Datanova 4G Antenna Offers Wireless Connectivity

Antenova has announced its Datanova 4G high-performance nine-band antenna with LTE and GPS for the new generation of lightweight notebooks and netbooks. The Datanova 4G nine-band antenna covers LTE bands four, seven, 13 and 17, and provides 3G cellular and WWAN, next-generation Wimax and Wi-Fi connectivity plus embedded GPS for location-aware applications.
It is described as an ideal solution for notebook and netbook vendors who want to offer the widest range of cellular, mobile broadband and wireless connectivity features in small, lightweight portable devices. Datanova 4G is a custom mobile broadband antenna that covers LTE, 3G, CDMA/GSM, Wi-Fi, Wimax, UWB and GPS.

It can cover all or as many of the bands and provides a wide choice of wireless broadband connectivity options while providing superior performance, according to Antenova. Datanova antennas eliminate the need for exposed or unsightly external antennas and come in small-volume, low-profile form factors - down to 0.8mm in width for ultra-thin and lightweight notebooks and netbooks.


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