Monday, June 26, 2006

Oriental Motor USA Corp. introduces the new BLF series brushless DC motor system that adopts a brand new design for its motor, gearhead, and driver. High performance speed control is achieved with an increased speed range of 80 to 4,000 rpm (50:1). In addition, the new BLF series is IP65 rated providing splash and dust protection.

The BLF series driver introduces a detachable digital operator unit that serves both as a data input unit and a digital display that can be used up to 16.4 ft (5m) away from the installed driver. The user can program 8 separate speed levels. Each speed can be set in units of 1 rev. per minute with separate acceleration and deceleration values. Detection of various motor and driver error functions including overload, overvoltage, low-voltage, missing phase, overspeed, overcurrent, etc., will immediately stop the motor and output an alarm signal.

The Oriental BLF series driver utilizes 3 speed display modes to help the user. The display modes include motor speed display in rpm, conveyor speed display in meters per minute, and load factor display in percentage of actual load to rated load. A speed teaching function allows the user to set BLF series speeds by physically operating the motor. Four speed-setting methods available to the user are: digital operator, internal potentiometer, external potentiometer, and external variable DC voltage. The motor and driver can be separated by a distance of 65.6 ft (20m).

The BLF brushless dc motors are available in 30 watt (BLF230A), 60 watt (BL460A), and 120 watt (BLF5120) versions. Two Oriental Motor gearhead families, the parallel shaft gearheads and the hollow shaft flat gearheads, are available for use with the BLF motors depending on your requirements.

TURCK USA introduces new programmable pressure sensors that combine high accuracy and performance with simple programming, resulting in an extremely user-friendly sensor. The PS400 and PS500 sensors are easily programmed via three controls: two push buttons for scrolling through programming features and one recessed enter key. The menu is clear and concise to allow parameters such as set points, reset points, output functions, analog ranges, and a range of special options to be programmed with ease. The menu also includes an optional electronic lockout that disables the push buttons from functioning until the lockout is removed.

The high accuracy programmable pressure sensors are specified with a switch point accuracy of ≤+/- 0.5 percent, generally exceeding what is required by the machine engineering sector. The combination of high accuracy and flexible programming often allows a single sensor to replace several conventional sensors (with varying sensing ranges) resulting in a significant reduction in inventory.

These TURCK sensors feature a large, bright 4-digit, 7-segment LCD display with a constant indication of pressure in either psi (pounds per square inch), bar, kPa (kilopascals), or MPa (megapascals). This display is tilted at a 45° angle, and can be inverted electronically for easy reading in a variety of applications. The PS400 and PS500 pressure sensors are encased in compact, 34 mm diameter housing with various threaded connections for simple, versatile installation. The PS500 series also features a process connection that allows the housing to rotate 360 degrees for optimal viewing prior to locking the sensor in place.

The innovative PS400 and PS500 pressure sensors were designed to tolerate tough applications. Stainless steel housing with an integrated stainless steel M12 eurofast ® connector enables fast and reliable installation. The sensors also offer a variety of stainless steel pressure connections including G1/4 and 1/4-18NPT threads.

The sensors are highly resistant to overpressure and burst pressure, yet they also incorporate a patented medium stop system that prevents leakage when these levels are exceeded, which immediately seals the sensor if the pressure cell has been damaged. All of these features were incorporated to create a pressure sensor ideal for use in virtually any application.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Paper manufacturer UPM's plant at Shotton has achieved its goal of producing all its paper from recovered waste paper, rather than virgin wood, with the help of ABB variable speed drives. Known as the '100% Shotton' project, it has involved the building of a new recycled fibre plant, a sludge plant and modifications to Paper Machine 1 and Paper Machine 2. ABB General Purpose Drives are used mainly on pumps in the process, using variable speed to match pump speed to the production rate.

They are also used on chemical dosing pumps to accurately add chemicals to the pulp. Some conveyors on the process also use ABB variable speed drives. The drives help control the process better, adjusting the inputs to the plant to maintain the correct pressure and temperature conditions. The drives also make it easier to control the production rate. Additionally, they contribute to energy savings by reducing the power drawn.

Ray von der Fecht, Project Automation Manager on the 100% Shotton project, says: 'We chose ABB variable speed drives because ABB is a respected name, well known in the paper industry. Also, we know the products and the people. Overall, ABB offered a very good solution along with the best price. So well did the implementation phase go, that start-up of the system went according to plan, with the drives and automation system being switched on at the exact planned minute in the schedule'. 'It was like switching on a light', says von der Fecht.

One of the UPM's major criteria for the drives was maintainability. The drives had to be capable of being changed out quickly in the event of failure and also had to be easy to move. Interchangeable cards were also considered an advantage, allowing the company to keep dives running by simply changing some of the critical components. Compact size was also part of the demand, to save on space, improve efficiency and heat loss and cut cooling costs. The ABB drives scored on all the points. Another useful feature was their ability to communicate over Profibus, the industry standard for communication in paper production. The drives also feature input line chokes to reduce harmonics fed to the network and output filters to reduce the electrical stresses on the motor windings. High reliability was the most important criterion. Says von der Fecht: 'We have had good experience with the ABB drives'.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

With the increasing demand for machine device control and communication over industrial Ethernet, DeviceNet, and other networks, OEMs have found that installing traditional power supplies in distributed and remote locations has become prohibitively complex and costly because of the need for protective enclosures, fans, and excess wiring. In addition, enclosures introduce another potential point of failure into the production line.

To reduce cost and complications, SolaHD has launched its new IP67 SCP-X self-sealed power supplies. They mount directly on machines or as freestanding components on a production line, removing the constraints imposed by power supplies that must be housed in enclosures. Compared to power supplies housed in a separate enclosure, the IP67 SCP-X reduces total cost of ownership by as much as 54 percent.

Because the IP67 SCP-X is available in 100 watt and dual 100 watt models, it has the versatility to power from one to four loads. The 100 watt model has a single output of 3.8A at 24Vdc to deliver cost-efficient field power in a compact unit that requires minimal assembly. Dual 100 watt models have quad output of 7.6A at 24Vdc (3.8A max per pair). It eliminates need for splitters or additional wiring to power up to four loads, making it perfect for high density power requirements such as large conveyor belts or automative assembly lines.

Extreme environments found in industrial locations will compromise the performance of a standard power supply. This is why SolaHD took every measure possible to make the IP67 SCP-X the most robust industrial-grade power supply on the market today. This extends from its shock-absorbing, self-sealed IP67 rated enclosure impervious to water, dust and corrosion, to an optimized thermal management layout that prevents overheating while doing away with bulky external fans or forced air. It will operate reliably in ambient temperatures of -40°C to 60°C for the single watt model and -20°C to 60°C for the dual watt. In addition, it keeps signal noise and electromagnetic interference (EMI) well below the limits required to ensure reliable data communications.

Design engineers will welcome the IP67 SCP-X's ability to be directly mounted on a machine. In addition to not requiring an enclosure or a fan, it minimizes cabling to power devices while offering the flexibility to mount in any orientation with no derating. Quick change connectors simplify connectivity for distributed I/O devices, as well as assembly/disassembly. Its compact footprint of 4.7" x 7" compares favorably to a traditional power supply enclosure measuring 16" x 14".

New SolaHD IP67 SCP-X power supplies are immediately available. Both 100 watt and dual 100 watt models are backed by a five year limited warranty, the longest in the industry. All models are certified to meet Class 2 requirements for power limiting.