PowerVR VXD391 Accelerates All Web-Video Content

Imagination Technologies has added the PowerVR VXD391 to its video-decode IP core range. An ultra low-power, high performance 1080p HD hardware video decoder IP core with multi-standard multi-stream capabilities, VXD391 now features the most extensive range of standards supported by a single video decoder, essential for accelerating all forms of video content found on the internet today, including Real Video 8/9, On2 VP6 and Sorenson Spark.

VXD391 supports MPEG-4 and H.264 profiles to enable customers to create a DivX-format compliant solution. VXD391 is capable of decoding full high-definition H.264 L4.2 (1080P60) and can simultaneously decode multiple streams to fully meet Blu-Ray and other multi-stream decode requirements. The highly parallel architecture of all VXD cores enables a typical H.264 high-profile HD stream to be decoded with a clock rate of just 70MHz.

Imagination's HD video decoder range is already shipping in a range of markets, including: netbooks, personal and in-car navigation, mobile phones and media players. PowerVR video cores are targeted at a wide range of applications, including mobile devices, 3DTV, HDTV, IDTV, set top box (STB), Blu-Ray and media players, and are supported by an extensive set of hardware drivers and a growing group of partners to provide support for the PowerVR video decode and encode range of IP cores. PowerVR VXD 391 is available for licensing now.


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