Tuesday, May 29, 2007

QuickSilver Controls has developed a simple 24V breakout that can be attached directly to the SMI port of a SilverDust MG, IG, IGF, IGC or IG8 servomotor controller, providing access to power, communications (RS232/485) and I/O. The breakout also converts the controller's TTL level I/O to five 24V isolated inputs and two 24V open collector outputs.

With a list price of US $75, this breakout is an easy way of adding extra 24V I/O to a SilverDust controller.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hansford Sensors has selected an alternative 12mm connector style, the M12, as offering the best combination of performance and price. The result - today, you can specify either the standard MS series or the M12 Connector on most of their range of vibration sensors. The main advantages of the M12 connector are its smaller size and the fact that its associated cable assemblies have a tighter bend radius.

It is a well accepted and proven connector used across many industries including process control, automation and sensing. They are particularly suitable for use in vibration monitoring equipment, the IP67/68 sealing making them usable in difficult environmental conditions often found in maintenance condition monitoring applications. With its wide use in industrial electronic equipment, the cost-effective connectors and numerous cable assemblies are readily available from electrical distributors worldwide making off the shelf delivery a reality.

Hansford Sensors has applied the connectors across the HS-100, HS-100S, HS-420 and HS-421 series of vibration sensors. All models are constructed in robust welded stainless steel and offer either top or side entry for the electrical connection. The M12 mating connector is available in both a straight or right-angle version. The HS-100 sensors are industrial accelerometers offering a 100mV/g AC output with a top entry connection, whilst the HS-100S is a low profile unit with a side entry connection.

The HS-420 is a PLC accelorometer with integral circuitry providing a 4-20mA output proportional to the velocity level. The HS-421 model offers a dual output of 4-20mA for velocity and AC g suited for the many commercially available data collectors. For those needing to measure both vibration and temperature levels at the same monitoring point, Hansford Sensors has also introduced dual-output versions of the HS-100T (100mV/g output) and the HS-420T (4-20mA output) sensor models, both fitted with M12 connectors as standard.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Following last year's distribution agreement with Chiaravalli Trasmissioni, Transdev is now able to offer form-fit equivalents of Motorvario and Bonfiglioli worm gearboxes and geared motors at competitive prices. The CHM (Motorvario) and CHB (Bonfiglioli) series provide industry standard interchangeability covering a comprehensive range of aluminium and cast iron CNC machined housings with RAL 9022 powder coated epoxy protective finish.

With power ratings from 90W to 7.5kW, they are available in a wide choice of foot, flange and face mounting options with selectable motor position, single or double shafts, connection flanges for multiple mounting and a range of accessories including pre-stage gear reducers and torque arms.

The CHM range covers nine models with ratios from 7.5:1 to 100:1 and single or double solid input shafts on 25 to 130mm centre distances.

Nominal torque ratings are up to 14nm for the smallest frame model unit and are up to 650nm for the largest.

The CHB range covers four models with ratios from 7:1 to 100:1 with centre distances from 30 to 62.17mm with torque ratings to 110nm.

The modular design of both CHM and CHB versions includes standard B5 and B14 flanges with mounting surfaces on all faces allowing a wide choice of flange and foot mounting positions.

Specifications, installation and operational instructions are detailed in separate catalogues, available in hard copy or as a PDF on Transdev's website.

For use with the gearboxes, Transdev also supply a range of four-pole, three-phase motors with continuous service ratings to IEC 34-1, closed design IP55 housings and Eff2 efficiency levels.

With both B5 and B14 flanges and IEC power ratings to 7.5kW, accessories include forced ventilation kits.

Two-pole and six-pole windings and higher efficiency versions are also available.