ABB Adds SVC Light With Battery Storage To Range

ABB has launched the SVC Light (Static Var Compensator) with energy storage as its latest development within the Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS) range. The technology combines SVC light with a scalable battery-storage technology - up to 50MW of power for 60min and more. ABB's SVC Light enables dynamic control of active as well as reactive power in a power system, independent of each other. Fast reactive power control means that grid voltage and stability can be controlled quickly.

Active power control is enabled with dynamic energy storage by levelling out power fluctuations from intermittent generation sources such as wind and solar energy. This technology also facilitates load support and ancillary grid services, such as area frequency regulation. SVC Light is connected to the grid at transmission, as well as sub-transmission and distribution levels, using power semiconductors. The energy-storage system is based on Li-ion batteries combined with SVC Light and enables an increase in the existing transmission capacity of a power network, while maintaining or improving the operating margins necessary for grid stability. SVC Light provides fast-acting reactive power compensation in high-voltage electricity networks.


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