HID Control IC Suits Outdoor Lighting Applications

International Rectifier has launched the IRS2573DS high-density discharge (HID) electronic ballast control IC for low-, medium- and high-power general-purpose industrial HID applications. These applications include retail store spotlights, general outdoor lighting and outdoor street lighting. The IRS2573DS 600V IC combines a high-side, dual-mode buck controller together with a full-bridge driver. The device's novel buck circuitry enables continuous-conduction mode control during lamp warm-up and critical-conduction mode during steady state running.

The full-bridge driver includes all high- and low-side gate driver outputs as well as integrated bootstrap Mosfets for the high-side supply voltages. International Rectifier said the IRS2573DS offers a high degree of flexibility and programmability. The device incorporates a state machine for controlling the lamp during various operating modes including ignition, warm-up, running and fault mode, and features a multiplier circuit to accurately measure and control lamp power.

Additionally, the IRS2573DS offers comprehensive fault detection and fault timer circuitry to detect open circuit, short circuit, failure to ignite, failure to warm-up, and lamp end-of-life fault conditions, as well as lamp ignition enabler and timer.


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