Intel Presents Optitex Cloth Simulation Software

Intel has announced that it will be demonstrating Optitex technology at the 1st Research at Intel Europe Day to be held on 4 and 5 May at the Renaissance Brussels Hotel, Belgium. Intel will demonstrate the 'Optitex Implicit cloth simulation engine', resulting from co-operation with Optitex over the past few months, aimed at proving the potential of parallel computing for highly demanding computational applications.

The Optitex technologies demo will address the technical challenges of accurate physical simulation of clothing, which yield high degrees of complex motion governed by stiff partial differential equations. Optitex is working together with Intel to solve these challenges by optimising complex algorithms, such as systems of linear equations, collision detection and force field calculations. Realistic rendering is also being addressed. The demo utilises 3D visualisation technology for garment fitting by synthetically reproducing three dimensional models of clothing items.

It incorporates solutions for various compute-intensive problems; for example, real-time physics, capable of solving stiff differential equations photo realistic advanced interactive rendering, accurate synthesis of a wide range of human body shapes, plus advanced content creation tools. Running on the latest Intel Xeon processor 5680 and multithreaded by means of OpenMP, to this date a 14x performance scalability of the Optitex demo has been achieved. The 1st Research at Intel Europe Day will introduce European press, analysts, commissioners and other guests to Intel's research and vision for the future of information technology.


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