CGen Automates The Creation Of Lossy-Line Coupons

Polar Instruments has brought out a standalone automatic generator for impedance control and lossy line PCB test coupons. CGen 2010 builds on the proven technology of Polar's Speedstack coupon generator but adds the flexibility to directly import coupon data from manually created or scripted XML files, as well as from industry-standard layer stack-up tools and Polar Instruments' impedence control and lossy-line field solvers.

CGen is the first coupon generator to automate the creation of lossy-line coupons for the emerging class of PCB trace-attenuation test methods. 'CGen 2010 coupon generator provides a fast and cost-effective alternative to in-house manual, scripted or automated coupon-creation processes, allowing any PCB fabricator or OEM engineer to create accurate coupons in minutes,' said Martyn Gaudion, chief-executive officer of Polar Instruments.

A number of new features allow CGen 2010 to speed and simplify the coupon-generation process: real-time editing of the coupon, complete with error-flagging and automatic change tracking, allows users to add, remove and replace an unlimited number of layers to trial different criteria before selecting the optimum build.

CGen 2010 provides control over copper pours and fills and over dynamic adjustment of copper thieving. It automatically engineers the interconnects for test probes chosen from a range of industry-standard footprints. CGen 2010 automatically generates Gerber RS274X and NC drill files for the coupon and can export them to industry-standard CAD/CAM software used for the panelisation process. CGen 2010 is available now from Polar Instruments.


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