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Eaton’s New Compact XC152 PLC: Cost Efficient Integration in Modular Machine Building

Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation has launched a new compact PLC which supports intelligent and modular automation concepts with local PLCs and various communication interfaces such as SmartWire-DT, CANopen, RS232, RS485 or Profibus and Ethernet. The new XC152 provides a cost effective solution for all high performance PLC applications with a need for interface flexibility. The XC152 runs on the Windows CE 5 operating system and the CPU is implemented with a 32-bit 400MHz RISC processor. In addition to a 64MB internal memory (OS, program, data), an SD slot is provided for external storage. A Run Stop switch, Ethernet interface and USB Host are also included. The PLC is provided with either a CANopen (master/slave) or Profibus (DP/MPI master) interface with an optional SmartWire-DT master device also available. The compact PLC with WEB/remote server features an RS232 and/or RS485 interface depending on the communication interface variant. The following varian

A New FX3U-ENET-ADP FX3 Series Ethernet Adapter

Industrial networking is becoming increasingly important for many users, even down to the micro PLC level. The new FX3U-ENET-ADP Ethernet adapter is positioned as a cost-effective means of providing access to FX3 Series PLCs on an Ethernet network. The FX3U-ENET-ADP is packed with useful and time-saving features, such as a built-in data monitor utility providing PLC information on a web browser page, SNTP time setting, MC Protocol communications, and detailed network diagnostics built into GX Works2.

MR-J3 Servo Amplifier's Hallmark Performance Benefits Now Available Over EtherCAT

If you need TCO reducing, best-in-industry servo performance with an EtherCAT Master controller over CoE, the MR-J3 servo amplifier series now offers the 'MR-J3-A-RJ158' with 'MR-J3-T04' servo solution. This solves the need to achieve high performance and accurate control in combination with the high precision MR-J3 series servo motors, all over an EtherCAT network. The MR-J3-xxA-RJ158, offered as part of the MR-J3 family, is an AC servo drive designed to provide users with connectivity to Mitsubishi Electric high-performance servo amplifiers over EtherCAT communication. It connects with the MR-J3-T04 unit that is part of the required construct for the EtherCAT solution, and also houses the EtherCAT interface RJ45 connectors. With this solution, Mitsubishi Electric offers connectivity to EtherCAT master controllers over CANopen or CoE protocols along with the CiA402 drive profile application communication. The drive can run control modes including position, speed a

New L Series Single & Dual-Axis Positioning Modules

The L Series is Mitsubishi's newest controller line, donning an innovative and easy-to-expand rack-free design. The single-CPU architecture includes built-in Ethernet and Mini-USB interfaces, a SD/SDHC memory card slot for program storage and data logging, and 24 I/O for positioning and high-speed counter functions. The enhanced CPU also includes a CC-Link V2 Master/Local station for connection to the powerful open field network.  All other power supply, extension I/O, motion, positioning, high-speed counter, serial communication, and networking module options are added on as necessary. Accessories include a two-color illuminated display unit for monitoring and troubleshooting, and a bus end-cover with error terminal relay. The compact size, easy expandability, networking capabilities, and multitude of built-in high-powered functions makes the L Series ideal for both stand-alone machines as well as networked stations in larger applications. The L Series is fully supported by iQ Wo

Mitsubishi Electric Automation Reaches 84,000th CNC Milestone

Since 1974, Mitsubishi Electric Automation has worked with machine tool builders in the Americas to install Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNCs). We have recently installed our 84,000th CNC, which translates to an average of six CNCs per day over 38 years. "Our CNCs run the best machines in the world, the result of engaging top manufacturers and then working with them to optimize performance and functionality," said Steve Dumont, vice president of technical service and support, Mitsubishi Electric Automation. "Thanks to our advanced capabilities, user-friendly intuitive interface and fast set-up, our customers have realized reduced production costs and improved machine efficiency. They also have access to Mitsubishi Electric's global service and support network to ensure machine uptime and performance." Mitsubishi Electric Automation CNCs are used in a wide range of applications including machine tools; vertical, horizontal and 5-axis machining cente

Innovative PC Solution for the iQ Platform Simplifies Integration and Plant Floor Operations

Mitsubishi adds a new dimension in control and computing with the introduction of a new industrial computer for the iQ Platform, the WinCPU. This fully functional industrial computer mounts directly on the iQ backplane to seamlessly integrate the flexibility of a computer with the iQ Platform. The WinCPU belongs to the iQ PC category of products and enables large amounts of data to be easily shared across multiple CPUs and disciplines (Sequence, Process, Motion, CNC and Robot). This new solution is designed to meet the ever-changing landscape of many end user facilities and the demands of high-tech machine builders. The iQ Platform combines several key automation disciplines including the ability to integrate an industrial PC and its environment on this hardware platform. The iQ PC (WinPC) is design to compress your hardware architecture and manage your automation system while taking full advantage of benefits of a PC. This flexible solution is ideal for a wide range of appli

IntelliCENTER Software From Rockwell Automation Simplifies Controller Integration and Energy Reporting for CENTERLINE MCCs

Rockwell Automation has released two new features in Allen-Bradley IntelliCENTER software – IntelliCENTER Integration Assistant and IntelliCENTER Energy – to accelerate the configuration time and enhance end users’ data-driven energy decisions. With IntelliCENTER Integration Assistant, users can seamlessly integrate their IntelliCENTER Motor Control Centers (MCCs) into their Rockwell Software RSLogix 5000 programming software. This feature reduces programming time by automatically adding the Allen-Bradley CENTERLINE MCC devices to the RSLogix 5000 I/O tree. In addition, Integration Assistant also takes advantage of existing premier integration features to automatically create controller tags and IP address configuration in RSLogix 5000 software, reducing errors and the time it takes to configure the intelligent devices. IntelliCENTER Integration Assistant enables faster installation and commissioning time, providing real-time, device-level information and higher productivity. “Manu

New Solutions for Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP from Rockwell Automation Use Less Energy and Shrink Application Footprint

Rockwell Automation has introduced the Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 servo drive, Kinetix VP low-inertia (VPL) servo motor, and single-cable technology as an integrated motion solution on EtherNet/IP that is more compact, easier to use and simplifies system wiring. “Machine and equipment builders are challenged with making smaller, more complex equipment in a shorter design cycle and at a lower price point,” said Mike Schweiner, Kinetix product manager, Rockwell Automation. “Our new single-cable Kinetix motion solution gives machine builders a proven solution for both servo and induction motor control on a single development platform that will result in less design time and cabinet space with improved power density and efficiency.” The Kinetix 5500 servo drive joins the Kinetix 350 and Kinetix 6500 drives to provide users with more options to match motion control needs. Integrated motion control on EtherNet/IP eliminates the need for a dedicated motion network, reducing cabling by u

Rockwell Automation Boosts Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 Drives to 2,000 Horsepower

Rockwell Automation has extended the ratings of its Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 755 AC drives to 1500 kW/2,000 Hp, completing the power range of the PowerFlex 750-Series portfolio and providing customers with a wide selection of options and features. The high-power drive builds on the application flexibility and common user experience of the PowerFlex 750-Series, giving heavy industries a new option for advanced power control. The PowerFlex 755 drive is well suited for a wide variety of applications ranging from simple variable speed and variable torque control to the most demanding systems requiring constant torque control. Target applications include fans, pumps, mixers, compressors, conveyors and extruders, as well as applications for the oil and gas, tire and rubber, refining, metals and mining industries. “We designed the PowerFlex 755 drives with ease-of-use in mind, and expanded its power range to deliver this user experience to a wider range of applications,” said John Cherney

Omron Digital Thermometer MC-670-E Wins Reddot Design Award

OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of OMRON Corporation announced that its i-Temp digital thermometer (model MC-670-E) wins Reddot Design Award (*1), in the category of Product Design 2008. Reddot Design Award is recognized as one of the top three renowned design competitions (*2) in the world and awarded by Nordrhein Westfalen Design Center in Germany since 1955. Each year many entries are submitted from throughout the world for a variety of industrial products. There are three different categories for the awards: ‘product design’, ‘communication design’, and ‘design concept’. The entries are reviewed and evaluated according to the nine criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality, formal quality, ergonomic consideration and environmental friendliness to honor excellent and outstanding designs. In 2008, total of 3,203 submissions were made from 51 countries throughout the world, and 676 products were selected as the winners. Our award-winning thermome

OMRON Adds Secure RFID Protocol to V750 Series UHF RFID Reader/Writer

OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) today announced that, in cooperation with Hitachi, Ltd., it has achieved compatibility between its V750 series UHF RFID reader/writer and Secure RFID Protocol. Additional security functions provided by the protocol will be available as an option beginning in July 2008. Secure RFID Protocol was developed through the Secure Electronic Tag Project led by Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), with Hitachi as a core partner, from August 2006 to March 2007. The protocol provides enhanced security functions including communication distance control, which restricts the communication range of tags, and reading prohibition, which limits access to tags through password authentication, while maintaining compatibility with the UHF RFID international standard ISO/IEC 18000-6 Type C. A Secure RFID Protocol-ready IC developed by Hitachi, “µ-Chip(mu-chip) Hibiki,” is already on the market. RFID in the UHF band (860MHz to 960MHz) realize

OMRON Releases Three New PLCs and Related Products with Industrial EtherNet/IP Compatibility

OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) today announced the release of three new products, the SYSMAC CJ2 programmable controller, EtherNet unit for CS/CJ series and CX-One FA Integrated Tool Package version 3.0, to markets. All of these products support EtherNet/IP for industrial use.1 The Company also announced the release of NS-series NS-V2 programmable terminals that have been upgraded to support EtherNet/IP. These products help to reduce the TCO in designing and developing production equipment for immediate startup with quick delivery, as well as equipment that requires greater complexity and higher speed in control operations. Products released today include the following models:     SYSMAC CJ-series Programmable Controller CJ2 CPU Units     CJ2H-CPU68-EIP and four other models     EtherNet/IP Units for CS/CJ-series Programmable Controllers     CS1W-EIP21 and CJ1W-EIP21     NS-V2-series Programmable Terminals     NS12-TS01B-V2 and 25 other models (system versi

OMRON to Release XF3C FPC Connector with 0.25 mm Pitch

FPCs (flexible printed circuits) are used in a wide range of applications, including mobile devices. Recently, there has been an increase in the use of FPC connectors with impact-resistant backlock mechanisms for mobile devices such as cellular phones, MP3 players, and notebook PCs. In addition, demand is strong for smaller FPC connectors to meet the need to reduce mounting space inside devices accompanying the trend toward smaller and thinner devices.   OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) today announced plans to release the XF3C, a low-profile FPC connector with a pitch of only 0.25 mm, in early September. The XF3C represents a 20% reduction in footprint compared to previous OMRON connectors. In response, OMRON developed the XF3C connector, which has a pitch of 0.25 mm, a depth of 3.8 mm (when locked), and a footprint approximately 20% smaller than that of previous OMRON connectors, which had a 0.3 mm pitch. Within its 0.85 mm height, the connector contains the contact

OMRON Releases New Products in SYSMAC CJ Series of Programmable Controllers

OMRON Corporation (TOKYO: 6645, ADR: OMRNY) today announced the release of two new products in its SYSMAC CJ2 series of programmable controllers, CJ2 CPU units and basic I/O units, to markets. Model numbers are as follows. CJ2H CPU units: CJ2H-CPU68, CJ2H-CPU67, CJ2H-CPU66, CJ2H-CPU65 and CJ2H-CPU64. Basic I/O units: CJ1W-ID212, CJ1W-ID233, CJ1W-OD213 and CJ1W-OD234. OMRON's industrial automation business (OMRON IA) developed the SYSMAC CJ series to meet customer demand for high-speed programmable controllers, which has increased as manufacturing industry equipment becomes more complicated and the work of fabrication more minute. In developing the CJ2H CPU units released today, OMRON IA reexamined not only the CPU's processing power but also the interface with the units to be connected, offering customers total improvement of system throughput. In addition, the company plans to release a succession of high-speed, high-performance units including analog and positioning u

New Serial to Ethernet Converters from Weidmuller

Weidmuller announces an addition to the Industrial Ethernet Portfolio with new serial to Ethernet converters. Providing a simple and reliable method for integrating serial port devices into industrial Ethernet networks, Weidmuller’s serial/Ethernet converters help maintain existing automation components while upgrading the overall infrastructure. Weidmuller’s New Converters include two ports, which are universally compatible with RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485, allowing virtually any serial terminal device to be connected. The Ethernet interface of the devices supports a broad spectrum of operation modes such as TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, Real COM, RFC2217, Reverse Telnet, Pair Connection and Ethernet-Modem – designed-in versatility that guarantees network software compatibility. In addition the converter's user friendly web interface can be used to configure all of its functions. Weidmuller’s serial/Ethernet converters feature an integrated relay output, which can be used to aler

MicroTCA™ Connectors for Extreme Environments

The PICMG, a leading standards organization for the communications, industrial and embedded computer industries, recently announced the successful completion of the “MicroTCA Conduction Cooled” testing. The MTCA.3 subsidiary specification of MicroTCA targets to defense and aerospace applications with extreme requirements for vibration, shock and temperature range based on MIL-STD-801. The goal was to show that the card edge connector system meets the stringent environmental requirements for the target markets. The test was performed by the independent testing and research company Contech Research. In the test setup, a backplane equipped with HARTING MicroTCA connectors featuring con:card+ technology was used. After completion, the HARTING connector is now the first and currently the only MicroTCA connector recommended for a Conduction Cooled MicroTCA system. This test shows, that the MicroTCA hardware standard can be used in harsh environments and is also an viable alternative platfo

HARTING har-mik® Bellows SMC Series Right Angled

Three new har-mik® Bellows SMC female right angled connectors complete the HARTING portfolio. HARTING’s Miniature D connectors in 1.27 mm pitch, the so-called har-mik® series, are a must in various cable-to-board applications where space saving and high data transfer rates are demanded. HARTING has expanded the har-mik® Bellows SMC portfolio of female right angled connectors with the addition of three new variants with 20, 50 and 68 poles respectively. Fielding the complete har-mik® Bellows SMC connector range from 14 to 68 poles, HARTING is offering customers a perfect solution, as the connectors can be terminated in the same solder reflow process as all other board mounted SMT components. The connectors are available in suitable tray or reel packaging, which are fully compatible with the various handling equipments of an automated assembly line. Drawing on the bellows mating technology, HARTING’s har-mik® Bellows SMC connectors are the perfect choice for applications requiring


HARTING is introducing the first managed Industrial Ethernet switches with Fast Track Switching technology at SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nurnberg. The devices will be presented at the fair stand in an actual PROFINET network. Experience the advantages of determinism in conjunction with Conformance Class B and openness according to Standard IEEE 802.3-based Ethernet protocols. Two 10-port switches are joining the FTS switch product family: the FTS 3100-A with 10 copper ports and the 3082-ASFP with 8 copper ports and 2 slots for SFP modules. The switch detects PROFINET real-time frames and accelerates them in a cut-through method. They are always given priority for transmission, and therefore always take precedence over non-real-time frames. As a result, automation data reach their destination on time, regardless of the remaining network load – guaranteed every time. The integration of the PROFINET stack makes the switch a PROFINET Conformance Class B Device, which, like other automation dev

HARTING AdvancedMC Plug

HARTING has pushed the envelope in the development of plug-in connectors for AdvancedTCA and MicroTCA. The new HARTING AdvancedMC plug connector replaces the card edge with gold pads for AdvancedMC and MCH modules. This has created again a two-piece plug-in connection with considerably improved contact reliability. The new version of the plug-in connector is mounted onto the basic side of the AdvancedMC module, optional with the help of an automatic pick-and-place machine. Usually, the plug-in connector is soldered by way of the "pin-in-hole-reflow" process, but is now also suitable for wave soldering. As an alternative solution, HARTING offers a version for the assembly on the bottom component side (extended side). The improved HARTING AdvancedMC plug supports data transmission rates up to 12.5 Gbps. Instead of the card edge, the connector now defines the interface and therefore allows the selection of PCBs with a thickness beyond the specified range. The design of the inse

har-flex - Compact, Rugged and Flexible

HARTING's new har-flex connector series is a space-saving, rugged and flexible PCB connector for the widest range of board-to-board and board-to-cable applications. In addition to straight connector models, the product family also includes compatible insulation displacement connectors, along with angled models. In order to offer PCB designers the greatest possible flexibility for using increasingly size-conscious and cost-intensive PCB resources, HARTING has a flexible solution on hand in the har-flex. Based on a 1.27 mm grid, the har-flex product family offers customers all even-numbered models from 6 to 100 pins. For mezzanine applications, the series has straight models in four different stack heights that allow parallel PCB distances between 8 and 13.8 mm to be bridged. har-flex connectors offer process advantages The har-flex connector family in SMT technology is delivered in tape & reel packaging. 100 percent coplanarity testing and standard fitting with so-called p

Henkel Continues to Play Key Role for Team McLaren Mercedes

At the Bahrain Grand Prix, Team McLaren Mercedes unleashes its redesigned racing machine: the MP4-21. The team has revamped the next evolution of last year's fastest Formula One car with a new Mercedes-Benz V8 engine and completely redesigned 90 percent of the car's components - relying on Henkel products and technologies for the perfect blend of design flexibility, structural stability and aerodynamic efficiency. As the Formula One season kicks off, racing fans have their eyes on Team McLaren Mercedes and its completely new car. Covering a good mileage and achieving competitive lap times in the 2006 pre-season tests, the car seems as well-adapted to this year's new FIA regulations as it was last year: In a 2005 Formula One season marked by sweeping constraints on engines, tyres and aerodynamics, the Team McLaren Mercedes MP4-20 quickly emerged as the fastest car on the circuit, taking 10 of the last 15 chequered flags. This year's regulations place a further cap on

Henkel to sell business with rubber-to-metal bonding products

Henkel signed an agreement to sell its rubber-to-metal bonding chemicals business to US American Lord Corporation. Henkel KGaA is in the process of selling to Lord Corporation its business with chemicals for bonding rubber to metal and other substrates. This Henkel Technologies business has so far been a non-core technology within the portfolio and should not be expanded. To date, Henkel has concentrated primarily on the European market with this activity. Since the automotive industry, the major customer in this segment, requires global service, Henkel decided to sell the business. The sale and purchase agreement for the rubber-to-metal bonding chemicals business was signed by both parties on February 23. The transaction is still subject to outstanding closing conditions including the requisite antitrust approvals. "The sale is the best strategic solution for all concerned", said Jochen Krautter, Executive Vice President Henkel Technologies. "The increasing global

Henkel and Team McLaren Mercedes continue team work

Henkel and Team McLaren Mercedes have signed a new multi-year sponsorship deal. Henkel thereby extends its partnership that began in 1995 through the Loctite brand. From this year the Henkel logo will be more visible on the rear wing of the MP4-21 race cars. Henkel and Team McLaren Mercedes announce the extension of their partnership for another multi-year period. Henkel will continue to be an Official Supplier, but from this year, the Henkel logo will move to the more visible top position on the rear wing end plate of the two MP4-21 racing cars. "On racing weekends, around the world millions of viewers stick to their TV screens, closely following the stars of the circuit. Thus Formula One is a great opportunity for us to reach important target groups who, whether they know it or not, interact with Henkel brands and technologies that make their lives easier, better and more beautiful everyday", explains Ernst Primosch, Vice President Corporate Communications. Though Henke

Henkel Strengthens Bonds in North America's Premier Motor Sport

Continuing its sponsorship of the world's premier sports events, Henkel announced that Henkel of America, Inc. has extended its engagement in NASCAR stock car racing. In sponsoring North America's most popular racing sport, Henkel aims to create higher visibility for itself and its consumer products. For the NASCAR Busch Series in 2006, Henkel of America, Inc. has signed a sponsorship agreement with Roush Racing, one of the most successful teams in NASCAR history, and driver Carl Edwards, who finished third in the points standings in the 2005 Busch Series season. Several Henkel brands will participate in the sponsorship of Edwards' No. 60 Ford Fusion, including Dial(r) soap, Loctite(r) adhesives and Duck(r) tape. Henkel will be a primary sponsor for 14 races and a major associate sponsor for 21 races in the 2006 season. This year, Henkel is also an Official Partner of Roush Racing. Henkel will collaborate with the Michigan-based racing team on assembly and maintenance

Outstanding and sustainable performance

Henkel will unveil its new Eticol borax- and zinc-free casein-based labeling adhesives at this year’s Brau Beviale in Nuremberg from November 13 to 15. The innovation is characterized by outstanding bonding power and, with a modified formulation, contributes to improved sustainability performance at bottling plants. Eticol casein-based adhesives have proven their merit as a flexible bottle labeling solution employing water-based adhesives. The entire Eticol range is defined by exceptionally good bonding behavior on very moist and very cold bottle surfaces. Labels also adhere strongly to the bottle if condensation forms on the glass. The Eticol product range is available in a number of variants, for example with high wet tack and outstanding ice-water resistance. The adhesives can be used in conjunction with labeling machines without difficulty, even at maximum speeds. Moreover, Eticol products have long exhibited excellent characteristics when the labels are removed in the bottle

Paulstra honors Henkel with innovation award

Henkel was recently awarded the coveted “Prix de l’Innovation” by Europe’s leading manufacturer of vibration and sound dampening systems, the company Paulstra of the French Total Group. During a Supplier Day in Segré in France, Henkel received the innovation award for the switch from a nickel- and arsenic-containing phosphating pre-treatment to a product that does not have to be labeled as hazardous. As the European market leader in vibration and sound dampening solutions, Paulstra’s portfolio ranges from standard to dynamic sealing systems to coded information for new mechatronic systems for use in the transport industry. For such applications, Henkel supplies products for surface treatment of rubber parts prior to bonding. Phosphating, a special kind of surface treatment Before further processing, the individual product parts have to undergo several cleaning and rinsing steps. Without the subsequent phosphating, it would be impossible to achieve adhesion between the surfaces o

Ford extols the virtues of Loctite liquid gasketing

The Ford one litre Fox engine has received instant acclaim and will soon be manufactured across the globe. Designed at Ford’s Dagenham Diesel Centre (DDC), it has the highest output per displacement of any high volume production engine on the market with a power output of 124 hp. This radical and revolutionary engine will be standard in the Ford Focus and many other future models and includes many technological improvements including the use of Loctite 5900 room temperature vulcanising (RTV) silicone for sealing the highly stressed joints. The powerful new Ford engine is small and more highly stressed than old designs. This is a common trend and one to which Henkel gasketing products have responded. To meet the need for a flexible product to accommodate the increased vibration, Henkel recommended its Loctite 5900 silicone for sealing oil pan and front cover joints on the Fox engine, a thixotropic black paste that when cured has excellent performance in engine oils. “The Ford design

The sky’s the limit

In close cooperation with Henkel, the German start-up company Timber Tower GmbH implemented a pilot project that could herald a new era for the wind power industry. Reaching up to the heavens to a height of some 100 meters, a wind turbine tower of spruce – the first of its kind – has now been built near Hanover in Germany. Yet no dowels, no nails, and no screws or bolts are used to hold this timber construction together. Instead, the support tower has been adhesive-bonded using a special process – with various wood adhesives of the Purbond brand manufactured and marketed by Henkel Industrial Adhesives. The associated turbine-generator set is due to be hooked up to the grid in December of this year. The project offers great promise for the future because switching to wood raises the prospect of increased tower heights. From the point of view of the operator, this aspect is particularly interesting because, at an onshore site, every additional meter gained means roughly one percent


AVR-T32U4 is Arduino Leonardo compatible i.e. you can develop with Arduino IDE and at the same time Breadboard friendly. With this board you can easily make your projects without soldering. The T-shape board idea ws first invented by Ken Segler and we love it as it allow to feed your power supply to the breadboard too. Today at 17.00 o’clock our local Bulgarian time (GMT+2) we will post on Twitter our question. You have one hour to reply to our tweet with the correct answer. At 18.00 o’clock we will count the correct answers and ask to generate random number in range then anнounce the winner and ship the board by airmail next Monday.

A13-OLinuXinio-MICRO – EURO 28 Open Source Single Board Computer is for sale

A13-OLinuXino-MICRO release took us a while, but in this board to achieve low cost we removed the power management IC AXP209 and all references from Linux Kernel to PMU had to removed. Thanks to Dimitar Gamishev  and for the hard work to make this happen! AXP209 is necessary for tablets which operate on batteries as then Linux Kernel can run the processor at lower clock to reduce the consumption, but in A13-MICRO we decided to run always the processor at maximum speed as the board do not run from batteries and it uses less 2W power anyway. A13-OLinuXino-MICRO specs are:     A13 Cortex A8 1Ghz processor (1008 Mhz to be precise)     256MB DDR3 memory     VGA output 800×600 pixels resolution     USB host     USB-OTG     micro SD-card for Linux boot     Audio output for headphones     LCD connector for A13-LCD7-TS     GPIO connector     UEXT connector you can see what you can do with UEXT in our other post for RPI-UEXT     Console UART connector (for use w

A10-OLinuXino first prototypes are assembling

A10-OLinuXino routing took 3 months but this is really monster board and instead in 6 layers as per Allwinner recommendations we routed it at 4, so we now will have to see if it will work at all as it doesn’t quite blindly following the official Allwinner routing. Another experiment we are going to do it to see if A10 can work with 2GB RAM memory. We asked Allwinner if this is possible and the response was: yes it may be possible but we never try it as our market is low cost tablets and when the memory rise to 2GB the price is not low cost. At Electronica we spoke to lot of memory suppliers, Memphis is partner we work for a long time and they offered us 4Gbit DDR3 memories to try to our boards. If we succeed this will be the first A10 board with 2GB RAM.


Fresh out of the assembly line, our new A13-OLINUXINO-MICRO boards blogged today and we will give away one to somebody lucky. Today at 17.00 o’clock our local Bulgarian time (GMT+2) we will post on Twitter our question. You have one hour to reply to our tweet with the correct answer. At 18.00 o’clock we will count the correct answers and ask to generate random number in range then anнounce the winner and ship the board by airmail next Monday.