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ACS550 stocked 3R irrigation drives, 15 to 200 hp

Easy to use drives that provide reliable pump control are vital to the health of your crops and your bottom line. ABB drives help you protect your investment by safeguarding your system and enabling it to run efficiently to provide the value and dependability you demand. What you choose matters. Whether you are saving energy or converting power for your well or booster pump, your system requires optimized control. In the event of a pump system failure, minimizing downtime is imperative. ABB manufactures drives in the U.S. and stocks them locally for efficient delivery, and provides 24/7 technical support - because protecting your investment is our priority, too. Keeping costs under control is important in any industry. You likely realize that diesel generators are only 40% efficient and require continual refueling, which becomes a very expensive solution. When you leverage Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), you inherently save energy by applying electronic variable speed control

Modbus Couplers Offer Seamless Communication

WAGO’s new Modbus Couplers enable Modbus RTU or Modbus ASCII communications within a distributed I/O architecture. The fieldbus couplers serve as a gateway between the WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM and higher level devices including PLCs and PCs. “Our 750-315/300 and 750-316/300 Modbus Couplers carry a full complement of worldwide certifications including hazardous location ratings and marine approvals making them ideal for a variety of applications,” says Charlie Norz, Product Manager WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM. “The speed of data transmission can be configured between 1.2 Kbaud to 115.2 Kbaud. The couplers also support over 247 node addresses providing abundant connectivity to multiple devices on the network.” Available in two versions (RS-485 or RS-232) the Modbus Couplers support over 500 WAGO I/O modules.

WAGO’s new line of PLC’s expands on the flexible multi-tasking, 750 series of programmable controllers.

Taking the 750 series to the next level, the PFC200 line offers advanced performance class programmable controllers. Programmable in accordance with IEC 61131-3, in the WAGO-I/O-PRO development environment, the PFC200 provides an easy to use environment for PLC programming and process visualization.     Performance Class Controller: 600 MHz ARM Cortex A8 processor offering high speed processing and support of 64 bit variables in a compact profile     Multiple fieldbus ports: Ethernet; MODBUS, TCP/UD/RTU, CAN port, PROFIBUS Slave, Smart Grid and Serial RS-232/RS-485     Built in Web Visualizations and support of mobile devices via Web Visu mobile application     NTP, SNMP, and secure HTTP and FTP compatibility supports multiple IoT functions     Flexible I/O configurations able to connect to over 400 of the 750 series I/O and specialty modules     Extensive 256 MB built in flash memory with SD card slot for up to 32 GB of memory     Smart grid communication support with extend

221 Series Splicing Connectors Offer Rapid Reliable Installation

WAGO introduces the next generation of its proven 222 LEVER-NUTS® splicing connectors. The 221 Series saves 40% more space in the junction box providing simple, safer installation of solid, stranded and fine-stranded wires. The 221 simplifies electrical installation even in the most space-restricted applications. Advantages include: Transparent housing that makes it possible to verify proper insertion and strip length Operating levers can be manipulated using noticeably less force Permissible nominal current of 20 A with a nominal voltage of 600 V Conveniently accessible test slots, in the wire-entry face and one opposite for easy testing The 221 Series is available in 2-, 3- and 5-wire connectors and can safely connect wires ranging from AWG 12 to 24 (0.14 to 4 mm2). These options provide reliable connectivity for applications ranging from building technology, lighting connections, blind motors, wiring of intercom systems, door and gate control systems as well as motors and

Digital Display and Output Signals to Monitor Flow

A digital flow switch monitors and displays instantaneous and accumulated flow, and transmits output signals when critical set points are detected.  Switch outputs can trigger machine controls to continue or stop operation, indicate an emergency condition, or signal a maintenance requirement.  A comprehensive set of functions is available in a compact, space-saving package.     Suitable fluids include air or nitrogen     A flow ratio of 100:1 with maximum values of 200, 500, or 1000 L/min     2 switch outputs available, or 1 switch output along with an analog current or voltage output     CE, UL/CSA (200L type only), RoHS compliance     Optimize response time with 1 of 5 settings from 0.05 to 2.0 seconds     Protect settings with key lock and password code security functions

Rotary Table with Electronic Motion Control

Rotation can be a critical motion in many manufacturing processes.  Multiple assembly operations may be required, requiring rotation to access each one.  Perhaps the application needs to index identical items through a repeating process, such as filling or injecting.  Another example would be rotating an object onto another conveyance path or into a workstation.  SMC's well-regarded pneumatic actuator, the MSQ rotary table, now has an electrical equivalent.  Introducing the Series LER Electric Rotary Table. The LER has a clean industrial design, with an enclosure base for the motor and ballscrew drive, fitted on top with a rotary bearing supporting the work table. The work table's surface features 6 radial mounting points and a toleranced positioning hole.  The shaft axis is hollow, allowing for wiring or piping.  Actuator and system features include:     3 motor and body sizes     Basic or high precision bearing options     Basic or high torque drives     90°, 180°, o

Special rocker valve construction offers the lowest pumping possible

The life science valve market is driven by the need for precision, the ability to handle multiple types of contaminants, and the ability to isolate flow paths and understand the importance of dead volume.  Series LVM is a two or three port valve, that meets these requirements. This specialty valve has an isolation diaphragm that exists across the top of the internal valve chamber.  It hermetically seals the flow path.  The ability to seal this flow path means that it then provides a sterile flow path.  In applications where contamination of the media can simply not happen (chemicals, gases, liquids), the LVM is an ideal solution. The SMC Quick Reference Guide makes the LVM easy to order. Orifice diameters, pressure rating, voltage, materials, and dead volume can be found quickly.

DC UPS with adjustable output voltage

General power outages or unexpected shut-downs can cause damage and high costs in control systems. This can be avoided by using a DC UPS. In the DIMENSION UB20 series, PULS offers a new DC UPS for universal use for output currents up to 20 A. The unit, only 46 mm wide, can be used with batteries between 3.9 Ah and 130 Ah and is thus suitable not only as short-term back-up power for controlled shut-down after a power outage, but also as emergency power feed until the fault can be rectified by the service staff. In contrast to conventional DC UPS, the buffer voltage of the UB20 can be set between 22.5 V and 26 V and thus the unit is also suitable for systems which are sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Two series-connected 12 V batteries, which are individually charged and monitored, are used as back-up power. This enhances the life of the batteries and avoids the need of matched batteries when a replacement is necessary. The UB20 is self-explanatory, easy to operate and has extensive

CPS20: The smallest 480W, 1-phase DIN-rail power supply on the market

PULS once again set a new standard for future power supplies with the new CPS20-series. These units require only 65mm space on the DIN-rail and reliably deliver 24V, 20A or 48V, 10A for a very cost effective price. The power is available over a wide temperature range from -25°C to +60°C. Additionally, there are power reserves of 20% included, which may even be used continuously at temperatures up to +45°C. For short-term peak loads with a maximum length of 15ms, the units can deliver four times the nominal output current. This also helps to trip fuses on faulty output branches. All units of the CPS20-series are equipped with the HiccupPLUS overload behavior, a balanced power management, which in normal operation mode provides generous power reserves but effectively protects connected equipment and cables against damage in the event of failure. Other features of these units include: 94% full-load efficiency, excellent partial-load efficiencies and low no-load losses, active PFC, high

PISA11 Protection Modules now Approved for NEC Class 2 Circuits

PISA11 protection units can be used to cost-effectively design four NEC Class 2 branch circuits using just one power supply and one PISA module. For small currents up to 2A, PISA11.401 and PISA11.402 are sufficient. When an output close to the maximum 100W NEC Class 2 limit is required, the specially developed PISA11.CLASS2 is the ideal solution. All outputs on these three PISA modules are classified as "Limited Power Source" (LPS) circuits according to the IEC/EN 60950-1 and therefore meet the requirements for NEC Class 2 circuits. The PISA modules can be supplied by power supplies of any power class. During the event of an overload or system failure, the maximum current is limited for a specific time, subsequently all four outputs on the PISA module shutdown. The outputs can be turned on again by pressing the push button on the front of the module or by applying an external control voltage. The internal protection mechanism in the PISA modules is redundantly designed, mea

Cost-Optimized Controller for Mobile Applications

ifm electronic has launched the SmartController in response to market demand for a low-cost mini controller for mobile applications. As well as being used as the main controller for small machines or applications, the 32-bit SmartController is also suited for use as an intelligent I/O module for decentralised preprocessing of sensor signals in complex control systems. Networking of the modules with the CANopen protocol on the powerful CAN bus allows quick implementation of the application. Two integrated CANopen interfaces serve for the flexible and powerful extension of the system with further I/O or control modules. Also, the exchange of SAE J 1939 engine data and CANopen data is easy to carry out via these interfaces.     Analog and digital I/Os with diagnostic function for mobile applications     For use as intelligent I/O module with integrated control function     2 CAN interfaces with CANopen and SAE J1939 protocol     Freely programmable with CODESYS 2.3 to IEC 61131   

One for All - a Single Inductive Sensor for Three Applications

This newly developed generation of inductive sensors is the first to present one sensor that can be used for three different applications. Whether in factory automation, in applications with coolants and lubricants or in mobile applications – the new ifm technology platform distinguishes itself with universal and permanent usability while guaranteeing high performance, temperature stability and higher sensing ranges. A large temperature range of -40...85 °C and protection ratings IP 65, IP 66, IP 67, IP 68 and IP 69K guarantee maximum reliability. This new generation meets the user’s increased machine uptime requirements while offering a reliable switching function that assures the avoidance of standstills. All in all, a universal sensor for permanent use.     Large temperature range for greater flexibility     Protection rating IP 65 to IP 69K for increased machine uptime     Quick and easy set-up thanks to M12 connector     Increased sensing ranges assuring reliable detection

See Objects with ifm's 3D Smart Sensor - Your Assistant on Mobile Machines

ifm introduces the 3D Smart Sensor with patented photonic mixing device (PMD) technology. ifm’s 3D Smart Sensor uses Time-of-Flight distance measurement and PMD technology to identify an object in its field of view, capturing the entire object in three dimensions. The 3D Smart Sensor is your assistant on mobile machines, providing critical information for distance monitoring, obstacle detection, collision avoidance and area surveillance. Long Range Detection – The 3D Smart Sensor can identify multiple targets, moving or stationary, and report back their location, size, speed and relative trajectory at a sensing range of up to 35 meters. Large Field of View – Provided by the 3D Smart Sensor’s 70° x 23° objective lens. Robust and Reliable – The 3D Smart Sensor is built to withstand shock, vibration, temperature fluctuations and moisture. Easy Set-up – The 3D Smart Sensor’s ‘Vision Assistant’ software enables the user to quickly establish application parameters.     Applications     O

CA18CA Series Capacitive Sensors with ECOLAB Approval and Optional Alarms

CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the expansion of their new 4th Generation TRIPLESHIELD™ CA18CA Capacitive Proximity Sensors with the addition of the new M18 CA18CA Series. In addition to greatly improved immunity to dust, humidity, and electromagnetic interference (EMI), the CA18CA Series includes diagnostic alarms and two LEDs for better reliability and simplified troubleshooting during installation. The Carlo Gavazzi TRIPLESHIELD™ design, now in its 4th generation, continues a tradition of providing the best EMI immunity of any capacitive sensor on the market. In addition to improved compensation for dust and humidity, an optional Dust Alarm Output gives an early warning of accumulation on the face of the sensor. The CA18CA Series is designed for harsh environments, providing IP67 and IP69K protection, ECOLAB approval for chemical resistance, and rated to withstand temperatures up to 248ºF (120°C). An optional Temperature Alarm Output warns the user if the sensing face surface e

RF1 Series Compact Solid State Relays

CARLO GAVAZZI is proud to announce the launch of our new RF1 Series Compact Solid State Relay. The RF1 Series provides compact solid state switching suited for applications with confined space. Long lifetime is ensured by CARLO GAVAZZI’s new assembly technology that significantly reduces stresses of the power semiconductor. The RF1 Series is ideally suited for applications where trouble free operation is required for a large number of cycles and where space is limited. The RF1 Series occupies only 30% of the panel space typically required for a standard panel mounted (hockey puck) SSR, it’s merely 36 x 21 x 24mm (H x W x D). The RF1 Series is designed for control of resistive loads. The zero switching type (RF1A), switches ON when the voltage crosses the AC sine wave’s zero crossover point. The instant-ON type (RF1B), switches on at the instant when control voltage is applied. Integrated transils provide protection against over-voltage. A green LED indicates the presence of control v

GMB/GSB Series UL489 and UL1077 Circuit Protectors

CARLO GAVAZZI has launched a new range of Miniature Circuit Breakers for up to 480Y/277VAC systems: GMB Series UL489 MCBs for Branch Circuit Protection and GSB Series UL1077 MCBs for Supplementary Circuit Protection. The GMB Series are UL489, AC miniature molded circuit breakers, which provide reliable protection for a wide range of applications including branch circuit protection of HACR equipment, power supplies, transformers, motors, receptacles and other equipment. 1, 2 and 3 pole arrangements are available, ranging from 0.5A to 63A, with short circuit interrupt capacity of 10kA. The GMB Series circuit breakers are cUL listed and conform to IEC standard EN-60947-2. The GSB Series are UL1077 AC supplementary circuit protectors, which offer overcurrent protection for specific applications where branch circuit protection is already provided by another device or is not required. They are available in 1, 2, 3 and 4-pole variations, ranging from 1 to 63Amps and have a short circuit int

MELSEC iQ-R, Enabling Manufacturers to Achieve a High Speed, Information Driven, Operation

Mitsubishi Electric is pleased to announce that its revolutionary next generation iQ Platform, the iQ-R Controller Series is now available. Today’s manufacturing environment is already complex and fraught with competitive challenges, but tomorrow, the year after and four years after that will be even more taxing, especially as manufacturers contemplate concepts such as Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT). However, with Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory concept re-enforced with the new iQ-R series, manufacturers can approach these challenges better prepared and can get ahead of their competitors, while benefiting from iQ-R’s advanced concepts and designs purporting to over 47 new patents – iQ-R is truly revolutionary. Protection of your business, knowhow and manufacturing processes are increasingly important and iQ-R has been designed to meet these needs bringing peace of mind to its users. The continuing threat from external unauthorized access to control systems has led Mitsubis

ABB Protects More Motors Than Ever Before With Its Range of Compact and Efficient Soft Starters

ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, is supplying PSTX soft starters to Xylem, a company committed to the efficient use, conservation and reuse of water. The South African branch of Xylem, supplying the mining industry with equipment to pump floodwater, sees benefits of ABB’s PSTX soft starters beyond the way they start motors, including reductions in panel size by 50 percent; installation time by 70 percent; and costs by 50 percent. Like many owners or providers of motor applications, Xylem was looking for a motor starting system with all the functions they required built in. With ABB’s PSTX range, Xylem’s wishes have been fulfilled. With many protection features built in, the PSTX range provides a robust, compact and simple to install soft starter that has helped Xylem reduce the number of components in its panels by 80 percent. “It is satisfying that our technology solution has supported Xylem’s productivity to the extent it has. Their panels are now roughly h

We Have Introduced CMOS Laser Sensor with Built-in Amplifier ZX0.

A CMOS image sensor combines with a step-less laser power adjustment algorithm to produce stable detection of all types of workpieces from black rubber with low reflectivity to stainless steel and other highly glossy materials. The use of a CMOS image sensor ensures high resolution and enables detection of small level differences. An extremely narrow laser beam spot ensures detection of small workpieces. Stable Detection of Level Differences in the Order of 0.1 mm     Dependable detection without being influenced by color, material, or surface conditions.     Stable detection of small level differences or small workpieces.     Models with different distance specifications for installation in essentially any location.     Easy setup with one button.     Compact design with built-in amplifier to reduce installation work and space requirements.

We Have Introduced Switch Mode Power Supply S8FS-C

Do your power supplies stop due to unexpected external disturbances? You can increase your equipment operating rates by selecting Power Supplies that have a high resistance to external disturbances.  High Reliability at a Reasonable Cost. Reliable, Basic Power Supplies That Contribute to Stable Equipment Operation.     High Reliability: Enhanced abnormal overvoltage resistance and lightning surge resistance for stable operation even with an unstable input voltage.     Long Life: Japanese 105°C electrolytic capacitors are used to achieve stable quality and long life. A reliable 3-year warranty.     Wide Input Ranges: 100 to 120 VAC and 200 to 240 VAC     Full Lineup: Models are available for the main output voltages and capacities used in FA applications.     Global Standards: Conforms to CE (all models), Approved for UL (all models) and CCC (15 to 150-W models).     Easy mounting to DIN Rails with Mounting Brackets (sold separately).

More than 150 pictures have taken part in artPhoto, the 1st Photography Contest of the Arteche Group.

The three categories, “Life and electricity”, “Infrastructure and electrical equipment” and “Arteche Products” have received photos from countries like Cuba, Mexico, Poland or England. 166 pictures have taken part in artPhoto, the 1st Photography Contest of the Arteche Group. All the images presented have captured the everyday use and social impact of electricity. artPhoto have been a complete success due to the amount of participation, which has surpassed our expectations, and the artistic and technic standards of the handed pictures. The “Infrastructures and electrical equipment” category has been the most demanded, receiving almost half of the pictures of the entire contest. “Lore”, the photo presented by Mikel Goikoetxea have won the award. The picture sent by Jose Antonio Zurutuza perfectly captured the everyday use and impact of electricity, so it has won the category “Life and electricity”. The awarded image of the “Arteche Product” category, entitled “Ensayando el TI óptico”

Arteche Sponsors the XIV International Electric Equipment Conference

Arteche sponsor the XIV International Electric Equipment Conference, held this week in the Euskalduna Convention Centre, in Bilbao, entitled “Smart Grids: Technology, Competitiveness, Regulation and new business models”. Mikel Fernández de Gamboa, Business Director of Smart Grid Arteche, will expose during the third session, “Advanced Distribution Networks, Information Management and Integration of Distributed Energy Resources”, the deep experience and knowledge cultured by Arteche on a key element for the Smart Grids: the Sensors.

More Arteche Auxiliary Relays Approved by UL

New arteche auxiliary relays have been approved by UL, an independent and leading company in certifying the safety of the products for the North American market. Arteche has extended the auxiliary relay’s certification to its sturdy latching relays, its instantaneous and latching relays with 16 contacts, its tripping relays, time lag relays and contactors. Arteche’s relays have been recognized by UL in conformity with the most demanding security requirements in the United States and Canada, having been tested to the highest standards in reliability, security, capacitance and performance under extreme conditions.

Oriental Motor Introduces KII Series Standard AC Motors With New Terminal Box

Oriental Motor USA is proud to introduce our new and improved Terminal Box for our 25 W (1/30 HP) ~ 90 W (1/8 HP) KII Series Standard AC motors. The new terminal box is now standard on all KII and KIIS Series AC motors and was designed to make wiring the terminal block easier. It is slimmer than our conventional products and the cable outlet can be rotated in 90° increments. The benefits of the KII Series motors includes twice the permissible torque compared to the World K Series and allows for downsizing to save space. Additional key features of the KII Series include higher strength, longer life gears to handle larger permissible loads and quieter operation. The new terminal box is now standard on all 25 W (1/30 HP) up to 90 W (1/8 HP) single-phase KII Series and 60 W (1/12 HP) and 100 W (1/8 HP) three-phase KIIS Series motors.

Oriental Motor Introduces PKP Standard 2-Phase Stepper Motor with NEW Oriental Motor Original Encoder and New Higher Torque PKPP22_ Series 28 mm (1.10 in.) Motor.

Oriental Motor is pleased to introduce our new 1.8° and 0.9° PKP Series 2-Phase stepper motor, the leading stepper motor in the market, now preassembled with new Oriental Motor Original Encoders. The new Original Encoder PKP Series is a complete product line introduction that includes both bipolar and unipolar motors. Specifications for the Oriental Motor Original Encoders are 3-channel, Incremental or Line Driver type, 200 p/rev for 1.8° and 400 p/rev for 0.9° type. To reduce electrical noise, a Line Driver type is also available. Additionally, new higher torque PKP22_ Series 28 mm (1.10 in.) stepper motors are also released. The PKP223 and PKP225 high torque stepper motors continue to lead the industry with the highest torque in a compact frame size at 28 mm (1.10 in.). The new PKP Series with new Oriental Motor Original Encoder is available in the following frame sizes: 20 mm (0.79 in.) to 56.4 mm (1.65 in.) in 1.8° motor type or 42 mm (1.65 in.) and 56.4 mm (2.22 in.) in 0.9° mot

Oriental Motor Introduces PKP Series Standard 2-Phase 1.8° and 0.9° Stepper Motor with Electromagnetic Brake

Oriental Motor is pleased to introduce our new 1.8° and 0.9° PKP Series 2-Phase stepper motor, the leading stepper motor in the market, now preassembled with new Oriental Motor’s Original Electromagnetic Brake. The new PKP Series stepper motors are now available with built-in power-off activated electromagnetic brakes. When power is accidentally cut off due to unexpected events, such as a black out, the electromagnetic brake holds the load in position to prevent it from moving. When the motor is at standstill, it can be held by the electromagnetic brake. The electromagnetic brake can also be used to suppress the heat generated from the motor by switching off the motor current and using the brake as the holding function. The new PKP Series stepper motors with Electromagnetic Brake type is available in both bipolar and unipolar configurations and in the following frame sizes: 35 mm (1.38 in.), 42 mm (1.65 in.) and 56.4 mm (2.22 in.). PKP26_ models (56.5 mm/2.22 in. frame size) comes wi

Pfannenberg Signaling Solutions comply to the European standard EN54-3

Providing effective fire alarms has gained prominence in recent years. A major reason of this concern is the increase of ambient noise also called "acoustic smog". The use of headsets, hearing protection and the consideration of deafness made the requirement of visual and acoustic alerts essential to save lifes when a dangerous situation occurs. In order to meet these needs, The European Standard EN54-23 is effective since January 2014 and now sets requirements, testing procedures and performance features for audible alarms. The general requirements and specifications are made regarding the range of the audible alarm thus giving a certified area. Every certified tone has to be measured independently due to varying sound pressure levels. In particular, the horizontal and vertical angle radiation characteristics of the signaling devices must be checked and defined for each individual tone allowing the total volume of area to be correctly alerted. This is an essential part of

Pfannenberg’s Signaling Devices compliant with the Seveso III Directive

Enhance Industrial Safety: with the SIL/PL-compliant Signaling Technology from Pfannenberg, plant operators can guarantee standard alerting in accordance with the Seveso III Directive. The EU Directive, Seveso III, is based on the catastrophic accident which occurred in the Italian town of Seveso in 1976 which prompted industrial companies that use dangerous chemicals to prevent and control such incidents. This can be achieved by installing appropriate industrial alerting and alarm systems.The amended Seveso III Directive has been enhanced and now stipulates that the authorities must do systematic assessments of all known plants with hazardous incidents as well as random inspections. Therefore, plant operators should, without fail, take the new legal situation into consideration when planning new plants – and check their existing plants for conformity to standards. The Chemical Industry is no longer the only one affected by the Seveso III Directive legal requirements. Indeed, dependi

On the way to Industry 4.0 with Pfannenberg's innovative Thermal Management Solutions

Pfannenberg will unveil its Thermal Management Solution with cloud-based remote monitoring at Europe’s leading exhibition for electric automation, SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg, Germany. Communication is provided by a compact device with an integrated SIM card, which receives the relevant data from the connected cooling units via Modbus - a Building Management Protocol - and transmits it to the cloud over a secure mobile telecommunication link without any need for access to the company's IT infrastructure. The solution developed in cooperation with T-Systems enables users or systems to retrieve status data, diagnostic information and alarm notifications from the cooling units, live and independent of location, through a web browser, or to integrate the data directly into their applications. From November 24-26th,  visitors will have the opportunity to see a working model on display at Stand #339 in Hall 5, and discuss this innovative Thermal Management solution with experts from Pf

High-Performance 5.7” HG2G HMI Series Now with UL Type 4X and Type 13 Approvals Ensuring Added Protection

With the addition of UL Type 4X and Type 13 approvals, IDEC high-performance 5.7” HG2G HMIs now provide a degree of protection against corrosion, dust, spraying water, oil, non-corrosive coolant, and damage from external ice formation. Suitable for applications in harsher conditions, especially where protection against corrosion is required, such as in oil and gas, food processing, marine, waste water treatment plants, bottling plants, and pharmaceuticals, the possibilities are endless! A super bright LCD screen (800cd/m²) with 65K colors provides crisp, vivid images and superior visibility, even in intense light or at an angle. These high-performance HMIs also allow you to remotely monitor and control your application from a PC, tablet or smart phone. This is an efficient way to troubleshoot, test and do maintenance regardless of your location. High-performance HG2G HMIs support an SD memory card and USB flash drive, giving you extra room to store and transfer project data, lo

IDEC releases RV8S Solid State Interface Relays

IDEC Corporation announces the addition of the RV8S solid state interface relays to its existing RV8 DIN rail product line. The RV8S features 100mA to 3A switching capability in a compact 6mm wide space. Other leading RV8S features include high switching cycles, extended operating life and high-speed load switching. A common application is as an interface device between a PLC or other controller outputs and a load with high power requirements. The RV8S can switch loads up to 240 VAC, and it has passed 100K cycles of UL Extended Endurance testing. Common uses of the RV8S include general load switching in control systems for assembly machines, solenoids, molding machines, and other applications requiring a high repetition rate. The RV8S has operate and release times which are much faster than electromechanical relays. Depending on the specific model, the operate time is as fast as 40µsec with a 200uS release time. The relay also generates no acoustic and far less electrical noise

IDEC Releases Safety Devices for Hazardous Areas

IDEC Corporation releases the EU2B family of safety devices including pushbuttons, pilot lights, E-stops and selector switches. These devices comply with ATEX, C-UL, IEC and the new UL/NEC 505 safety standards for use in hazardous areas. All the devices are fully sealed to prevent the release of sufficient electrical energy to ignite explosive gases or particles into the environment for which they are rated for use. The switches, lights and pushbuttons meet the following standards for installation and in use in areas with hazardous gases and vapors: ATEX, Category 2G and 3G; C-UL (Canada), Ex de IIB Hazardous Locations (no hydrogen); IEC, Zone 1 and 2; and UL/NEC 505, Zone 1 and 2. This means these devices can be used in areas where flammable gases and vapors are normally present 10-10,000 hours/year or less. The safety devices are IP65 rated for protection against water, and are available with exposed or finger-safe IP20 screw terminals. The EU2B pushbuttons are available in fl

IDEC Releases RL High Current 30A Relay

IDEC Corporation announces the addition of the RL family of high current electromagnetic relays to its existing relay line. There are forty different variations of the RL relay to fit a wide variety of applications. The single-pole version can switch up to 30A, and the two-pole version can switch up to 25A. Both versions can handle a 3HP/277Vac load. The RL was designed with the needs of the HVAC and energy management industries in mind, and is a particularly good fit in these demanding applications. Some specific application areas include switching of HVAC electric heating elements, HVAC ventilation and condenser fan motors, and commercial lighting. Two mounting options are available, flange mount and DIN rail. Unlike most competing products, the DIN rail version of the RL clips right onto a DIN rail and does not require the purchase of a socket or adapter, which often costs as much as the relay. This makes the DIN rail version much less expensive than competing products, often h

New FL1F, Too Smart to be a SmartRelay

Boasting completely new hardware with substantial upgrades, the compact and powerful FL1F SmartRelay series features a new CPU base module, new digital and analog expansion modules configurable up to 60 I/O and an improved Text Display Panel allowing configuration of twice as many lines and characters. And that’s just to start! Along with universal voltage, built-in analog inputs, real time clock and 10 Amp relay outputs, we’ve added additional features comparable to a micro PLC. This includes an embedded RJ45 Ethernet port so users can remotely monitor, download and upload programs from a web browser. No special programming cable required! And with an embedded micro SD port, data logging is now supported and the ability to store and transfer programs couldn’t be easier. Users want to monitor and control the SmartRelay from a smart phone and tablet? No problem. New SmartRelay Apps will be available in December for all iOS and Android devices. Extra enhancements include the abil