Celsum Introduces Full-Scale Compression Loadcells

The SCL Compression Loadcell, available from Celsum Technologies, can be supplied with full-scale ranges between 1tonf and 100tonf, or 10kN and 1,000kN (or 1MN). Fabricated from stainless steel, these precision-force transducers are sealed to IP67 to the BS60529 standard, and use a 700ohm strain-gauge bridge with a sensitivity of 1.5mV/V. Designed with long-term resistance to fatigue, the SCL loadcells have a high cycle life, a safe overload capacity of 150 per cent of full scale and an ultimate overload limit of 300 per cent of full scale.

The maximum error is 0.05 per cent of full scale and they have a compensated temperature range of 0 to 50C. Excitation voltages of 5V to 15V AC or DC may be used and traceable calibration certificates may be supplied for just the loadcell or for the loadcell with instrumentation. For systems using multiple loadcells, the outputs of the sensors can be standardised.


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