Linear Driver Is Suitable For Driving SAR ADCs

Linear Technology has introduced the LT6350, a 33MHz, low-noise, rail-to-rail input and output ADC driver that settles to 16-bits in 350ns. It is suitable for driving the latest high-performance SAR ADCs such as the LTC2393-16. The LT6350 incorporates two op amps and matched resistors to create a differential output from a single-ended high-impedance input. As a result, a differential gain of two is achieved with no external feedback resistors, and higher gain can be obtained by using feedback resistors.

Each of the two internal op amps achieves a low 1.9nV/vHz input-referred noise density, resulting in a total output-referred noise of 8.2nV/vHz. The LT6350 enables high-performance ADCs to achieve better than 110dB SNR over a 1MHz bandwidth. The input op amp is trimmed for constant low differential input-referred voltage offset over the input range to prevent VOS steps from degrading distortion. At 100kHz, the LT6350 can typically achieve -102/97dBc HD2/HD3. The LT6350 provides rail-to-rail input and output range.

With a single 5V supply, the outputs can swing 0.055V to 4.945V, and by using a negative supply, the outputs can each swing from 0V to 4.945V. The LT6350 operates on 2.7V to 12V total supply. The LT6350 consumes 4.8mA supply current and has a shutdown mode that allows the system to reduce power consumption during periods of inactivity. Fully specified commercial (0C to 70C), industrial (-40C to 85C) and extended (-40C to 125C) temperature range versions of the LT6350 are available in right-lead MSOP and 3 x 3mm DFN packages.


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