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TURCK Industrial Ethernet Cables: Guide for Use in Cable Trays

TURCK offers CAT 5e Industrial Ethernet Cables with two different UL approvals. For the most common industrial Ethernet applications, we offer cables with c(UL)US CMX-OUTDOOR-CM approval. For applications in hazardous locations, such as Class 1 Division 2, we offer ITC/PLTC approval. Ethernet is considered a communications cable. The CM listing for "Communications Cables" is appropriate for many Ethernet installations. NEC Article 800 "Communications Circuits" applies to most Ethernet installations in buildings, and table 800.154 (attached) lists the areas where CM cables are approved for install. The following TURCK industrial Ethernet cable types are CM listed, and may be used as indicated in the yellow highlighted column: 440, 441, 442, 443, 444, 840, 841, 842, 843. These cables can be used when supported by cable trays or in any raceway.* In hazardous locations, a different UL approval is needed. TURCK offers CAT 5e industrial Ethernet cables that are both