VEE Technology Enhances OLED Display Viewability

Quicklogic has announced the verification of its Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) and Display Power Optimiser (DPO) technology with OLED displays. VEE technology greatly enhances the viewability of OLED displays under challenging conditions such as low-brightness modes or bright ambient light by dynamically optimising video characteristics to provide a better user experience. Working in concert with VEE, Quicklogic's DPO technology allows for display brightness to be lowered, consuming less power and extending battery life. OLED display technology represents a growing share of the smartphone market.

In addition to smartphones, OLED displays are being increasingly adopted for other handheld mobile devices such as notebooks, smartbooks and tablets that were formerly the domain of LCD displays. Quicklogic's VEE technology enhances this trend by providing a better user experience for mobile devices using OLED displays. The VEE technology enhances image and video quality by optimising the dynamic range, contrast and colour saturation of content on the display on a pixel-by-pixel basis. This is said to provide a superior viewing experience for the user under any ambient light condition.


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