Extruded-Section Company Buys RSA Deburring System

A manufacturer of extruded sections has invested in measuring systems from Ascona and deburring systems from RSA. The main target was an improved control of the dimensional accuracy of extrusions during regular extrusion-moulding process. The Ascona measuring system enables measurement directly in production at the press, since the system is encased for protection against vibration and dirt. Most complex shapes of extrusions can be measured within seconds, with an accuracy of +/-10um.

The immediate correction of the extrusion-moulding process secures the production process and reduces the risk of pieces outside of determined tolerance. The RSA Rasamat system was developed for the deburring of aluminium extrusions and, in this way, superseded band processing. The deburring system offers the additional automation of the preparation of specimen and works with a surface brush that is equipped with segmented wire or nylon trimming, with double rotary motion.

The segmented trimming prevents the wire tips from bending and, as a result, all areas of the extrusion are properly deburred. The brush is guided by a planetary gear and, independent of the geometry of the extrusion, all edges are properly rounded off, free from secondary burr. No manual re-working is necessary. Depending on their size, the specimens can be manually or automatically fed to the deburring system. In combination with the Ascona system, it is possible to determine precise correction values for the extrusion-moulding process - independent of the degree of skill of the operator.


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