AEG Releases Energy-Efficient UPS

AEG Power Solutions has announced the introduction of its Protect D series of uninterruptible power supplies. The Protect D series has a power factor of 0.9 and offers energy efficiency for communications room, computer room and data centre applications. These products can be rack mounted or used in a floor-standing, tower configuration.

The Protect D uninterruptible power supply (UPS) incorporates internal battery packs that can be accessed via the front panel of the UPS for maintenance checks and replacement without having to remove the UPS from its rack mounting. If additional runtime is required, matching external rack-mounted battery units may be supplied. Protect D UPS systems are said to achieve an efficiency of up to 97 per cent in energy-saving ECO and ECO+ modes.

The Protect D series has a low input distortion that has been reduced to less than five per cent total harmonic distortion (THDi) to deliver a clean power supply that protects IT equipment and ensures less circuit feedback on to the power network. The Protect D UPS products have been designed with increased functionality to offer the user greater control over critical loads.

For example, the Protect D UPS includes programmable outlet settings that can be configured using network software to meet the specific requirements of connected IT system components. In addition, an external bypass is included with the cabinet allowing the UPS unit to be safely removed from the electrical circuit for routine maintenance or replacement without causing a loss of power supply to the critical connected load.

The communication slot and the RS-232 and USB ports are separate in the Protect D series and can now operate in parallel. Additional features have been added to improve installation and operation, including a graphical display showing users important system information at a glance without the need to rely on the UPS management software. The first models - with power ratings of 1kVA to 3kVA, 6kVA and 10kVA - will be available from Q3 2010.


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