Copper Coils For Trip Fuse/Circuit Breakers

William Hughes is offering copper coils for use as part of trip fuse/circuit breaker mechanisms within domestic and commercial properties. When a current passes along the conductive copper, a magnetic force is created through the middle of the coil. In the event of a current surge or spike, the magnetic force increases so that a spring is pulled to trip the main switch. A small change to the copper coil can affect the magnetic force produced to suit different currents, making it a very efficient mechanism as there is no need to have different designs of any other standard parts.

The copper coils are manufactured on standard Japanese-built CNC machines that have been subjected to extensive modification by William Hughes' engineers (including the manufacture of special tooling) to suit the products. The automated machines are fed with 3mm diameter copper wire that is coated with enamel. The coating is stripped from each end to reveal the conductive copper before coiling operations take place.

Bends can then be created at either end to suit mating components before the part is trimmed to length. All operations are completed in a single set-up. The copper coils usually require high levels of dimensional accuracy from one end to the other, to ensure that assembly is as efficient as possible and to make it easy to change from one product to another.


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