Thursday, December 28, 2006

Workers at Schneider Electric's Telford Site have raised over GBP 7000 for a number of good causes, including the company's chosen charity the NSPCC. Staff exceeded their fundraising target for the NSPCC donating over GBP 5000 towards helping vulnerable children in need in the UK. Over GBP 2500 was raised in a single event - the Telford town road race in conjunction with the Wrekin Road Runners.

In addition to the company's usual fundraising initiatives such as theme days, raffles and bike rides for the NSPCC, Schneider Electric Telford's money-making ideas have included getting involved in the Wear it Pink day for Breast Cancer Relief; two brave employees having their chests waxed for the Children in Need appeal; and getting involved in Jeans for Genes day that helps children with genetic disorders.

Julie Kane-Gblog of Schneider Electric enthused: 'The huge efforts of employees this year is appropriate for a company whose slogan is 'Giving the best of the new electric world to everyone, everywhere, at any time' and we are delighted to have raised such a large amount of money for deserving charities'.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

These new additions to the Series 9000 family incorporate the latest in ASIC technology, which when combined with the proven mechanical and optical package of the Series 9000 will provide the user with a distinct advantage for the most challenging industrial applications. Both new models have improved LED functionality; for example, a flashing green LED indicates an unstable condition such as lens contamination while a flashing red LED indicates a short circuit in the field wiring.

The 42GSP-9000 provides a teach function which eliminates the need to manually adjust the sensor’s sensitivity level. The manual adjustment potentiometer of the standard 9000 has been replaced by a single pushbutton which is used to initiate the “learning” of both the light and dark conditions presented to the sensor.

The 42GLP-9000 contains a manual adjustment potentiometer to adjust the sensor’s sensitivity level. As an enhancement over the standard Series 9000, the adjustment pot of the 42GLP-9000 provides a linear response to user input.

Both the self-teach button and the manual adjustment pot models, when combined with the new LED functionality, will drastically reduce set up time for installers and troubleshooting time for maintenance personnel. Additional features of both the 42GSP-9000 and 42GLP-9000 include:
Exceptionally high resistance to electrical noise and fluorescent lighting
Temperature compensation for environmental changes