepts, the Doubledome series is available in three different shades of white: 'Warm White' with 3,000K, 'Natural White' with 4,000K and 'Pure White' with 5,000K. In combination with the high CRI values, the HCR LEDs from Sharp are approximately equivalent to conventional fluorescent tubes with regard to their efficiency, colour temperature and CRI. The HCR LEDs therefore already correspond to the requirements of the Energy Star programme.

Sharp's Doubledome LEDs, which are solderable according to the reflow method, are scarcely bigger than the head of a match. Due to its low space requirements of 2.8 x 2.8 x 1.9mm, the LED series GM2BBxxBM0C is suitable for a range of applications that require a high degree of brightness in combination with compact design. The 'Double Dome' series is already tried and tested and used in large volumes in the LED backlighting of LCD televisions and is particularly predestined for applications in surface lighting such as the ceiling lighting of office rooms and factories. Other typical application areas include sales area lighting, street lighting, architectural lighting and display lighting.


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